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The brain is the organ inside the solid protection of skull. It is so protected because the brain is the reason we breathe we walk we talk we think in fact everything we do is because of the brain. The central nervous system inside brain sends signals to different organs of body telling them how to respond and what to do. The neurons that leave the brain carries a message of a particular action that a body part has to perform once the body receives a message from brain it results in our actions e.g. when we touch a hot substance brain sends neuron to tell the hand to move away. These messages move faster than light. If a person’s brain goes numb, the person goes numb. So you have got to keep it active and running, you have got to make it boost and function faster for a sophisticated lifestyle. In our daily routine, there are a lot of things that we do can change the pace at which our brain is working. Our activities can either increase the brain activity or can make it lazier. For a better and healthy lifestyle, it is vital that our brain functions in a very fresh and healthy manner. Like we need to water a plant for it to nurture exactly that way the brain needs its juice to work boldly. Now the question arises where a brain does get its juice? The answer is pretty simple you have to keep your mind active via a list of aspects. These are the factors that we are going to discuss.


 The workout is a person’s best shrink. When you workout out your brain works in a way that you automatically get into a good mood you are physically fit so deliberately you are confident of yourself. During exercise, our metabolism is strengthened, and blood circulation is improved. After the workout, the proteins and carbohydrates (starch, sugar, and fiber) are digested four times faster than in dormant state. The endorphins released to get us in a good mood. Workout solves breathing issues and helps cure asthma. Apart from respiratory tract it also improves the circulatory system of the body. Enhance the activity of the heart as well as brain and help to cure heart problems. If someone can't sleep at night, the workout is the best option it not only tires your body but also give comfort to mind hence insomnia disappears, and you get a good night's sleep. Workout empowers body and mind’s stamina. After weeks and months of work out your brain starts taking correct decisions faster. As the workout boosts the powerhouse of each and every cell in our body i.e. mitochondria, so it leads to the faster functioning of the brain. Other than that mind games or brain exercises are also important. Mind games like puzzles, quizzes, board games, learning foreign languages these all leads to a healthy and fast responding brain.


Eat food rich in Omega3 Fatty acids. The source of Omega 3 fatty acid could be fish like tuna, sardine, and salmon. Other than that, vegetables like spinach, broccoli and pumpkin are good sources of Omega3 fatty acids. Soya beans, perilla seeds, flaxseeds, chia seeds. Animal based Omega 3 fatty acids can be gained from kidneys and livers of animals. Food rich in magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, carbohydrates helps brain focus and improve memory. Nuts are rich in vitamins like almonds; they are supposed to increase brain capabilities. Sunlight is rich in Vitamin D; a good amount of exposure to the sun can improve neurotransmitters functioning. Vitamin B12 is also extremely vital for brain health. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. The source of Vitamin B12 is the proteins i.e. milk, chicken, etc


 For a sane mind to work properly a good night’s sleep is very important. A normal person should sleep from minimum 8 to maximum 12 hours a day. Some can even work with a 6 hour of sleep per day. Sleeping early and waking up early is going to give the brain a natural boost. While sleeping, there are a few brain functions that are boosted automatically as they require the brain to be slumber for their activation. These functions are learning and memory. It’s like a computer system when your PC slows down a bit or get stuck somewhere you go for a reboot. This is how the human brain works you need to reboot via sleeping. And when you wake up your mind is good as new.


 Depression not only ruins your nervous system but also weakens your body. If you are over thinking anything, then the neurotransmitters get weak. The mind is working on so many thoughts all together that it starts to get tired easily and very quickly. To avoid that kind of situation you have to meditate more and take deep breaths. Put your mind at a happy place. Clear all the thoughts and just focus on positive energy. Inhale and exhale in a relaxing manner to put your brain at ease. Take anti-depressant tablets if needed to keep yourself going.


You have to keep yourself reasonably hydrated for a fresh mind. As the human body is composed of 70% of water and the brain itself has 80% of water content. So it’s better to give what the brain needs for it to work better. Take lots and lots of fluids, in the form of water and juices. Water is a natural anti-aging agent so it also acts an antioxidant for your brain. So, people, Brain needs its juices, and you have to give those to it. Other than these factors you have to vary your activities to keep your brain on the road all the time. You have to socialize more and use words more. Keep your brain fresh and young; this means you are fresh and young forever.
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Bollywood film industry is flourishing with most versatile and hardworking actors with the shocking background. Bollywood film industry has touched all success heights in the past few years with most astonishing and superhit movies, the success of Bollywood industry wasn't possible without the actors and actress. Each and every person that is a part of Bollywood industry works hard till they succeed. The role of actors in the film industry is admirable how they work and perform in various fields and conditions, that's exactly what you call versatility. Today we will be taking about the best and most versatile actors in the Bollywood film industry.

1. Amitabh Bachchan

Photo Credits © Flickr TechAIDS
Amitabh Bachan is among the best Bollywood actors in Bollywood film industry. As of today, Amitabh Bachan is highly ranked and appreciated till now at the age of 71. In the opening ceremony of Pink, a media reporter asked as a question from Amitabh Bachan about his retirement and, the answer was " I am 71 years old and everybody still wants to work with me on this stage of life.It's not about money, going to work every morning and return home happily feels good" said, Amitabh Bachan. Amitabh Bachan has played great roles in some of his superhit movies e.g, Sholay, Deewaar, Silsila etc. Amitabh Bachan is the best and most versatile actor in the Hollywood industry.

2. Salman Khan

Image Source
Salman Khan is king of Bollywood movies. He is the most versatile and naturally gifted actor. He is the inspiration to newly rising stars in the Bollywood and Lollywood. Salman Khan is the 1st most attractive men in the whole Bollywood industry. The quality of Salman khan's acting can lead a flop movie to rise up because of his presence in the movie. Salman Khan appears as an actor in many movies despite he is a talented producer and director. He has the ability to equip any style and category of acting any time. He has the ability to work in any kind of movies e.g, action, romantic and suspense. Salman khan is physically strong and still young at the age of 50. In the most recent movie of Salman khan, he played a role of a wrestler ( Pehalwan ) in the movie sultan that hit the top in the box office with 587 Crore INR.

3. Shahrukh Khan

Photo Credits ©
King khan is the naturally gifted actor and has the ability to change the script with his glorious and outstanding performance. We have watched many of his movies with exceptional acting skills in different styles. Some of his old movies from 90’s are still doing business with highest box office collections. Dilwale Dhulania le Jayenge a movie of true love became the bridge towards success and fame for King Khan, Dilwale Dhulania le Jayenge is highest grossing movie till now in 2016 with over 444 Crore INR overall grossing.

4. Amir Khan

Photo Credits ©
Amir Khan ? No, Mr. Perfectionist. Amir khan is the best actor in Bollywood industry with filmmaking background, Tahir Hussain his father was a filmmaker and producer. Amir khan started his career as an actor in the movie Yadon Ki Barat that was directed and produced by his father Tahir Hussain later on, he began to perform on different platforms as a junior actor. Amir Khan became very famous when his movie " Lagaan" was released and it was a super hit movie. Later on in 2014 ''PK'' of amir khan was released that crossed every success limits with over 337 Crore INR. Amir khan is the best choice whether it's a romantic movie or action movie. His best movies are DHOOM 3, PK, Fanaa, Ghajini, 3Idiots. His upcoming movie is Dangal that is expected to be a masterpiece.

5. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Photo Credits ©
Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the freakiest person in Bollywood film industry with ridiculous acting skills. His most popular appearance was in Badlapur where he showed what he is capable of with awesome acting skills. He is not a new actor as some of you may be thinking, he started working in 2005 and became most popular and successful personality after the release of movie Kick, in which Salman khan and he worked together. He acts as a villain but in recent movie'' Freaky Ali'' he appeared as a hero.
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In the modern age of technology every person want itself to be updated in the field of technology whether it is computing or mobility both of these are very important as far as your business is concerned, without computer business is impossible. So basically, I am trying to explain the importance of computer in our life. The laptop gives us the great advantage of compatibility and usability, we cannot carry a desktop computer or PC everywhere, therefore, a laptop is a better option to keep yourself updated in every second of your life. Having laptop is a good thing you can communicate with your clients and workers easily but most of the old laptops don't support some of the new applications specially designed for business or education. If you are holding an old laptop in modern age then you would be willing to buy a new and faster laptop.
There are different things you should be taking care of before buying a laptop. Today, I am sharing some of the tips on buying a better and cheap laptop.

1. Choose And Compare What You Like

As I mentioned before, these days there is competition between some of the most popular brands of laptops so, every company is trying to develop best and reliable product that meets the requirements of the consumer. Now one thing is clear if you buy some of the brands that should definitely be of your choice with less or more features but it should be reliable.The most important thing in buying a laptop is to make a mind and compare some of the brands that are competing in the market and select one.
The Internet is the best place to find a laptop that is smart, fast and reliable and most importantly cheap. Many websites on the internet are providing different and latest laptop comparison e.g, PC magLaptopmag.

2. Choose What Suits Your Requirements

There are many types of consumers that buy a laptop to achieve different goals and milestones but if you are using the laptop for personal use then you shouldn't think of buying an expensive laptop and if you are a programmer or graphic designer then there should be a great confusion whether this suits me or not ? buying a laptop for professional use is a great task to be performed, there are different things you should be finding in a fast and professional laptop.
    1. CPU is the most important part of the laptop, being lazy or uninformed can cause you a serious loss or there would be a replace.There are many companies with fast reliable and cheap CPU's e.g, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Samsung etc. But as I told you before the comparison is must before buying anything related to technology or computing. Intel Core i7-4980HQ is the best-known CPU as of September 2016.
    2. Graphics Card / Properties: The most common thing peoples are complaining about is the graphics card and unfortunately this is the most important hardware in a laptop. When someone buys an expensive laptop that you think is fast but when you try to play a game or run a software that uses GPU then you feel that this is not the right thing that I was expecting to get. The most common graphic cards that were used in various laptops are intel graphics 4000, 5000, 6000 etc. these graphic cards work well if you are a graphic designer or programmer but, If you want to play games on it then you should choose a laptop that has better graphics card than these. Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M is the best choice to have a gaming laptop and if you want more acceleration then you should choose Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 the god of the graphics card in laptops.
    3. Ram: ram is a piece of technology that is used to boost gaming performance and speed of the laptop. Ram is not as important as the above selections because it is upgradable you can upgrade RAM any time you want but, CPU and Graphics Cards are permanently soldered and you cannot upgrade any of the components.The default ram in some laptops is 4 GB to 8 GB but you can upgrade this up to 32 GB for extreme performance.
These are the most important components of the laptop that must be checked before buying or make a selection whether it is perfect or not. If you are thinking that you can upgrade your laptop by buying a new graphics card then you are wrong, you cannot upgrade your CPU or Graphics card in any way If someone took responsibility to replace the CPU or Graphics card then he is lying.\

3. Decide Your Budget

Money is the key to buying a laptop :) If you don't have money then you are wasting time reading this. Just joking ! if you are really willing to buy a laptop then you should decide how much you can spend on buying a laptop. When you will decide it will be easy for you to search a laptop under specific rate limitations then it would be easy to find a best and better laptop. If you want best and better laptop then this should be expensive. if you are dreaming of buying a 1000$ laptop in 200$, that is not possible but, if you have a budget of 750$ or maybe 800$ then there is the possibility to buy your desired laptop.

4. Follow Shopping Malls and E-commerce Websites

Keeping eye on markets and shopping mall can get you a better and cheap deal on the laptop but, you have to keep yourself updated by visiting various shops in different shopping centers. Different dealers provide a sale on previous products if you keep yourself up to date then you should grab the deal easily.
The most popular way to buy a cheap laptop is to find someone with an expensive laptop and selling it in an emergency. If you are lucky enough to grab that deal then there is not any better way to buy a better and cheap laptop.
E-commerce websites are providing great offers to the buyers like Amazon or Ebay. If you search something in laptops then you will find two kinds of deal one will be a new one and other will be used if you are not in the condition to buy a new laptop you can buy a cheap and used a laptop.If you are thinking than buying on amazon and eBay is dangerous then this fact is wrong you can trust on both websites as they secure your money until you are satisfied then your money is processed further to the seller.

5. Social Media and Classifieds

Many classified sites are easing buying and selling in almost the whole world e.g, Craigslist, Recycler, Backpage, Olx, these websites have millions and billions of ads posted on these every year in any category.The best thing about these is that you can call the seller, meet him and satisfy yourself before buying the product that is a secure way to buy cheap and better laptop.
Facebook, twitter have brought the revolution in the field of communication and social networking but there is another side of facebook and twitter that is letting people earn millions every month. There are different groups and pages that post ads every day, every hour and every minute to facebook with cheap and affordable deals. You can have a better deal on laptops and different accessories on the internet.
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Hardworking is the best way to get success in any manner but being extra hard worker can change everything. Many countries have lazy workers and labour but most of the countries have extraordinary workers that grew up with the mission to take their country to the top of every country in the word. A few nations have the ability to achieve their dreams with these kinds of people. In this modern age, parents wish to see their children's successful in any field of life, for that purpose they get their child's good education, food, facilities, and lifestyle so that they can gain some success whether it is for their country or for themselves.
Countries that are now powerful and rich are only because of these hard working peoples. Hard working is not defined to spend more time without even working, the pure definition of hardworking is to work from heart and love ith your country.
Here I am stating some of the most hard working countries in the world that have estimated work time of ranging from 1800 hours to 2200 hours per annum. Mexico, Russia, and some other countries have the most hard working men and women in it, that's why these countries are nowadays super power and no one can harm the economy and unity of these nations.
Hard workers grinding stones in the streets of India Photo Credits ©

1. India, 2365 Hours Per Annum

India is the 2nd largest country by population in the world with over 1 billion living people. India was a part of the subcontinent, the history of the subcontinent is very dark from the late 100 years the life of subcontinents was slavery because of the British government. The atrocity and injustice of British government make the people obey their rules and regulations. They used poor people as slaves to get work from them without any wage or pay. If you go far back in the history you will get some information about Mughal kings and their government at that time they built many historical buildings like Lal Killah, Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan who was the king at that time built Taj Mahal for his Queen to show his love for her, he cut out the hands of workers who built Taj Mahal that nobody will make such building in future. So Indian nation is very hardworking and educated. The average working hours are 11 hours a day and 2365 hours annually.

2. Mexico, 2228 Hours Per Annum

Mexico is the first country with the most hard working people in the recent research of OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The history tells the stories of hard workers born in Mexico, their stories of hard work are listed in books and magazines. These people think that if they work hard they can flourish the economy of their country as compared to other countries. The reason behind this hard work is the lack of education in the country, they think that they are less educated than other countries. In the late 13th century Mexican people discovered Pyramid of the Sun the yet oldest but tallest building in the Teotihuacan, Mexico. Mexicans are very hard worker whether they are a farmer or the president of Mexico. The average working hours in Mexico are 10 hours a day and 2228 hours per year that puts Mexico on number one in the list of countries with most working hours.

3. Costa Rica, 2216 Hours Per Annum

Costa Rica holds the 2nd position among the most hard working nations in the world. Costa Rica is 38 times smaller than Mexico but its economy as we compare everything is stronger than Mexico the people of costa Rica are the very hard worker and perform their duties with full power and unity. Costa Rican people have brought evolution in the field of Nature and agriculture.Recent research of UNESCO in 2015 shows that 97.8% people of costa Rica are educated and 2.2% people are illiterate, education and willpower is the most important thing to flourish the name of your country. Costa Rica is not popular by hard workers but its popular by its beauty and tourism facilities. The working hours of Mexico and Costa Rica are same.

4. South Korea, 2124 Hours Per Annum

South Korea is known to have the strongest nuclear power and highly trained army in the world, if you think that this discussion is off the topic then you are 100% wrong. Recent news from UAE explains that how hardworking and intelligent are Korean people, they are building 3 or maybe 4 nuclear reactors to produce electricity in UAE. There are many countries with nuclear power in the world but the government of UAE chose them because of their hard work and strength. Hard working and success are in the gene of these peoples. They work till the last breath of their life. The average working hours for these people are 9 hours a day and 2124 hours annually.

5. Greece, 2042 Hours Per Annum

Greece is not as that rich country but it is far better than other countries Greece is known to be the most beautiful country for the tourists. The government of Greece has provided relief to their nation and youngsters that work. The average working hours in Greece are estimated 7 hours or maybe 6:30 hours a day that is better than other countries but the laziness can cause hurdles in the way to the success of the country.

I think all the information is right but errors and omissions are expected so please don't mind if any of the information is wrong If you want me to correct some of the above information you can comment below and you can share your own opinion about the above information.
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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus and just perhaps iPhone 7 Pro, in spite of the fact that that sounds far more outlandish now, are getting nearer: truth be told, the solicitations have been conveyed for an occasion that will in all likelihood see the dispatch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

iPhone 7 release date

Apple has now affirmed a 7 September is going to be the iPhone 7 release date. The welcomes are not Apple's standard style, but rather the light circles on a dull foundation lead us to suspect the new iPhone 7 will have another camera that is more powerful around evening time.
Furthermore, that is precisely what the gossipy tidbits would have us trust. The iPhone 7 release occasion will happen on Wednesday 7 September at the Bill Graham Metro Assembly hall in San Francisco.

1. iPhone7 Features

Here we round up all the most recent news on the iPhone 7 features, release date, cost and components in front of its official dispatch.
The cutting edge iPhone 7 is relied upon to be known as the iPhone 7 and since individuals are anticipating that Apple should keep offering two renditions of the iPhone 7 - with 5.5 and 4.7-inch shows.


No. Feature Specifications
1 Sensors Fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer.
2 Browser HTML5 (Safari).
3 Messaging SMS (threaded view), iMessage, Email, Push Email , MMS.
4 Java No.
5 Extra
  • iCloud cloud service.
  • Apple Lossless player/MP3/AAX+/AIFF/ MP4/H.264 player/WAV.
  • Audio/video/photo editor.
  • Document editor.
  • Siri natural language commands and dictation.

2. iPhone 7 Price

  • Costs to stay static.
  • Littlest capacity size to increment to 32GB for the same expense.
  • 256GB model at the top end.
The iPhone cost once in a while fluctuates from year to year, and value bits of gossip from Weibo propose only that. That implies the Apple iPhone 7 price will be around £539, AU$1079, US$649 however here's the uplifting news: for that cash you'll obviously get 32GB of capacity as opposed to 16GB. At the top end, it will be more costly than the £699/AU$1379/US$849 iPhone 6S 128GB, however, you'll clearly get 256GB of capacity.

3. iPhone 7 Storage Capacity

 There's some perplexity about whether there will be a 128GB or 64GB center alternative: a break from a source , agree on the costs for each of all 3 sizes, with the center decision coming in at 6088 Yuan, which is the same cost as the moderate sized 64GB iPhone 6S in China, around £619/ AU$1229/US$749.

4. iPhone 7 Design

  • Slimmer
The iPhone 7 is said to be thinner than the 7.1mm-thick iPhone 6S; Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities figures it'll drop to somewhere around 6mm and 6.5mm. That sounds superfluously thin to us, particularly as it could make the battery life take a hit; however, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is just imperceptibly thicker at 6.8mm, so it's conceivable.

5. iPhone 7 screen

  • An edge-to-edge show.
  • No OLED innovation.
  • A 1080p screen. 
The iPhone 7 could be in for a major determination bounce, as Apple is clearly liable to move to glass-on-glass screens, which opens up the likelihood of a QHD or even a 4K show. In any case, Apple's first move will without a doubt be getting both handsets up to 1080p sharpness, as has additionally been reputed regardless we'd wagered on seeing 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models.
The principal image of the LCD backdrop illumination on the iPhone 7 originates from trusted French web journal Nowhere Else and demonstrates the connectors in various areas around the telephone, recommending there will be a couple outline changes on the iPhone 7 show.

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The world is so beautiful and amazing. It is brimming with magnificent spots that a large portion of us don't know they truly exist. From lost urban areas and great waterfalls to normal marvels and baffling points of interest.
The excellent spots beneath are sorted out into tropical/warm, ice and chilly, and compositional. Regardless of where you live on the planet, there are fantastic spots to visit and structural sights to see.

1. Tian Tan Buddha Hong Kong

Photo Credits ©
This place is one of the top must-go destinations for guests to Hong Kong. The statue is named Tian Tan Buddha since its base is a model of the sacrificial stone of Paradise or Natural Mount of Tian Tan, the Sanctuary of Paradise in Beijing. One of the five vast Buddha statues in China, it is enthroned on a lotus on top of a three-stage Holy place.
This statue then called the Huge Buddha, is the world's biggest Buddha statue, by utilizing bronze, its height is almost 34 meters and weigh up to 250 tons, finished in December 1993. It is a noteworthy focal point of Buddhism in Hong Kong.
Encompassing it are six littler bronze statues known as The Offering of the Six Devas that are postured offering blooms, incense, light, balm, organic product, and music to the Buddha. These symbolize the Six Splendors of liberality, profound quality, persistence, energy, contemplation, and shrewdness, all of which are vital for illumination.

2. Crystalline Turquoise Lake, China

Photo Credits ©
Situated in Jiuzhaigou Valley, part of the Min Mountains on the edge of the Tibetan Level, known for its numerous multi-level waterfalls, beautiful lakes, and snow-topped crests.
The Crystalline Turquoise Lake is one of the primary attractions of the Jiuzhaigou National Park. The lake acquires its uniqueness from its seamlessly clear water the lake is then called the Five Bloom Pool of China.
The best some portion of this destination is that it is difficult to trust that a standout amongst the most populated nations of the world covers up such a virgin and immaculate spot this way. It is keeping in mind the end goal to safeguard this characteristic magnificence of Jiuzhaigou National Stop that the Chinese government has turned it into a nature store which attracts heaps of voyagers toward the northern piece of Sichuan in China.

3. Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia

Photo Credits ©
This is a basic suspension span on the Capilano River, situated in Vancouver, English Columbia, and Canada. With a length of 140 meters and 70 meters height, the extension is the most well-known traveler charms.
And in addition the bridge and Treetops Experience, the primary venue of its kind in North America, the recreation center additionally includes downpour backwoods Eco tours, recompense winning greenery enclosures, nature trails, North America's biggest private gathering of First Countries command hierarchies, period stylistic layout and outfits, and shows highlighting the recreation center's history and the encompassing mild downpour woodland. Visitors can likewise witness a First Countries execution, including their customary Formal attire veils, moving and narrating.
In June 2011, another fascination called Cliff Walk was added to the recreation park. This experience is incorporated with the extra charge

4. Benteng Chittorgarh

Photo Credits ©
Situated in Rajasthan condition of western India, this spot has a place with the Benteng or fortress that has motivated and offered regard for voyagers and antiquarians from everywhere throughout the world. As one of the biggest stronghold in India, the Chittor has the eminent perspectives and awesome components.
Chronicled records demonstrate that the Chittorgarh fortification is the capital of Mewar for a long time. The administration was established in 734 Promotion by Iwan Fals Rawal, originator, and leader of Mewar in the chain of importance Sisodia.
Separated being radiant, this spot has an awesome past that will without a doubt give guests a great deal of new learning on the India's history and society. In this fortress, you can see fantastic castles, chronicled sanctuaries, and excellent towers. A round garage inside the post interfaces every one of the entryways and give access to different landmarks (royal residences and 130 sanctuaries) in the stronghold.

5. The Gardens at Marqueyssac, Vézac, France

Photo Credits ©
The town of Vézac in the Dordogne district of France is home to one of the world's most grand scenes, the well-known Greenhouses of Marqueyssac. These fabulously sculptural sights wrap all over the place in the Château de Marqueyssac – which was worked amid the seventeenth century. The bubbly, adjusted types of the patio nursery are deliberately manicured by dynamic chaperones, keeping up an outline that was initially created more than 300 years back.
The Greenery enclosures of Marqueyssac are presently accessible for open walks, having been reestablished to their unique transcendence for an open opening in 1996. The Château de Marqueyssac extends over a huge plot that incorporates 5 km of strolling trails, a Belvedere structure high over the waterway beneath, a sanctuary and these well-known overhanging gardens.
While Vézac might be off the beaten path for most voyagers, it's generally somewhere between the Boudreaux and Rhone wine areas, putting it straightforwardly in the way of French wine explorers. The Greenery enclosures of Marqueyssac are absolutely justified regardless of a stop, as the display beneath recommends.

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Emirates, well known as United Arab Emirates Airlines is the best airline in the world but when you take a look at emirates career, in the beginning, it seems pretty struggling. It was not an appropriate airline for the passengers from Europe and America because of its lack of popularity in the market, with the passage of time emirates spent billions on advertising their specialty and uniqueness and trillions to build a strong aircraft fleet to serve the whole world.
In the starting years, emirates served GCC and Asian countries further on as it became more popular emirates started serving different states in America and Europe now, Emirates is operating up to 150 destinations worldwide.
The business class lounge was introduced to travel with comfort and to have extreme fun onboard but Emirates business class has something different in it. There are different cabins for each individual onboard travelling with emirates business class tag. When the first aircraft was built who really thought that in future people will enjoy drinking wine at onboard bar 40,000 feets above sea level, emirates made it possible with years of hard work and struggle. Now emirates are serving best business class facilities all around the world.

1. Hospitality

When you book your emirates business class ticket you become a guest of emirates and you will see the hospitality of emirates staff from your doorstep of current destination to the upcoming destination. Emirates provides more comfort to their customers far across their expectations whether they are travelling on business class or economy class. If you are departing from UAE then this should be your dream travel with emirates business class.
  • Pick Up Service: If you are residing in the states of UAE other than Dubai then emirates provide pick up service from your desired location to the Dubai international airport as emirates only operate from Dubai Internation Airport. Emirates have a large fleet of luxury cars that are serving in all states of UAE to let their passengers depart on time to reach their destination. Emirates driver will pick you up 2 hours prior to your flight from the location you mentioned on your emirates ticket booking. The best thing is that Emirates pick up service is for all Business, first or economy class.
  • VIP Waiting Lounge: Emirates is well known for the hospitality and comfort of the passengers. Emirates has VIP lounges in Dubai, Heathrow, Birmingham International Airports. VIP lounges are designed with luxurious interior and furniture that emphasizes on the comfort of the passengers.
  • Food and Beverage: Emirates is keen to provide fully hygienic food to their passengers, Recently emirates have introduced a new method to retain the freshness of food that last 24 hours which focuses on hygienic and healthy food on board or in the VIP lounge – people with emirates business class tag can only enjoy the high-class food facilities and unfortunately these facilities are not available for Economy class passengers.

2. Free Wifi On Board

Emirates is the first Asian flight to provide onboard wifi service with first 10MBs free and later on $1 is charged for 600MB it's almost free wifi – $1 is not a very big deal to avail internet at 40,000 feets above sea level it's insane development in the field of traveling and technology. They provide the internet with an average internet speed. Wifi service has no limitations, both business and economy class can use the onboard wifi service to watch youtube, talk to friends on facebook, use Instagram or what every you do usually on routine days.
Emirates free wifi service encouraged many airlines to offer their passengers free wifi service otherwise, emirates with snatch the business from their hands. It's pretty much impossible to provide free internet onboard but emirates are spending millions to see smiles on faces of their customer's.

3. Onboard Bar

Emirates is providing an onboard bar in A380 aircraft which is fulfilled with high quality and imported wine from around the world. If you are getting bored, rush upstairs if you are sitting on the lower deck to have the taste of the most popular and expensive drinks. Emirates have qualified flight attendants to guide you and entertain you but the bad thing you are going to hear is even if you are an emirates business class or economy class, all the drinks are paid on board. When they are serving food you can get unlimited complimentary drinks and water as much as you want.

4. Food On Emirates Business Class

Emirates is awarded as the best airline in manner ton provide hygienic and quality 5-star food to their customers. I have travelled with emirates on business class many times but the quality and quantity of the food have never been changed or downgraded. The best thing about food on emirates is they provide food to customers of their choice. Food on emirates is prepared as per the demand and local trends of food, if you are in business class then you can order the food of your demand shown on the emirates food menu.

5. Comfort

Emirates business class is fulfilled with comfort and relaxation. You can enjoy your food or have a drink of your own choice from mini bar to take full advantage of your most known and memorable journey with emirates. Each seating section contains mini bar, TV, and seat that can manage to reshape in a mini bed to sleep on. Emirates is more than an ordinary airline you should definitely choose emirates if you still haven't travelled with emirates before and make sure to select the business class or first class to travel with style and luxury.
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A family gathering is very sensitive to handle because it's not an ordinary friend gathering where you can do whatever you want or anything you feel easy to do. If you are participating in the family gathering you should be decent whether you are talking, eating or drinking – I am not a fan of being quiet in the family gathering but you should be aware of what you are talking or doing.
A family gathering is a time when you are supposed to know something about your family members e.g, what they eat, what they like to talk, what are their likes and dislikes and everything that is crucial to know about your family. A family gathering is a time when some of your old uncle and aunts try to observe you and judge your body language so, that's the time when you have to look decent and avoid those gestures or talks that are against the rules of family gathering. So, you have to avoid these 5 things at family gathering otherwise, you will be scolded by your father or mother badly.

1. Expelling Gas

Gaseous exchange in the human body is very important but, when you are in a family gathering this behavior is barbarous and full of shame for you and for your family. If you are feeling something in your stomach while dining or watching movie you should excuse for going to toilet or going outside instead of expelling that bad smell gas to ruin the taste of the food or movie or whatever you are doing – in some cases of girls or boys sensitive to bad smell, disgusting gas smell can cause an instant vomiting – go get yourself outside, empty your bloated gaseous belly before someone else request or urges you to go outside to let them breathe healthy air instead of bad smelled gas.

2. Loud Laughing

Having fun is a part of the family gathering, without laughing and joking gathering is vapid and colorless but, laughing and joking also has some limitations to be kept in mind, if you cross those limits you could possibly be kicked out of the room or get scolded. If you think yourself or laugh in front of the mirror like you did laugh in the family gathering before – you will feel like I am the most disgusting and insane man in the whole world. If you keep on like this your conversation will be weightless as everybody thinks you are a mad person who laughs out loud for nothing. Keep an eye on your limitations before doing anything in front of your family.

3. Loud Burping

Burping in public, office or house is a very shameful act that could harm your personality. If you are burping in the office or in the meeting you could get rusticated or receive tons of hate from your senior or boss but, in family gathering burping loudly tells a different story. While eating or drinking every person burp but burping out loud on the dining table is against morality and considered as shame in some countries – when you burp out loud in family gathering everybody will notice this act of shame and keep quiet but after dinner or lunch, the teachings of your parents will be discussed on your back. Burp quietly if you were burping loud before, it really hurts when someone in your family talks about this or notifies you about that. If you don't know how to burp quietly get you self a lesson from your elders.

4. Abusive Language

Friends are frank with each other and being a little abusive in friends is normal. Abusing and chiding each other is a common thing in friends and class fellows but, there is a great difference between friend gathering and family gathering as I told you before you should obey and take care of all limitations that are in between every son and father, mother and daughter and family members.
Talking less is the key to be getting caught by the eyes of your family members but if your tongue starts conversation with an abusive word everybody will be afraid of talking with you, they will ignore you because of your abusive language so, the conclusion is to do whatever you want in friends gathering but be clean while talking with your relatives in family gatherings.

5. Playing With Mobile

The purpose of the family gathering is to spend some time with your family if you will stick yourself in mobile phone or tablet without even noticing what's happening between your family members. Playing with mobile during the family talk is pathetic you should avoid this and give some time to your family to understand you to teach you how you can take a good decision in your life.
If you will give time to your family you would get the attention of your family to become a beloved person.The conclusion is to avoid using the mobile phone in the family gathering.