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Emirates, well known as United Arab Emirates Airlines is the best airline in the world but when you take a look at emirates career, in the beginning, it seems pretty struggling. It was not an appropriate airline for the passengers from Europe and America because of its lack of popularity in the market, with the passage of time emirates spent billions on advertising their specialty and uniqueness and trillions to build a strong aircraft fleet to serve the whole world.
In the starting years, emirates served GCC and Asian countries further on as it became more popular emirates started serving different states in America and Europe now, Emirates is operating up to 150 destinations worldwide.
The business class lounge was introduced to travel with comfort and to have extreme fun onboard but Emirates business class has something different in it. There are different cabins for each individual onboard travelling with emirates business class tag. When the first aircraft was built who really thought that in future people will enjoy drinking wine at onboard bar 40,000 feets above sea level, emirates made it possible with years of hard work and struggle. Now emirates are serving best business class facilities all around the world.

1. Hospitality

When you book your emirates business class ticket you become a guest of emirates and you will see the hospitality of emirates staff from your doorstep of current destination to the upcoming destination. Emirates provides more comfort to their customers far across their expectations whether they are travelling on business class or economy class. If you are departing from UAE then this should be your dream travel with emirates business class.
  • Pick Up Service: If you are residing in the states of UAE other than Dubai then emirates provide pick up service from your desired location to the Dubai international airport as emirates only operate from Dubai Internation Airport. Emirates have a large fleet of luxury cars that are serving in all states of UAE to let their passengers depart on time to reach their destination. Emirates driver will pick you up 2 hours prior to your flight from the location you mentioned on your emirates ticket booking. The best thing is that Emirates pick up service is for all Business, first or economy class.
  • VIP Waiting Lounge: Emirates is well known for the hospitality and comfort of the passengers. Emirates has VIP lounges in Dubai, Heathrow, Birmingham International Airports. VIP lounges are designed with luxurious interior and furniture that emphasizes on the comfort of the passengers.
  • Food and Beverage: Emirates is keen to provide fully hygienic food to their passengers, Recently emirates have introduced a new method to retain the freshness of food that last 24 hours which focuses on hygienic and healthy food on board or in the VIP lounge – people with emirates business class tag can only enjoy the high-class food facilities and unfortunately these facilities are not available for Economy class passengers.

2. Free Wifi On Board

Emirates is the first Asian flight to provide onboard wifi service with first 10MBs free and later on $1 is charged for 600MB it's almost free wifi – $1 is not a very big deal to avail internet at 40,000 feets above sea level it's insane development in the field of traveling and technology. They provide the internet with an average internet speed. Wifi service has no limitations, both business and economy class can use the onboard wifi service to watch youtube, talk to friends on facebook, use Instagram or what every you do usually on routine days.
Emirates free wifi service encouraged many airlines to offer their passengers free wifi service otherwise, emirates with snatch the business from their hands. It's pretty much impossible to provide free internet onboard but emirates are spending millions to see smiles on faces of their customer's.

3. Onboard Bar

Emirates is providing an onboard bar in A380 aircraft which is fulfilled with high quality and imported wine from around the world. If you are getting bored, rush upstairs if you are sitting on the lower deck to have the taste of the most popular and expensive drinks. Emirates have qualified flight attendants to guide you and entertain you but the bad thing you are going to hear is even if you are an emirates business class or economy class, all the drinks are paid on board. When they are serving food you can get unlimited complimentary drinks and water as much as you want.

4. Food On Emirates Business Class

Emirates is awarded as the best airline in manner ton provide hygienic and quality 5-star food to their customers. I have travelled with emirates on business class many times but the quality and quantity of the food have never been changed or downgraded. The best thing about food on emirates is they provide food to customers of their choice. Food on emirates is prepared as per the demand and local trends of food, if you are in business class then you can order the food of your demand shown on the emirates food menu.

5. Comfort

Emirates business class is fulfilled with comfort and relaxation. You can enjoy your food or have a drink of your own choice from mini bar to take full advantage of your most known and memorable journey with emirates. Each seating section contains mini bar, TV, and seat that can manage to reshape in a mini bed to sleep on. Emirates is more than an ordinary airline you should definitely choose emirates if you still haven't travelled with emirates before and make sure to select the business class or first class to travel with style and luxury.
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A family gathering is very sensitive to handle because it's not an ordinary friend gathering where you can do whatever you want or anything you feel easy to do. If you are participating in the family gathering you should be decent whether you are talking, eating or drinking – I am not a fan of being quiet in the family gathering but you should be aware of what you are talking or doing.
A family gathering is a time when you are supposed to know something about your family members e.g, what they eat, what they like to talk, what are their likes and dislikes and everything that is crucial to know about your family. A family gathering is a time when some of your old uncle and aunts try to observe you and judge your body language so, that's the time when you have to look decent and avoid those gestures or talks that are against the rules of family gathering. So, you have to avoid these 5 things at family gathering otherwise, you will be scolded by your father or mother badly.

1. Expelling Gas

Gaseous exchange in the human body is very important but, when you are in a family gathering this behavior is barbarous and full of shame for you and for your family. If you are feeling something in your stomach while dining or watching movie you should excuse for going to toilet or going outside instead of expelling that bad smell gas to ruin the taste of the food or movie or whatever you are doing – in some cases of girls or boys sensitive to bad smell, disgusting gas smell can cause an instant vomiting – go get yourself outside, empty your bloated gaseous belly before someone else request or urges you to go outside to let them breathe healthy air instead of bad smelled gas.

2. Loud Laughing

Having fun is a part of the family gathering, without laughing and joking gathering is vapid and colorless but, laughing and joking also has some limitations to be kept in mind, if you cross those limits you could possibly be kicked out of the room or get scolded. If you think yourself or laugh in front of the mirror like you did laugh in the family gathering before – you will feel like I am the most disgusting and insane man in the whole world. If you keep on like this your conversation will be weightless as everybody thinks you are a mad person who laughs out loud for nothing. Keep an eye on your limitations before doing anything in front of your family.

3. Loud Burping

Burping in public, office or house is a very shameful act that could harm your personality. If you are burping in the office or in the meeting you could get rusticated or receive tons of hate from your senior or boss but, in family gathering burping loudly tells a different story. While eating or drinking every person burp but burping out loud on the dining table is against morality and considered as shame in some countries – when you burp out loud in family gathering everybody will notice this act of shame and keep quiet but after dinner or lunch, the teachings of your parents will be discussed on your back. Burp quietly if you were burping loud before, it really hurts when someone in your family talks about this or notifies you about that. If you don't know how to burp quietly get you self a lesson from your elders.

4. Abusive Language

Friends are frank with each other and being a little abusive in friends is normal. Abusing and chiding each other is a common thing in friends and class fellows but, there is a great difference between friend gathering and family gathering as I told you before you should obey and take care of all limitations that are in between every son and father, mother and daughter and family members.
Talking less is the key to be getting caught by the eyes of your family members but if your tongue starts conversation with an abusive word everybody will be afraid of talking with you, they will ignore you because of your abusive language so, the conclusion is to do whatever you want in friends gathering but be clean while talking with your relatives in family gatherings.

5. Playing With Mobile

The purpose of the family gathering is to spend some time with your family if you will stick yourself in mobile phone or tablet without even noticing what's happening between your family members. Playing with mobile during the family talk is pathetic you should avoid this and give some time to your family to understand you to teach you how you can take a good decision in your life.
If you will give time to your family you would get the attention of your family to become a beloved person.The conclusion is to avoid using the mobile phone in the family gathering.
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Dubai these days is the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Tourists from all around the world visit Dubai to watch its artificial beauty and engineering wonders. Spending holidays is the best thing to do after the hard work of weeks, months or years. Spending holidays in Dubai is the foremost thing you should do in your life. Extreme luxurious life of Dubai attracts millions of tourists every year.
Holidays are meant to be trying new things, adding textures of luxury cars, accommodation, and food in your life – for this purpose Dubai is the best place to spend holidays in a new way that you have never done before. When you decide to spend your holidays in Dubai, the next question is what are the best places to visit in Dubai for extreme satisfaction and joy? if you have visited Dubai or searched the internet then you should definitely know about Burj-al-Arab and Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world ) both are at their best when it comes to luxurious lifestyle.

1. Cheap

Spending holidays in Dubai is the best thing but if you get cheap deals on accommodation and transportation is like icing on the cake. Dubai is known to have cheap accommodation and transportation – you can have tonnes of best deals on food, beverage, and transportation. When you drop your first step on the land of Dubai your journey begins with the ultimate Dubai airport which has a train service with-in the airport to carry passengers towards the baggage claim, that's what you call comfortable journey towards happy holidays. There are tonnes of new thing you can do in Dubai that you have never done before e.g, dune driving, safari, skiing on artificial ice mountain etc. all these services are very cheap to be availed.

2. Origin of Shopping

Dubai is known to be the best shopping place in the world. A shopping festival named Dubai shopping festival held every year in Dubai festival city with everything on offer basis. Dubai is best shopping place for gold and every kind of jewellery. Dubai festival city is not just a shopping festival it is a place to have fun with your family and friends – you can have dinner enjoy movies, watch fireworks (daily) and a lot more in the Dubai festival city. Dubai festival city introduced a new way to shopping with unbeatable deals on all available products e.g, electronics, household items etc.If you are spending your holidays in Dubai during the festival I will recommend you to go there not for just shopping purpose but for experiencing extreme enjoyment also.

3. Tallest Building in The World

When it comes to charm yourself with wondrous places and you are spending your holidays in Dubai – you should definitely go to the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is not just ordinary building for living, there are different things you should definitely know about Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa broke many Guinness world records after its successful construction and opening. It has different hotels, restaurants , food places and beverages – if you are staying in Burj Khalifa and got hungry in the night just call room service or visit At.mosphere restaurant which is on the 122nd floor.
If your are staying in a different hotel during your holidays in Dubai and have a wish to visit Burj Khalifa so, don't worry they provide a guest visit to the top of Burj Khalifa where you can see native buildings and beautiful places around Burj Khalifa. If you are staying in Burj Khalifa during your holidays in Dubai there are different things you can do in Burj Khalifa.

4. Desert Safari and Dune driving

Desert safari is a new way to explore the beauty of the hot sandy desert. Desert safari begins with the ultimate dune driving in which a certified driver drives SUV on sand peaks zig-zag and up-down really fast and ends up near the camp. The real fun of desert safari starts when you reach the camp where belly dance, bar-b-q, camel ride, horse ride, sheesha etc. are waiting for you. Desert safari have some limitations for safety reasons if one of your family members is pregnant he/she is not allowed to ride or go to desert safari, make sure that you are not pregnant before buying desert safari tickets.

5. Traditional Souks and Markets

  1. Traditional Gold Souq: Dubai is still very traditional country in this modern age. Arabic peoples have explained everything that they received or taught by their predecessors in the shape of markets and souqs. Gold is being a favourite thing for women and Arab people think that a woman without Gold is incomplete – you will see many traditional handmade gold shirts , the gold mask that covers face and head and a lot more traditional jewellery designs.
  2. Spice Souq: I am not a big fan of spicy foods but Arabic peoples love spicy food made with their traditional spices. Many traditional Arabic food spices are offered to buy in spice souq which includes top quality saffron, cashew and nuts. If you are on holidays in Dubai you should definitely visit spice souq of Dubai to add some new taste in your food in Arabic style.
  3. Textile Souq: if you like clothes with extreme hand-stitched artwork on it, you should definitely visit textile souq Dubai to buy some new Arabic style clothes.
If you still stuck somewhere in your thoughts, don't think too much just go for it, you will feel great while spending your holidays in Dubai. Once you visit Dubai its beauty and charm will force you to visit Dubai again not for just spending holidays but for living permanently.
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Every person related to sports or even a fan of sports is talking about only one thing nowadays and that is OLYMPICS. The 2016 Olympics have just started and everyone’s on their feet already. Such is the hype of the mega event. Ever thought Why Olympics are always so cheered and waited for a long time? Well, as the mega sports event is happening nowadays, take a look at five reasons why the Olympics are loved everywhere around the globe.

1. Great, Old history:

The Olympics are pretty old as far as the games are concerned. Olympics dated back from Greek times are named after the games that held in Olympia, Greece in the sanctuary of Zeus, the Greek God. These games were actually the religious and cultural festivals of the ancient civilization. The games continued for a long time before coming to an end when a cultural change occurred in the world. It was then in the 19th century when the Olympics have started again with all the pride that it used to have once. In 1894, Baron Pierre de Coubertin laid the foundation stone of the International Olympics Committee. The first modern Olympics games occurred in 1896. Afterwards, Olympics games occur every four years at a different venue every time.

2. Oldest, yet youngest sports:

Considering just a sports event some may wonder why so much hype is created regarding the Olympics? The fascinating sports event is nothing less than the hype itself. Olympics are held every four years and are divided into two categories. Summer games and winter games. Both summer and winter games are held in alternative two year period and repeat after every four years. More than 200 nations gather together in the same place and compete in 23 different games. This year also, the Olympics are taking place in Rio da Janeiro, Brazil in which 205 different countries will be appearing with thousands of athletes taking part in 42 different games. All this entertainment and fun in one place!

3. Historic Olympics Rituals:

Talking about the rituals and culture of the game itself, The Olympics are very rich in culture. There are many Olympics rituals and traditions. The famous torch of Olympics which is lit at the beginning of every Olympics and put off at the end of the games. It is said that the torch bears a certain history of itself. The symbolic Olympic flag with the traditional Olympic logo of five circles is known to all. The opening and closing ceremonies of the event is also a fascinating thing to watch. Thus, besides just athletes participating and winning, Olympics is a lot more with a bright, huge history.

4. What’s New Every Time:

Every time, Olympics introduce its viewers with something new. Mostly they are nation and athletes who take part in their first ever Olympics. This year, Olympics is being held in Rio, Brazil. It’s the summer games this year and a lot of things are new in the 2016 edition of the Olympics.
  1. Debutante Nations: This year, two countries are playing their first ever Olympics game. These nations include Kosovo and South Sudan.
  2. Players: This year Olympics have more players than previous editions. Almost 11,478 athletes are registered for the Olympics this year.
  3. Sports Event: This year Olympics edition has increased the number of the sports event. Athletes from all around the world will compete in 42 different games.
  4. Total Nations: With the addition of two debut members, Rio Olympics 2016 will be hosting 205 nations from around the globe. First time ever in Olympics history has 205 nations taken part together.

5. Lots, and Lots of Prizes: 

Olympics is just not about taking part in your favorite sport and supporting your country, it’s much more than that. Olympics is about pride, passion, and courage to show people what your country means to you, Olympics is about the passion of sports and patriotism. Therefore, Olympics has set prizes for almost everyone who take part in it and perform good, who able to win the games in the form of medals. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are given to the athletes who take a first, second and third position in the games respectively. Ever since the start of Olympics, United States of America has won the most number of medals, i.e 2403 medals which include 943 gold medals. The USA is followed by Russia and Germany with 1528 and 1305 medals respectively. Many nations like Afghanistan, Somalia, Barbados etc. haven’t won any gold medal in Olympics and thus 2016 RIO Olympics are can be their turn to win one for their nation. Such a huge event and not many people know about it. So, when the Olympics are going on, grab your tickets if you want to go to RIO or else enjoy the games in your home with your family.
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Playing games is the best thing you can do on your computer. There are different high-resolution games are in the market to be bought or downloaded but, unfortunately, every PC doesn't suit the gaming requirements – you try to download the game that is efficient in size and suit your PC gaming hardware but, old games don't last longer.
Online browser games are trending these days, you don't have to worry whether your PC is slow or fast just install google chrome connect with the internet and you are ready to go. In past few days, many online browser games came into the market and online every time to play. Stick with me I will be showing you the most popular online browser games.

1. game is based on an ingredient called "agar" consist of colourful small particles. is an online browser game with the multiplayer feature. Matheus Valadares is the man behind from developing to publication – he developed with his unique idea and all new design. became a news alert for every news forum and gaming websites and became the craziest game on the internet. the ball eater is a game consist of multiple colourful cells trying to eat each other. The Bigger cell is the hunter and smaller cells are the predator or survivor. Every cell has its default mass and grows bigger while eating smaller cells and auto-generated mass particles in the lobby which has one mass. is game for gamers but different YouTubers gave a twist and new style to by creating some awesome funny, action videos on Youtube and fortunately that was the turning point of that made the most popular online game. First gameplay was uploaded by a YouTuber named Jumbo and with he was able to collect over 1.6 million subscribers on his youtube channel. has multiple features including cell skins, boosters etc. has multiple gaming lobbies including FFA, Party, Team and Experimental but, most famous lobby in is Party on which you can play with you friends, family members and teammates from around the world. initially was available only on PC, browser version with lesser browser support but, further on Miniclip contributed with by developing and publishing a mobile and tablet version of – can now be downloaded from the app store or google play store.


Used Nokia mobile before ? If you did, you must have played the snake game on Nokia mobile but, is much more different than old Nokia snake game. Steve Howse developed while taking his eye on his biggest competitor People think is developed on the idea of and its design and concept is changed. On initial release of, people name as v2 but, with the passage of time make his ground as the biggest competitor of with its original name is an online arcade multiplayer browser game. is based on a snake that crawls in a round shaped lobby and tries to protect itself from bigger snakes.basically, snake in gets killed when the tail of a random snake touches the face of your snake – killed snake transform into food that increases the mass of the random snake. This is what is all about.
The initial release of included some bugs like was not playing on the slow internet connection – now is working perfectly.After successful release started growing great audience and slither community now is available on iOS and Android devices. Best thing in is that you can play while being offline that's why is the best online browser game.

3. is an action, fighting, battle multiplayer game. After the release of, developers are thinking new ways to develop online browser games like and is also developed with the idea recently used in is a tank battle game in which you fight other tanks to get your level up. have different upgrades including health, shield etc. Each individual tank fire a bullet to damage a random tank to upgrade level – on each level upgrade you get a control or upgrade panel where you get plenty of different upgrades like bullet speed, shield and body damage etc. Controls in are different – tank in follows the cursor controlled by mouse and navigates with 4 navigation buttons. Tank fire bullets with a left key on the mouse. is also featured on youtube, different YouTubers including PewDiePie played to engage the community that shows interest and love in playing are different in is available on iOS and android operating devices but PC browser version is preferred for extreme entertainment. if we talk about popularity which online browser game is more popular ? the answer will be because is the predecessor for all new upcoming games.


Have you ever played jet fighter games on your computer or laptop ? if not, you should play for extreme is a simple 2d game in which a fighter jet fight its opponents to take on the leaderboard. This game was released in November 2015 and became popular in few months. is based on a fighter jet which individually fights with all its enemies and try to protect itself by avoiding counter-attacks by its opponents. is not as complicated as its pretty much simple game like with lesser controls and ease in gameplay. the fighter jet is controlled by mouse cursor and space bar is used to attack or fire to destroy your opponents. is a multiplayer game you can easily play with you friends, family members or class fellows by sharing a simple link. is currently running a beta version, they update changelog every month to remove minor bugs or game rules.
Currently is successfully running on browser and iOS devices and became the most popular online game on mobile devices. Don't worry androiders will soon be available on android devices.

5. is very familiar to because of its controls. is not very popular as or but its pretty impressive game to play. As I told you before the seed  It is based on galaxies space ships and bigger rocks that are floating in the space and you make your way through by shooting these rocks or avoid them by turning right or left. is the 5th best online browser game. is fighting, action multiplayer game released in start of 2016 and active till now. is only available on desktop browser version.
Game controls in are very simple as but a little different. Spaceship in is controlled by mouse cursor and you can easily enable booster by clicking left button on mouse.If some one is firing at you just press space bar to protect yourself with shield.
These were the best and trending online browser games these days. Hope you enjoy the list.
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Entertainment makes an important part of our lives. Obviously, everyone needs a little time of pleasure and entertainment from daily dull routine. Many people do different things for this purpose.
Ever since movies and serials have been an important part of the entertainment. People watch and follow movies, heroes and some compare the stories with real life. Movies from the different genre are released and watched all around the world.
2016 has been a great year for movie industry all around the world. Talking about the Bollywood, some great movies like Sultan are already in the theatres and some other are just about to release with even greater expectations. In Hollywood, movies like Batman VS Superman have already hit the industry with great success. Here, in this article I am summarising the upcoming Hollywood movies that are long awaited and are expected to release in the later part of this year.

1. Suicide Squad:

The DC comics expected master piece was announced in March 2015 and was started filming in early April 2015. Ever since it is the most awaited movie of all time not because of the screen play or the appearance of the movie but because of the unique story. The movie is produced by Richard Suckle, Charles Roven and Colin Wilson and directed by David Ayer. The movie is based on the super villains of DC comics who are serving their time in prison and are teamed together for a special black ops mission in exchange for their shorter prison sentence. The movie is expected to be a super hit blockbuster and will be in theatres on 5th august, 2016.

2. Mine craft:

The strategic open world mobile platform game is familiar to all. The game allows a player to play as they want and have no specific goals. Due to this feature of the game, mine craft is favourite of a large number of people around the world and is one of the most played game on android and IOS platform.
Hollywood producers Roy Lee and Jill sobel messick have decided to give the fans something more to cheer up than the game itself. Finally the minecraft movie is coming with a lot of expectations and hopes for the fans. The story and cast of the movie have not been announced yet by the crew but it is expected to be the same story line as the game is. The minecraft animated movie is expected to release on 12th December 2016 and is directed by Rob Mcelhenney.

3. Popeye:

One of the favourite childhood cartoon character of all time, popeye is known to all. The symbol of strength and courage of our childhood has shared with us a lot of memories and emotions. Popeye movie’s poster is out. Poster is featuring Popeye its self with its signature statement “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, THEN A FEW BECOME
No information regarding the release date and cast has been leaked up till now but it is expected to release on 12th December 2016. A lot of expectation lies with this movie and hence it is one of the most awaited movie of this year.

4. Rogue one: A Star Wars Story:

The all famous star wars series is set to mark another impression in international film industry with its new upcoming movie Rogue One. Rogue one is a story of a rogue band who are the resistance fighters unite to steal the Death Star Plans and thereby bringing new hopes to the galaxy. Rogue one is very similar to the original star wars sequel and hence is it the most awaited movie of this year. Surely, star wars fans will be crazy about the movie and its release date. Directed by Gareth Edwards and produced by Kathleen Kennedy the movie features Felicity Jones, Diego Luna and Riz Ahmed as main characters along with many others. The movie is all set to release on 16th December 2016. Till then, its all wait.

5. Assassin’s Creed:

The adventure, action, history all time most favourite game of many is known to all. Assassin creed is one of the most sold computer games ever. With the news about the movie based on the story of the game itself, fans of assassin’s creed can’t wait for the movie to come on screen. Directed by Justin Kurzel, Assassin’s creed features Jeremy Irons, Micheal Fassbender along with many others. The movie is expected to release on 21-08-2016 and makes up the list of most awaited movie ever.
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Football is one of the most watched, followed and played sport around the world. Football is a game of passion, valor, courage and team work. Most of us idolize footballers as our heroes. We follow teams, countries, clubs and players and support our favourite team by all means. But when it comes to the internal information about the sport, most of us can’t find any authentic source to know about the history and legacies of teams or clubs that we follow. So here in this article, I have summed up world’s 5 biggest football leagues as per annual revenue generated.

5. Ligue 1

One of the great player of football and the king of Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimovic is idol of many kids. Many kids see him as their inspiration. Zlatan plays for Paris Saint-Germain, which is the biggest club of France. Ligue 1 is the biggest league division football tournament of France, a country well known for producing great footballers like Thiery Henry, Zinedine Zidane and Eric Cantona. The nation well known for its legendary footballers is also well known for the sport itself.
Ligue 1 comes in the list of the international leagues who have managed to generate highest annual revenue. The annual revenue generated by the Ligue 1 in 2014-2015 Season was recorded to be 1,418 Million Euros. For a country like France, this revenue is more than enough to succeed in the field of sports.

4. Serie A

Italian 1st division football league is known as Serie A where the big boys of Italy battle for the title of “The kings of Italy”. One time world cup winner, Italy has produced a number of great players and is progressing at ever growing speed in the game of football. To compete against the other league teams, they are producing better and better results. The reputation of Serie A is well known along the world. The capita Income recorded of Serie A in 2014-15 season was recorded as a historic figure of 1,792 Million Euros.

3. La Liga

The Spanish football league has created a new hype in the world of football by signing in the biggest names of the game in the shape of Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Bale and many more. Every football lover know these names and hence the league. Spanish La Liga is one of the most exciting, thrilling and nail biting football league. It has gained a lot of repute in a small amount of time when compared to the other leagues. Two biggest clubs of the league, Real Madrid and Barcelona have managed to win most titles than any other team in the whole world.
With football of this caliber, it is not much to say that the country produces a high revenue per annum. La Liga has managed to earn 2,053 Million Euros in 2014-15 campaign.

2. Bundesliga

Germany, a country with a huge history is well known for this sport. The world cup 2014 winners have always been a big seed of the game and few people believe that football is not complete without the German delicacy and enthusiasm. The emotional, brilliant and passionate matches between 18 top teams of the country are favourite to all.
 Every year Bundesliga shares a major part of national capita income by generating high revenue. Last year, the big guns managed to generate a landmark figure of 2,620 Million Euros with every team getting an equal share of 146 Million Euros. To a country with a history well known to the world, this figure is quite impressive and it just gets better with every season.

1. Premier League

England, hosting the league which includes historic clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool etc. is the most popular and my personal favourite football league currently in the world. Premier League, in which 20 top seeds of England compete for one title is one of the oldest football league but yet the passion of the game is still young. When considering quality and craze, experts believe that premier league is the best and unbeaten. Revenue that Premier League alone manages to generate every year is more than the combined annual revenue of some leagues. 2014-15 season is considered as a land mark in Premier League history with England generating highest revenue among the members of International Football Association.

 The revenue generated By Premier League in 2014-15 was 4,070 Million Euros or precisely, 3.4 Billion Pounds with a highest known figure of 203 Million Euros revenue per club.
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Pokemon Go is the hottest game these days for both android and iOS but, some territories of different countries have banned Pokemon Go. Some think this game is not safe to play, some think its '' Haram '' and against Islamic law – as far as the safety of Pokemon Go is concerned, it's pretty much unsafe to play because your children don't even know where they are going? If they are on road side trying to pass the road to catch a Pokemon instead of watching both sides on the road, they could get hit by a car or bus. There are different countries where Pokemon go is banned, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia etc.

1. Saudi Arabia

Pokemon go became the most popular game in the Middle east – everybody is playing Pokemon go outside their houses, workplaces even hospitals. In the religious and political chambers of Saudi government everybody took action against Pokemon go and announced a '' fatwa '' on Pokemon go and declared it as '' Haram '' as some of you may know that in 2001, Saudi Arabian government banned poke cards and gave message to parents to stop their children from playing any game from pokemon.
Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and any anti-Islamic act is tolerated very badly in Saudi Arabia even though you can get a death penalty on any anti-Islamic behaviour or act.If you are living in Saudi Arabia and download Pokemon go from any pirated store, beware of Saudi religious police as they keep patrolling in streets of some famous places in Saudi Arabia.

2. Malaysia

Malaysia is the country of gamers. In 2012 over 7.6 million gamers were recorded in Malaysia – the news of Pokemon to be banned in Malaysia hit like a bomb to Pokemon lovers. When Saudi Arabia and some other countries banned Pokemon, police official Abdul rani kulup Abdullah also took action against Pokemon go stating '' Pokemon Go can lead our youth to neglect their duties and fill their mind with cartoons, then our whole youth would get ruined ''
The reason Pokemon go was banned in Malaysia was the game is un-Islamic and encourages to gambling and believe in polytheism.

3. Egypt

Egypt is also a religious country like Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. Pokemon Go was banned by religious authorities on July 14 stating that " Pokemon go is the un-Islamic game that can harm the brain of our youth without being notifying them '' So said, The game is more dangerous than drinking alcohol and drinking alcohol is '' Haram '' in Islam.


Turkey banned the Pokemon because some of their religious officials think that this game decreases the value and respect of our mosques because some of the poke stops and poke-gyms are located in the place of mosques.Mosque is a house of God where all Muslims pray to God – Turkish government thinks that Pokemon Go" can raze the respect and significance of mosques''.

5. Portugal

Pokemon hunting is hot these days everybody is hunting Pokemon outside their houses, workplaces and even while driving Yes ! I am right, a man hit Police car while playing Pokemon go – after that incident the Portuguese police warned players to not hunt Pokemon while driving and don't enter into private places because entering into private places without permission is considered as the crime.