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Thrill, adventure, romance, and action that what Bollywood movies are all about that’s why Bollywood movies are being watched across the world. Nowadays Bollywood film making industry is spending tons of money as compared to the 90’s to accomplish viewers demand. The interest of watching Bollywood movies had increased in the past decade and Bollywood movies are now being translated into different languages for the overseas viewers to understand easily. The worldwide approach of Bollywood movies lead to increase in revenue, now Bollywood movies are generating much more revenue than before. Below is the list of Top 5 Highest grossing Bollywood movies of all Time.

1. Dangal ( Est.  1979 Crores ):

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Dangal movie basically based on real story of women power. The story starts with Amir Khan (Mahavir Singh) as a Pehalwaan (boxer) and he retires without winning a world cup for India and wishes that some day his son will do what he had failed to do in his life but unfortunately, he had four daughters as he was watching a dream for his son to complete his wish. One day he realizes that his daughters have the ability to let India win the world cup when he saw a boy beaten by her daughter. He trained her daughters "Geeta and Babita" and won a world cup for India.

Dangal is the highest grossing Bollywood movie because of its unique and inspirational story for those who think that girls are weak than boys. Dangal movie was released on 21st Dec 2016 collected over est.  1979 Crores worldwide grossing till today and still going on to touch  2000 Crores milestone.
  • Budget →  70 Crore
  • Director → Nitesh Tiwari
  • Cast → Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Sheikh, Sanya Malhotra, Aparshakti Khurana, Zaira Wasim, Suhani Bhatnagar, Ritwik Sahore, Girish Kulkarni, etc.

2. Bahubali 2: The Conclusion ( Est.  1920 Crores )

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Bahubali 2 the second part of “Bahubali” Movie series was launched on 28th April 2017. The success behind the Bahubali 2 was the suspense created in the “Bahubali: The Beginning” where the movie ended up as Katappa Aka “Sathyaraj” killed his beloved Amrinder Bahubali Aka “Prabhas” without specifying any reason, that was the point where everybody started a discussion on different online forums “ Why Katappa killed Bahubali” and spread like wildfire.

Bahubali 2 is the 2nd highest grossing Bollywood movie of all time with worldwide grossing of est.  1920 Crore in less than 4 months of the release date. Bahubali 2 was initially released in Tamil and Telugu language then it was translated into Hindi. Bahubali 2 is on the way to beat the blockbuster movie “Dangal” of Amir Khan in sense of worldwide grossing.
  • Budget →  250 Crore
  • Director → S.S Rajamouli
  • Cast → Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sathyaraj, Ramya Krishnan, Nassar, etc.

3. PK ( Est.  1979 Crores ):

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Pk movie was released on 19th Dec 2014 and this movie is based on an abandoned Alien creature that looks like humans who had lost his remote control of the spaceship by which he came to the world. Amir Khan “ Mr. Perfectionist” played the role as the alien who don’t understand the language, culture, and lifestyle of the people and searches for his lost remote. Pk is the 3rd highest grossing Bollywood movie with full adventure and comedy. The worldwide grossing of the Pk movie is estimated est. 792 Crore

Many controversies started against Amir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani after the launch of Pk and nation wise debate was ignited to boycott the movie and ban in cinemas as it is anti-Hinduism. That was the negative point for Pk movie despite that Pk was very successful worldwide.
  • Budget → ₹ 85 Crore
  • Director → Rajkumar Hirani
  • Cast → Amir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Datt, Boman Irani, Saurabh Shukla, Sushant Sign Rajput, Ranbir Kapoor, Rukhsar, etc.

3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan ( Est.  626 Crores ) :

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie was released on 17th July 2015. This movie is basically an adventure movie of a lost dump Muslim girl ( Munni ) in India searching some one to get her back to home country Pakistan. Salman Khan ( King of Khan's ) have played the role "Bajrangi Bhai Jaan" a Hindu boy helping that Muslim girl to get back home by using various sources as the border situation is bad and Pakistani government is not issuing the visa to Indians as well as Indian Government. Bajrangi Helps that girl to reach home safely by using illegal ways at border line. This movie shows the support and love of an Indian guy for a Pakistani lost girl. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the 4th highest grossing Bollywood movie of all time with over est. 626 Crore of over all revenue.
  • Budget → ₹ 90 Crore
  • Director → Kabir Khan
  • Cast → Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Om Puri, Rajesh Sharma, Shilpa Shukla, Sharat Saxena, Meher Vij, Harshaali Malhotra ( Munni ), Adnan Sami, etc.

3. Sultan ( Est.  584 Crores ):

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Sultan movie was a master piece directed by Ali Abbas Zafar which shows the flight for the love. Sultan Ali Khan aka Salman Khan was the boy who fell in love with a girl Aarfa aka Anushka Sharma. The story begins when Aarfa reject the proposal of Sultan as she is a national-level Kabaddi player and he is a tramp. Sultan decides to become a kabaddi player to impress his love and achieve all his goals after which he decides to take kabaddi as a profession. The story of Sultan was very emotional and full of action. Sultan movie grossed over est. 584 Crore worldwide became the 5th highest grossing Bollywood movie.
  • Budget → ₹ 145 Crore
  • Director → Ali Abbas Zafar
  • Cast → Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Ron Smoorenburg ( Martial Artist Netherlands ), Marko Zaroor ( Martial Artist Chile ), Randeep Hooda, Kabir Khan, Amit Singh, etc.
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NASA recently announced an upcoming event for a solar eclipse on 21st August 2017 and it's been a great debate over the internet for that particular event. As per scientist this solar eclipse occurring on 21st August 2017 will last up to 2 minutes 41 seconds over different destinations across the United States of America. NASA have published different safety and educational instructions on their website about the solar eclipse. This eclipse will be visible at different destinations and if you are at the right place you will see the eclipse for a longer time. Eclipse will start from '' Oregon state " and end at "South Carolina state". We will discuss different areas of different states where the eclipse will last the most.

1. Missouri State

A village in Missouri state named "Makanda " is the place where total solar eclipse will occur and it will last for 2 minutes 40 seconds as per NASA's interactive map. The shortest time of solar eclipse in the state Missouri is 21 seconds over Benton city, St. Louis, Belleville, Jefferson City, Sedalia, California, Cuba, Farmington, Eldon and surroundings of all above areas.

2. Tennessee State

Buffalo Valley, sliver point, Macedonia are in the center of solar eclipse areas on interactive map of NASA where the solar eclipse will last for 2 minutes 39 seconds. The shortest time of the eclipse in Tennessee state is 25 seconds and it will be visible over Brentwood, Nolensville, Blackman, Murfreesboro, Bradyville, Morrison, and surroundings of these areas.

3. South Carolina State 

The maximum time for the solar eclipse at South Carolina state is 2 minutes 37 seconds and it can be seen at Pendleton, Belton, cross hill , Lexington, sandy run, St Mathews, and surrounding of these areas. The shortest time of the eclipse is 21 seconds in South Carolina state and it can be seen over Rantowles, Johns Island, Folly Beach, Smoaks and the surroundings.

4. Nebraska State

The maximum time for a total eclipse in the state Nebraska is 2 minutes 35 seconds and it can be seen over Grand Island, Ravenna, Arnold, Stapleton, Tryon, Ringgold, Alliance and its surrounding areas. The shortest time of the eclipse in Nebraska state is 15 seconds and it can be seen over Lexington, Cozad, Willow Island, Gothenburg, Brady South, Maxwell and surroundings.

5. Wyoming State

Wyoming is very popular in sense of upcoming solar eclipse and the best spot to be entertained is Casper city. The total eclipse will last for 2 minutes 25 seconds over Casper city and its native cities including power rider, Glendo, Moneta, Shoshoni and its surroundings.
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Social networking is the best place to be in touch with your fans these days. Many cricketers give some extra time to their fans by posting regularly and updating the fans with upcoming events or activities. Indian cricket team has dominated and crossed all cricketers in sense of Facebook popularity. Indian cricketers are most liked on Facebook with millions of active fans across the world. Here is the list of top five most liked cricketers on Facebook.
Photo Credits © himanisdas Flickr

1. Virat Kohli ( 35.8M )

The calmest, delegate and talented cricketer have ever seen in the history of cricket. He has always been a great hope for the team in bad situations. Virat Kohli managed to maintain good cricketing records in younger age.
Virat Kohli has faced many controversies in his professional life despite this he is still ruling the hearts of over 35.8M fans on Facebook. Virat Kohli is a passionate, hardworking and most handsome cricketer in the world that's why he is the most liked cricketer on Facebook.

2. Sachin Tendulkar ( 28.5M )

Of the pitch but right in the center of the heart of millions of people around the world. The Master Blaster of the cricket still competes his fellow cricketers even after 4 years of retirement. Sachin nowadays has become a TV star and many of us see him every day in different TV ads.
Sachin has 28.5M fans on Facebook and they are increasing day by day. The biggest reason behind this fame is positivity, humanity and infinite love with the profession. The little master is the second most liked cricketer on Facebook. 

3. MS Dhoni ( 20.5M )

Ms the calmest cricket in the world leading his team like a hero has more than 20+ million followers on the Facebook. MS is the third most liked cricketer on the Facebook.
MS Dhoni had some hard time in his professional life despite that he stayed calm and worked hard and showed the world that he is the best. Now MS is the richest cricketer in the Indian Cricket Team. MS has launched his own company "S E V E N a brand by MS Dhoni" with multiple branches across India.

4. Yuvraj Singh ( 14.7M )

Yuvraj Singh " The Survivor " deserves a salute to his braveness and morale. Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and he had his cancer in a hospital in U.S.A. Yuvraj's sudden illness affected his career badly but after his recovery, he came back to the cricket world with more power and energy.
Yuvraj is the only batsman to hit 6 sixes in the international cricket against England and that was the moment when Yuvraj got hit. Yuvraj is the 4rh most popular cricketer on Facebook.

5. Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag holds the 5th position for the most liked cricketers on Facebook. His every single post on Facebook has a positive and inspirational messages to the younger generation.Viru was the best opening batsman in the international cricket for India and have achieved many awards in domestic and international cricket.
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Dragon Mart is the best place to buy some wholesale products of every category at a very cheap rate and that's why it's the most visited shopping mart for wholesale products. Household products, machinery, sanitary equipment, house decorations, various kinds of cheap curtains are available in dragon mart. Dragon Mart is a great point for RC toys, many kinds of RC toys are available here cheaper than the market price. Today we are going to take a look at the top 5 Things Dragon Mart is Famous For.

1. Toys 

Dragon Mart is equipped with great quality RC toys at a cheap price. A new toy that gets introduced in the market in the world you should be able to find those in the dragon mart after a week of its release. Young Arabic boys are keen to come to Dragon Mart to buy RC cars, helicopters, DJI drones, fuel powered buggies, electric motorbikes and much more. Nowadays the most popular toy in the dragon mart is fidget spinners and each piece of it cost only AED 20 ( USD 5.4 ) it's very cheap and of the best quality.

2. Decoration 

Decoration equipment in dragon mart is available in a wide range. The best decoration I have seen in Dragon Mart is Glass ceiling lights, those are mind blowing, the quality and the look of those glass ceilings was exceptional and can make your living area glow at the extreme. There are some traditional ceiling lights made by iron or wood and designed in different colors.

3. Furniture

The biggest dealer of furniture in Dragon Mart is Golden Sun. They have a huge variety of office furniture household furniture at a wholesale price. The best furniture in the dragon mart Dubai is Sofas and dining tables. A whole variety of furniture is available in Dragon Mart Dubai. People with new business come to buy furniture for their offices and restaurants.

4. Clothing

Clothing in dragon mart is not available at wide scale but there are a couple of shops with good and cheap clothes, shoes and accessories e.g, belts, sunglasses etc.

5. Electronics

Dragon Mart Dubai is famous for cheap electronic products. There is a huge variety of every kind of electronic products. Electronic bikes, security cameras, mobile phones, electric generators and much more are available at Dragon Mart Dubai.
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This world is full of love and romance and to be on a romantic place can spread a huge fragrance of love. Couples of this age love to travel and visit random places to enjoy each second of their life. Today you are about to read the most romantic places on the planet.

1. Amalfi Coast Italy

Are you looking to have a beautiful view of the silent ocean and a noise free suit on the edge of the ocean, Amalfi Coast is the right place for you. The food and the tourism points are phenomenal. Amalfi Coast is the hub for couples and the most romantic place in the Italy to enjoy your weekends, honeymoon, birthday parties etc. You can have one private boat in the middle of the ocean for a romantic dinner, sea diving and much more. You can have your lunch, dinner in various restaurants in the Amalfi coast. Ristorante Marina Grande is the best restaurant on the Amalfi coast, they serve different types of foods e.g, Classic Italian food, seafood, desserts, drinks etc.

2. Ladera, Resort St. Lucia West Indies

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Ladera Resort is the most romantic place in the world, It's beauty and class is exceptional and adorable. Ladera Resort's natural beauty makes it unique tourist point. It's a bit expensive to plan a trip to Ladera St. Lucia but, it will make your trip memorable for life time. Various suites with a beautiful sunset and sunshine cropping the way of two huge mountain cliffs make it more romantic and adorable. Suites are equipped with a balcony on the edge of the cliff to dine in. I recommend visiting this place it's tremendously good.

3. Bora Bora Island

Photo Credits © Mariamichelle
Crystal clear water and sunny beach with delicious cocktails can make your soul love this island. Bora Bora Island is in the heart of the south pacific sea far away from soil areas. This island is a top pick for honeymoons. Over water, small bungalows and villas aggravate the essence of love and romance. Romantic dinner over the sea on a yacht makes this island most romantic tourists attraction. Exploring the underwater creation during your vacations.

4. Harbour Island, The Bahamas

Photo Credits © World Viewers Stop - Youtube
Harbour is famous because of pink sand beach and the biggest attraction that engage thousands of visitors. Harbour Island is the best spot to enjoy your honeymoon. Mostly American tourists visit Harbour Island so the cuisine style and hotels are equipped with American style. Local lifestyle and culture make Harbour Island unique to visit because of its brilliance, the houses and the buildings are drawn like the masterpiece. The best thing about Harbour is you can rent your own jet ski and have a ride over crystal clear water.

5. Auckland, New Zealand

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Auckland is all in one travel and tourism point because of different attractions from tea shops to bars. This city is very busy with thousands of tourists visiting daily. The restaurants and most importantly the hotels here are very cheap, you can reserve a 4-star hotel as cheap as $ 100 per night. This city is equipped with different iconic destinations e.g, Sky Tower. The best thing you should visit is the Museum of Transport vehicles.

Conclusion: In my opinion, you should visit Amalfi Coast, Italy its the beast destination to be visited in 2017 and that's why it is #1 Most Romantic Places on Planet.
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Dubai is the biggest marketplace in the world and also the best place to shop. There are gigantic shopping malls and supermarkets with ultra high promotions and every kind of local or international brands are available here, that's why Dubai is the best place to shop. There are a couple of different things you should buy during your visit in Dubai. First of all, your mindset is more important and concerned while shopping whether you like electronics or clothing. So let's talk about the things you should buy during your visit in Dubai.
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1. Gold

Gold is the #1 shopping item that you must buy in Dubai because it's cheap, reliable and easily affordable. There are big gold souk and online marketplaces with various types and designs of gold as per your continental suitability. If you don't like gold, in that case, you should definitely visit Dubai Gold Souk because the glamorous look of Gold will let you buy it. Whenever you visit Dubai I recommend you to visit Dubai Gold Souk, I promise you will be amazed by the skill and the mastership of Gold dealers in Dubai.

2. Carpets

Dubai is known to have the best quality traditional carpets that are exported all around the world. Carpets in 2017 are the No 1 pick to decorate your living area and if you are on a shopping visit to Dubai you should definitely buy a traditional Arabian Carpet to make your living area unique. Now, the question is that, where you should buy a carpet in Dubai? you should visit Al Maidan Carpet center or IKEA center in Festival City, Dubai to buy your desired carpet. Traditional carpets are expensive a single piece can cost you up to 4,500 DHS.

3. Dates

Dates are the best thing to buy in Dubai because the deliciousness of dates reminds you a good time spent in Dubai. There are different types of dates you should buy in Dubai but I recommend you to buy almond butter stuffed 'Ajwa' dates they are delicious and so juicy. Ajwa dates are known for good health benefits, more importantly, they are good for your skin and eyesight. Bateel is the known brand that is selling quality dates in Dubai they are located on Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Dubai. Their best product is chocolate coated dates that are yummy and best to gift someone.

4. Traditional Arabic Fragrances

Fragrances make the atmosphere romantic and peaceful that's why peoples are addicted to these fragrances. Oud wood and Bukhoor wood are the best known traditional Arabic fragrances and they are very expensive to buy. The electric burner is used to ignite the fragrance of Oud or Bukhoor. You can easily buy quality oud or Bukhoor from Arabian Oud shop on Financial Center Rd - Dubai

5. Electronics and Accessories

Electronics are widely available in Dubai stores and they are cheap as compared to the other countries. As we all know that Dubai is tax-free country and we can easily export as many electronics units we want as per our capacity. The best time to buy electronics in Dubai is when the Dubai shopping festival starts where you get up to 80% discount on all electronics products whether it's a laptop, TV, Mobile phone or camera. The Dubai shopping festival starts in the month of February of each year. Make sure to visit the Dubai shopping festival if you come to Dubai in the month of February.

Here I have explained the top 5 things to buy in Dubai if you liked the post please describe your thoughts about this post in comment section. Thanks !
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Youtube nowadays has become a platform for vloggers, gamers to share their unique stuff to over 3.2 billion people all around the world to get fame and popularity. This trend is old for some countries around the globe but in past couple of years, Pakistani's are having their hand to join the youtube community of creators. Many YouTubers have created their channels and running them successfully. So, today I will be telling you about the Top 5 Best Pakistani Youtubers.

1. Sham Idrees

Photo Credits © Sham Idrees Official
Sham Idrees is the well known Pakistani entertainer and has a huge audience watching him around Pakistan. All of his videos are very inspirational, moralistic and entertaining about women's and desi culture of Pakistan. Sham started his career from Facebook by making funny videos and after creating a huge audience of over 5.4M he shifted himself over youtube and has 500k+ youtube subscribers.

2. Zaid Ali T.

Photo Credits © Zaid Ali Pinterest 
Zaid Ali t. is the 2nd best Pakistani youtube in my opinion and has gained a lot of success in the past few years. Zaid started his career and had a tough time facing different controversies as he has stated to a TV channel in Pakistan but now he is well settled and well-known YouTuber around Pakistan. His focus and aim is to make inspirational videos about desi culture and to disclose the loveful relation of mom and son. In most of his videos, he has played the double role of mom and son. He has over 5m Facebook followers and 500k+ subscribers on youtube.

3. Rahim Amer

Photo Credits ©
Rahim Amer ( Rahim Pardesi ) is a Facebook personality known for husband and wife funny videos. Nasreen is the main character in his videos and playing the role of a Punjabi wife. All of his videos are based upon the martial life of a Punjabi couple.His channel name is Rahim Pardesi and has gained a lot of popularity in sense of entertainment. He has over 361k subscribers on youtube and still growing day by day.

4. Dhoom Bros

Photo Credits © Dhoombros official
Dhoom bros youtube channel is maintained by four boys Shehryaar Asif, Hussain Asif, Atif Khan and Waqas Riaz. This youtube channel was created in 2008 and still, they are gaining popularity. Dhoom bros videos are based on dancing and singing and funny reporting.Dhoom bros channel has over 177k subscribers on youtube and all the members have their own vlogging channels where they describe their daily life and their lifestyle.

5. Taimoor Salahuddin

Photo Credits © Taimoor Youtube Official
Taimoor Salahuddin ( Mooroo ) is an actor, producer, and singer  Taimoor Salahuddin is well known for his short film clouding over Facebook and Youtube. Taimoor produces moralistic videos or you can say short films that are really fun to watch. Different peoples and actors have worked in his previous videos and mostly he plays a double role in his videos. Taimoor has 400k followers on youtube and 70+ subscribers on youtube till now.
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Blogger is the best platform to start a professional blog. Many big blogs are hosted on blogger it's not because it's a free service it's because of reliability and unlimited benefits. You get different features like a free template, unlimited hosting, unlimited bandwidth and trust of google secure system. Today we will talk about how to start a blog? and how you can monetize your blog content?.

1. Sign Up

  • If you have a Gmail account then you can directly sign in to blogger and if don't have then make one.
  • Go to and click Sign in.
  • Then you need to add your user details e,g Username, and Password to sign in to blogger.
  • After successfully signing in to the google account you will be redirected to the blogger user panel of your blog where you can check stats of your blogs, earnings and do modifications in layout panel on your blog to make it look professional.
  • Now click on the New Blog in user panel to start a new blog.
  • Now you will see a pop-up window requiring your desired blog address, blog title, and your desired blog theme.
  • Your blog title is what you are going to offer on your blog and your blog address should be similar to your blog title e.g, title ''Food Recipes Online'' blog address''
  • After putting blog address and title the next step is to select the blogger theme.Chose any of the themes in default blogger theme explorer, it is not the permanent theme we can change it later.
  • After selecting the theme click on Create Blog and you are done! You have successfully created a new blog.

2. Setting Up Custom Domain Name

Custom domain name is the key to a start a successful blog. The default blogger address looks like"" and when you buy a domain name it gets changed to "" and increase the authority and reputation of your blog.The best place to buy a domain name for your blog is Godaddy, I recommend Godaddy because It is cheap reliable and easy to install on your blog.

Adding Custom Domain on Blogger:

After successfully buying a domain name on GoDaddy the next step is to add the custom domain name on blogger.Follow the below steps to successfully add a custom domain on blogger.
  • Choose the blog on which you are willing to add the custom domain name and the click on Settings > Basic in the layout menu and then click on the ''Set up a third party URL for your blog'' button as shown in the pic below.
  • Now you will see an URL box asking your domain name on which you want your blog to be transferred and make sure to add ''www'' before your naked domain e.g, "" is the naked domain your URL should be "" after adding your domain name click on save as shown below.
  • After clicking on Save you will see an error of updating the DNS records on your registrar's website e.g, GoDaddy. You will see two random records to be updated on domain DNS settings.Copy both records and save for later use.
  • Now you have to sign in to GoDaddy and update the DNS records.
  • After signing in to GoDaddy click on Manage in Domains sections of your Godaddy Account.
  • You will see domain panel where all of your domains are located. Now select the drop down menu in the corner of your desired domain on which you to redirect your blog.You will see two options after clicking on the drop down, click on Manage DNS.
  • After clicking on Manage DNS you will see DNS Management panel and a list of default DNS Records.
  • You have to delete all the highlighted records one by one before adding new records.
  • For deleting a record simply click on the pencil icon at the end of each record and the click on the bin icon to delete the record as shown in below picture.
  • Repeat the same for the rest of records.
  • After deleting the records you have to put new records to your DNS database.
  • There are two records that you are supposed to update one is '' CNAME'' and Second '' A '' records.
  • CNAME Records are provided by the blogger that you have recently saved from blogger website. There are two fields in CNAME Records (1) Name, Label or Host field (2) Destination, Target or Points To field.
  • First, we will add CNAME records for which purpose you have to click on ''add'' in the bottom of records panel and select CNAME From Drop down menu shown in the pic below.
  • Now you will see two empty fields '' Host'' and ''Points To'' add ''www'' in the ''Host'' field and '''' in ''Points To'' field.This record is same for all blogger blogs. The second record is unique and has to be added the same like the first record as shown in the pic below.
  • Now we have to add ''A Records'' google have 4 different A records for blogger blogs that are shown below:
  • For adding A Records you have to repeat the same process shown above. Select ''A'' in type dropdown and then add ''@'' in the Host field and '''' in ''Points To'' field and click save. Repeat the same for all four records.
  • After adding all the records, your DNS Management panel should look like this:
  • Now go back to the same panel in the blogger where you faced the error while saving your domain name.
  • Add the domain name once again and click Save, this time domain name will be saved successfully if you have followed the above steps correctly.
  • Now you have to redirect your naked domain to the actual blog address. e,g actual blog address is '''' and when someone will enter your naked domain name e.g, '''' it will be redirected to''''
  • Click on edit and check the check box shown in the picture below and click save.

3. Uploading Template

Blogger template is the most important thing to have a professional and successful blog. There are many online sources to download free blogger templates e.g, Btemplates, GoyaabiTemplates etc. After downloading the template the next step is to upload the template and start posting articles.Follow the below steps to upload blogger template.

  • First, you need to select the blog on which you want to upload a template.
  • Now click on Theme and then you will see Backup / Restore option in the right upper corner click on it as shown in the fig below.
  • Now you will see a pop-up box after clicking on Backup / Restore option.
  • Click on Chose File and the windows explorer will pop-up find your downloaded XML file in windows explorer.
  • After selecting your XML File Click Open and then Upload as shown below.
  • After Clicking on Upload you template will be published and live.

4. Modification, Logo Design, and Social Integration

  • Modification Of Blogger Blog

After uploading the blogger template you have to do small modifications on your blog.If you have downloaded complete template there will be an easy guide for you to do minor and major modifications on your blogger blog.There are different areas of your blog where modification is required e,g. Changing Main Header Tab Names, Creating Static Pages, Editing Side Bars etc.

  • Logo Design
For logo design, there are many online sources where you can make a free website logo but if you want a professional logo then you can design one by your own, you should use adobe illustrator to design a logo for your blogger blog.There are many DIY videos on youtube for adobe illustrator guide and complete step by step tutorials

  • Social Media Integration
Social Media is the best way to promote your content online and to make your blog successful.First, you have to create a page on facebook or twitter or any platform you are aware of. I would recommend using facebook because these days facebook is the biggest marketplace in the world.Follow the steps below to make a page on facebook to share your blog content online and boost traffic.

5. Generating Revenue

The purpose of a blog in a point of view for all bloggers is to make some revenue online for a living and become successful. Blogger blog could be a successful online business.To do so your blog should meet the requirement of many online advertising companies. It should be full of traffic, rich in quality content and have tons of readers.
There are many online advertising companies that are supporting small bloggers to earn some revenue and pay back all their efforts they have carved in their blog.The best advertising program is google advertising program.
You should check if you are eligible to apply for google advertising program and start earning revenue from your blogger blog.

To start a blog is very easy but maintaining its quality and content is hard. If you are doing it right you should definitely be a successful blogger and you will be on the top in list of successful bloggers

In this ultimate guide of how to create a blog, you would have started a blog on blogger If it helped you please share it with your friends and family because sharing is caring and they should also know about how to start a blog.