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Blogger is the best platform to start a professional blog. Many big blogs are hosted on blogger it's not because it's a free service it's because of reliability and unlimited benefits. You get different features like a free template, unlimited hosting, unlimited bandwidth and trust of google secure system. Today we will talk about how to start a blog? and how you can monetize your blog content?.

1. Sign Up

  • If you have a Gmail account then you can directly sign in to blogger and if don't have then make one.
  • Go to and click Sign in.
  • Then you need to add your user details e,g Username, and Password to sign in to blogger.
  • After successfully signing in to the google account you will be redirected to the blogger user panel of your blog where you can check stats of your blogs, earnings and do modifications in layout panel on your blog to make it look professional.
  • Now click on the New Blog in user panel to start a new blog.
  • Now you will see a pop-up window requiring your desired blog address, blog title, and your desired blog theme.
  • Your blog title is what you are going to offer on your blog and your blog address should be similar to your blog title e.g, title ''Food Recipes Online'' blog address''
  • After putting blog address and title the next step is to select the blogger theme.Chose any of the themes in default blogger theme explorer, it is not the permanent theme we can change it later.
  • After selecting the theme click on Create Blog and you are done! You have successfully created a new blog.

2. Setting Up Custom Domain Name

Custom domain name is the key to a start a successful blog. The default blogger address looks like"" and when you buy a domain name it gets changed to "" and increase the authority and reputation of your blog.The best place to buy a domain name for your blog is Godaddy, I recommend Godaddy because It is cheap reliable and easy to install on your blog.

Adding Custom Domain on Blogger:

After successfully buying a domain name on GoDaddy the next step is to add the custom domain name on blogger.Follow the below steps to successfully add a custom domain on blogger.
  • Choose the blog on which you are willing to add the custom domain name and the click on Settings > Basic in the layout menu and then click on the ''Set up a third party URL for your blog'' button as shown in the pic below.
  • Now you will see an URL box asking your domain name on which you want your blog to be transferred and make sure to add ''www'' before your naked domain e.g, "" is the naked domain your URL should be "" after adding your domain name click on save as shown below.
  • After clicking on Save you will see an error of updating the DNS records on your registrar's website e.g, GoDaddy. You will see two random records to be updated on domain DNS settings.Copy both records and save for later use.
  • Now you have to sign in to GoDaddy and update the DNS records.
  • After signing in to GoDaddy click on Manage in Domains sections of your Godaddy Account.
  • You will see domain panel where all of your domains are located. Now select the drop down menu in the corner of your desired domain on which you to redirect your blog.You will see two options after clicking on the drop down, click on Manage DNS.
  • After clicking on Manage DNS you will see DNS Management panel and a list of default DNS Records.
  • You have to delete all the highlighted records one by one before adding new records.
  • For deleting a record simply click on the pencil icon at the end of each record and the click on the bin icon to delete the record as shown in below picture.
  • Repeat the same for the rest of records.
  • After deleting the records you have to put new records to your DNS database.
  • There are two records that you are supposed to update one is '' CNAME'' and Second '' A '' records.
  • CNAME Records are provided by the blogger that you have recently saved from blogger website. There are two fields in CNAME Records (1) Name, Label or Host field (2) Destination, Target or Points To field.
  • First, we will add CNAME records for which purpose you have to click on ''add'' in the bottom of records panel and select CNAME From Drop down menu shown in the pic below.
  • Now you will see two empty fields '' Host'' and ''Points To'' add ''www'' in the ''Host'' field and '''' in ''Points To'' field.This record is same for all blogger blogs. The second record is unique and has to be added the same like the first record as shown in the pic below.
  • Now we have to add ''A Records'' google have 4 different A records for blogger blogs that are shown below:
  • For adding A Records you have to repeat the same process shown above. Select ''A'' in type dropdown and then add ''@'' in the Host field and '''' in ''Points To'' field and click save. Repeat the same for all four records.
  • After adding all the records, your DNS Management panel should look like this:
  • Now go back to the same panel in the blogger where you faced the error while saving your domain name.
  • Add the domain name once again and click Save, this time domain name will be saved successfully if you have followed the above steps correctly.
  • Now you have to redirect your naked domain to the actual blog address. e,g actual blog address is '''' and when someone will enter your naked domain name e.g, '''' it will be redirected to''''
  • Click on edit and check the check box shown in the picture below and click save.

3. Uploading Template

Blogger template is the most important thing to have a professional and successful blog. There are many online sources to download free blogger templates e.g, Btemplates, GoyaabiTemplates etc. After downloading the template the next step is to upload the template and start posting articles.Follow the below steps to upload blogger template.

  • First, you need to select the blog on which you want to upload a template.
  • Now click on Theme and then you will see Backup / Restore option in the right upper corner click on it as shown in the fig below.
  • Now you will see a pop-up box after clicking on Backup / Restore option.
  • Click on Chose File and the windows explorer will pop-up find your downloaded XML file in windows explorer.
  • After selecting your XML File Click Open and then Upload as shown below.
  • After Clicking on Upload you template will be published and live.

4. Modification, Logo Design, and Social Integration

  • Modification Of Blogger Blog

After uploading the blogger template you have to do small modifications on your blog.If you have downloaded complete template there will be an easy guide for you to do minor and major modifications on your blogger blog.There are different areas of your blog where modification is required e,g. Changing Main Header Tab Names, Creating Static Pages, Editing Side Bars etc.

  • Logo Design
For logo design, there are many online sources where you can make a free website logo but if you want a professional logo then you can design one by your own, you should use adobe illustrator to design a logo for your blogger blog.There are many DIY videos on youtube for adobe illustrator guide and complete step by step tutorials

  • Social Media Integration
Social Media is the best way to promote your content online and to make your blog successful.First, you have to create a page on facebook or twitter or any platform you are aware of. I would recommend using facebook because these days facebook is the biggest marketplace in the world.Follow the steps below to make a page on facebook to share your blog content online and boost traffic.

5. Generating Revenue

The purpose of a blog in a point of view for all bloggers is to make some revenue online for a living and become successful. Blogger blog could be a successful online business.To do so your blog should meet the requirement of many online advertising companies. It should be full of traffic, rich in quality content and have tons of readers.
There are many online advertising companies that are supporting small bloggers to earn some revenue and pay back all their efforts they have carved in their blog.The best advertising program is google advertising program.
You should check if you are eligible to apply for google advertising program and start earning revenue from your blogger blog.

To start a blog is very easy but maintaining its quality and content is hard. If you are doing it right you should definitely be a successful blogger and you will be on the top in list of successful bloggers

In this ultimate guide of how to create a blog, you would have started a blog on blogger If it helped you please share it with your friends and family because sharing is caring and they should also know about how to start a blog.
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2017 – A great year for movie fans: 

2015 saw a large number of sequels and mind blowing continuations of some of the greatest blockbusters of the world. Many of film and Hollywood analyst and critics regarded as one of the best years for original as well as continuing movies of all times. Whether you like drama, horror, action, comedy or any other genre of movies and films, there was something for everyone. However, with the launching of the list of names for the upcoming movies in the year 2017, 2015 is being left behind. By just reading about the schedules and dates of the release dates of some of these movies, fans are going crazy and anxious. Many of the film lovers are finding it difficult to choose among their favorites. In fact, with every passing day the anxiousness and nervousness is increasing due to the overcrowding movie lists of this year. 2017 will definitely prove to be an epic film year if these scheduled movies are released accordingly. With time running fast, the year has already been warmed up with some blockbuster movies already hitting the charts. Many people want to plan their movie schedules by making advance bookings for tickets and saving them the hassles of standing in long lines. To help out you make some good anticipatory choices of movies, a list of the top 5 most awaited movies of 2017 is provided below:
Posters used from Comingsoon

1. Transformers: The Last Knight:

The Transformers is undoubted one of the best sci-fi movies of Hollywood. With so much technical expertise, experts in the robotics and graphical industries went all the way to the top to create this master piece. 2017 will see a new sequel of this great epic movie. Known as the Last Knight it will shatter all the myths that critics have connected with this movie in the past. Redefining the concept of heroism, this movie will break all past records of action and adventure. The back drop of the movie is set in the war like scenario between mankind and the robots. The movie will start with the idea of no Optimus prime in the scene. The play writer shows that the secrets of winning the war for the humans lie in historical past of the Transformers life on this planet. So, with Optimus Prime not around the survival of the mankind is dependent on a unique alliance between Humans and Transformers. The movie is been waited for very anxiously by people of all ages and segments. Michael Bay promises to bring some new and innovative ideas in the movie to make it stand out from the previous ones. His direction has been superb in the past and same is being expected this time.

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 

If you are fond of some magical and mysterious adventure then you must have seen the previous pirate movies of this remarkable saga of Jack Sparrow. This is a fresh adventure with some of the old villains that terrified the viewers in the past movies. The captain of the ghost pirates and their evil ships called Salazar is back in action to take revenge from Jack Sparrow. Escaping from the Devils Circle he is ready to kill every pirate against him. To save himself he must seek the help and assistance of the Trident of Poseidon. If you do not know about this magical object then you should know that it will empower its holder with controlling powers over the sea. This is the fifth of this movie Franchise and as such it has come a long way. With pre-production already in a way, the film director is Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg. One of the key attractions of this movie is the return of Orlando Bloom in the sequel.

3. The Fate Of The Furious:

If you have seen the last part of this movie franchise then you must be aware the characters of Dom and Letty are already away as honeymooners. The other famous characters of Brian and Mia are also gone from the story. All the famous characters of the movie are happily involved in their daily lives when a new character moves in. Played by Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, this brings a seductive turn back in the movie. With Paul Walker gone many people thought this movie had already ended. But this year we hope to see a big come back with some new action and thrilling sequences.

4. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter:

Suggested clearly from the name, this is the final sequel of this mystery thriller. Coming after half a decade of the previous movie, fans have been anticipating for a long time. The story is expected to start from where the last part left off. Milla will return in the story and fight off the zombie apocalypse in the most entertaining and action-packed manner. However, this will not the best option for newcomers or people watching after skipping any of the previous chapters.

5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

This is the first major step forward from Rey. Star wars have been one of the biggest blockbusters and chart toppers of the entire world. The story of the new chapter will help in continuing the journeys of Poe and Finn along with the very famous Luke. This movie is not just a movie for the fans it is like a gift from the sci-fi world. There you have it. Top five of the most anticipated and anxiously awaited movie sequels of the year.
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Looking for a new job or planning to switch jobs? Do you have a scheduled job interview in near future? Don’t know how to prepare for such a situation? Do not distress. This article will prove to be a good reading for you. Feeling nervous about a job interview is quite a common phenomenon. No matter how experienced you are in a field, anticipating the interview questions and environment can be challenging. Most often such anticipation leads to some level of fear and nervousness. This feeling is mostly attributed to the fear of the unknown. I have disclosed some important job interview tips, questions, and their answers.

Tips for a good job interview: 

To help you solve your distressing problem. Here are five job interview tips that can assist you in performing at the optimum levels of your skills and potential:

1. Be prepared: 

Think about the most commonly asked questions in such interviews. You can gather ideas from friends, colleagues, teachers and even the internet to help you in this regard. Preparing for the most frequently asked questions in a job interview will help boost your self-confidence and you would not get stuck to such common questions for answers.

2. Do necessary Research: 

Do your homework before going to the interview. This refers to the collection of relevant information regarding the organization, its industry, market standing and other related stakeholders. It will not only be beneficial for answering the interview questions but a better understanding and know-how of the industry will also display your keenness towards the attainment of this job and the organization. You can use various sources for such information collection like the newspaper, the internet, company websites, and annual reports e.t.c.

3. Give importance to physical appearance: 

Do not forget to dress up according to the job requirement and corporate environment. Physical appearances are important to create first impressions in the minds of the employers and interviewers. You need to have smart, formal attire with neat and clean personal hygiene. Looking professional and displaying a serious attitude towards the job is essential for grasping the interest of the interviewers.

4. Be relaxed: 

Relieve all types of stresses and tensions before going to the interview. You should be relaxed in your mind for a clear thought process. Get plenty of rest and plan your interview beforehand. You should not look tired or worn out at the interview. Neither should you be rushing through the interview to reach another appointment. Ensure punctuality and full commitment towards a given interview. Take your CV and other related documents with you and remain focused on the questions asked.

5. Show your inquisitiveness: 

Always be inquisitive about the job and interviewing organization. When an interviewer gives you the opportunity to ask questions, be ready with some appropriate queries. This shows your interest and attractiveness towards the job. You should not appear to be dull, disinterested and unconcerned.No matter how an interview goes, make sure to keep a smiling gesture on your face without any signs of nervousness or distress. It is essential and advisable to end all interviews with a positive note or remark. You can be optimistic about the job and always greet the interview with a happy concluding note.

Questions asked in job interviews and how to answer them: 

These were some of the useful tips that can make your job interview much more successful and effective. To prepare in a better way, below are some of the commonly asked questions in most job interviews around the world. Some suggestions on how to answer these questions have also been provided.

1. Please tell us something about yourself? 

This is a very common job interview question that is frequently asked by interviewers in various types of settings. Telling them about your hobbies, interests, fitness regimes and recreational activities is not a good idea. It is advisable that you start with your educational activities and move on to your experience in the practical field. Keep this information precise and related to the job background and industry. Do not spend a large amount of time on these answers. It is essential to highlight your accomplishments and achievement throughout the educational as well as practical career. Explain the traits and skills that make your suitable for this job.

2. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses? 

For this question, you need to highlight all your skills and characteristics that show your flexibility, adaptability, and appropriateness for this job. However, being too casual or honest about your weaknesses is not a good option. Try to keep or weakness less relevant to the job. Your weakness should not hamper your ability to do this job.

3. Why did you leave or are leaving the existing job? 

This is a question that is mostly asked from experienced professionals looking for switching their jobs. Again you should keep in mind to remain composed about your thoughts and eliminate the negativity from the answers. Never be too honest about your opinions in an interview. It is not right to pinpoint all the negatives aspects of a previous employer. You should remain positive in your thoughts and highlight the prospects of a better future for switching to a new job. Talk about the opportunities available outside the current job and how you are aiming higher to achieve a better position.

4. How do you perceive yourself in the coming future? 

Or what are your plans in the long run? This is a tricky question. For a naïve person it may seem like an innocent gesture for knowing about your future but in reality, the employer or interviewer wants to judge your loyalty levels to the new organization. You should not make the answer to long. Be concise but ensure to include the prospective employer or organization in your future goals.

Concluding Advice: 

These were some frequently asked questions in most interviews in the world. However, these are only generalized questions. You need to prepare for the technical queries and questions according to your own job nature and industry of work.
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The Internet from the past few years has grown up really fast and became a need in every field of life whether it is for education or for business purpose. Interest on internet usage for business is increasing day by day. Thousands of people have started their online business with success and even they didn't have enough funds in their pockets at the time when they were starting their online business. So, In this article, I will share some easy ways to start a business online.

1. Blogging

Blogging is the best and easiest way to start a business online. Blogging can be a boost up for beginners towards a huge online business. Successful blogging depends upon your potential, interest and hard work nothing else. There are many blogging platforms from which you can get a warm startup, most of the platforms are free and some are paid. Wordpress and blogger are the most used, free, reliable and famous blogging platforms. Let's discuss how to use and utilize WordPress, blogger or any other blogging platform towards a successful small business.

  • Blogger or Wordpress

Blogger and WordPress are most common and used platform for blogging as some of you might know about it. Making blog, publishing several posts on it is very easy but the question is that how can you start a successful blog? So the very important step is to build up the foundation and the blogging foundation is to choose a better and best platform. If you don't have enough funds to spend on your blog then the blogger will be good for you and if you can afford $150 then you should use WordPress but, it's very complicated for the beginner. So, we will be using blogger as a blogging platform to elaborate the depths of blogging to all the beginners and also recommend blogger as I am using its a premium service for free. The most important thing is that blogger is powered by google and google's strong SSL shield protects all blogs from cyber attacks.

  • Starting a Blog

Initially, when you sign up or start a new blog you will have a hosted website e.g, ''''. but you can change it later with your own desired domain name e.g, '''' but if you are beginner you should start with blogger default site. If you don't know how to start a new blog read 5 steps to start a blog on blogger. After creating a blog start posting on your blog to gain more traffic and visitors to boost your revenue and popularity.

  • How To Earn From Blog

If you have successfully started a blog and made a blogging strategy on which you will start working. You have to work consistently for more than 6 months to make a good reputation in search engine e.g, Google then you can apply and join different advertising programs and become a publisher and earn a decent amount of money from your blog. Many bloggers are earning more than $10,000 in one month from a blogger blog.

2. E-commerce

E-commerce in 2017 means a lot, many big e-commerce websites around the globe are serving the world with their services and made shopping very easy for everyone.Basically, the e-commerce business has become a need in our life. E-commerce for some of you can be hard because it is not a free service to avail, a small amount of investment is mandatory to start an online e-commerce business.If you have the wish to start e-commerce business follow the below steps.

  • Buy a Domain Name

Domain name is the foundation for your online e-commerce business. An old, e-commerce short in length and easily rememberable domain name will be good to start an e-commerce business. I recommend buying a domain name from online domain auction that must be 2 years old. Selecting a random and unique domain name is crucial because this will be a brand not only a domain. So chose a relative domain name that suits your business and has some meaning for your business.

  • Hosting

In any kind of online business, you should always start from the lower level to avoid any risk of being badly vanished from the internet. In start you can host your business on Wordpress because it is cheap, reliable, durable and trustable more over there are thousands of different e-commerce extensions for free and pre-customized woo commerce and magneto themes.You cannot host your business on Wordpress directly, you have to buy WordPress hosting from third party hosting providers e.g, blue host, I page hosting etc. you can check 5 best Wordpress hosting providers, to start your online business successfully.

  • Template

Your first impression is your last, the template is a kind of user interface where the buyer finds his desired product. Template is like a shop display in a market if it is well decorated and set up the customer will prefer buying from your shop instead of other shops in market, e-commerce website is also like a store in market so the display of e-commerce business in your template if it has easy user interface, professional look and easy to buy plugin then you will get extreme results from your online store.Check 5 best WordPress templates for an E-commerce website.

  • Add Stuff In

After setting up the website the next step is to add stuff to your website that you are supposed to sell online. There are many new companies with lesser sales and profits waiting for your help to promote and sell their stuff online and earn some commission from them e.g if a man has a flower shop and isn't earning mush from his shop, you can add his stuff and sell it online and earn money from him. The choice is yours, you can add everything whether it is clothing, electronics or hardware.

  • Promote Your Website

After creating an e-commerce website and adding stuff to it, the next step is to attract some customers to your e-commerce website for which you have to post your website to social networks, online forums and online advertising programs to gain some sales, revenue, and fame in the online business community.The best place to advertise your business is facebook you can check 5 best ways to promote your business on facebook.If you have a big budget then you can advertise on google, yahoo or different advertising programs to boost your popularity and sales.

  • Make It Multi-Vendor Platform
What is a multi-vendor e-commerce website? The multi-vendor system gives access to the user to sign up and post free product ad and sell it online mostly used on Ebay, Amazon, and much more other websites around the globe. This system is very powerful and profitable instead of posting your own stuff.You can easily earn huge commissions from vendors with this system.There are many multi-vendor e-commerce WordPress plugins which you can use on your website, some of them are free and some paid with different features e.g, WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, Magento e.t.c.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best business to start online. Affiliate marketing is the commission based business from which you can earn huge amount each month.

  • What is affiliate marketing and how it works?

 Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a buyer search for a product and find your online informational source where you have briefly elaborated the product features, pricing, and indirectly convince the buyer to buy that product and when the buyer buys that product you get commissions from the seller for each sale.Affiliate marketing is the best business online if you are a highly skilled marketer and have convincing power.

Many affiliate marketers are earning thousand of dollars every day. Many affiliate marketing networks are there on the internet to start as an affiliate marketer e.g, amazon affiliate program, click bank, eBay publisher program etc. and there is no restriction or any charges if you join one or more than one networks at one but the thing that is concerned is more customers and more sales for which purpose you have to be smart, social and updated to gain more visitors and possible customers to your affiliate product.

There are different methods you can boost your sales to earn some decent commissions but first, you have to choose the best affiliate marketing platform. If you think you are capable of doing this you should check top 5 best affiliate marketing platforms.

  • How to be a successful affiliate marketer? 

Being smart as an affiliate marketer is crucial because you have to keep yourself updated and always up in the list. Affiliate marketing is successful if you have a pre-planned strategy to carry on with, it could be about your sales and driving traffic to your product. I have described some basic tactics to increase traffic and sales to become a successful affiliate Marketer.

1. Social media marketing

Social media nowadays is the best platform to promote your business and every affiliate marketer uses social media to reach everyone in the range. There are many social media networks where you can promote the product e.g, Facebook, twitter. Many affiliate marketers have Facebook groups and pages where they promote their products and some people are using Facebook advertising to increase targeted traffic to the product page, more targeted customers the more sales.

2. Landing Pages

Many affiliate marketers have landing pages on their websites where they describe the product features with a video demonstration and its benefits that bring a lot of customers and sales. This strategy is best and working very well these days.

3. Paid product articles

Paid product article is the best marketing strategy to have. If you have a blog or website you can write articles on your specific affiliated product and target the audience with the need of that product  e.g, your affiliated product is "Protein Pills" and your article should be like, " how to build body fast ? " and state that proteins pills are good to use for building your body fast, write it's advantages and mention how to buy the product. If the visitor is convinced it will definitely buy your product and you will earn some commission.

4. Email marketing

Email is the fastest and easiest way to communicate with the world but, using email for commercial use tells a different story of very effective and successful online marketing. Different companies working online have introduced email marketing where you can promote your products or bring millions of targeted customers to your product page that can boost your sales dramatically.

4. Freelancing

Freelancing business is the best one to start online if you are a web developer, graphic designer, writer or programmer you should start working online. There are many websites hiring freelancers around the globe where you have to post an ad about your experience and skills and soon someone requiring your services will hire you and give you the project based task on completion of which you will get paid e.g, Freelancer, Up work etc.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the biggest entertainment website in the world on which you can find any video related to any category on your demand whether it's movies, songs or anything moreover if you are a creator you can monetize your videos on YouTube and earn huge amount of money. YouTube have categorized different creators in channels and every random person has a different channel on which videos are uploaded and monetized. The biggest YouTube channel is Pewdiepie with over 53 Million subscribers on youtube. The creator of Pewdepie channel is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg a Swedish gamer and entertainer his net worth is $20 million and his only source of income is YouTube. If you are skillful you can capture your skill in videos and help others to learn your skill and let them earn you some money.
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How to get success in life ? is the most asked question around the globe. Every human being has the wish to become a successful person in life but there are many hurdles in the way of success. Many people lost their moral and courage because of these hurdles and change their ways just before the success.These are my own perceptions that I am going to be discussing with you on how to be successful in life. There are many things you should follow to become a successful person.

1. Be Positive

Being positive is the gift of God but if you search or find someone in the streets with positive energy is very hard, that's why everybody doesn't get success in the life. Positive energy can boost the mental strength of the person to lead and take forward any idea towards success, but negative energy can cause destruction and hate. If you are younger and want to get success in the life then don't grab negative try to find positive you'll never ever get unsuccessful. Positive thinking has many different faces e.g if you want success in business or any field of life don't think bad of your opponent and be supportive to him, try to resolve issues and spread the fragrance of humanity and love. Positive energy and positive behavior can dominate every milestone of success in life.Always be positive to be successful in life.

2: Be Educated

Education is the wealth that nobody can steal from you. Education gives you a start towards your success in life.Being successful is not meant to be rich it's what people think about you.Education is the key to a decent and cultured personality. In a batch of students, many students think that degree can get them a good job and status and they spend their whole life in one cabin of a well-settled company but, the rest of students with the thinking of their own business after the graduation get more successful in life. The theory behind this is to be creative, hundreds and thousands of well educated and intelligent peoples are doing jobs under an educated peoples so, think of being on of those that's it. So education is the key to success.

3: Be Passionate About What You Love

When you will start your professional career you could face many advises from your parents or natives, but you have to start your career by following your passion, peace of mind and heart.Being educated doesn't mean that you should only do the job, there are many examples that most of us know e.g, Steve Jobs (late) CEO of Apple Inc. he was dropped out of his college, Richard Branson CEO of Virgin Group of Companies didn't even complete his school. Success story behind both of these is that they followed their passions and did uncountable research with unique and creative ideas. Always follow your passion if it is very cheap but your satisfaction and hard work can make it a wish of everyone.

4: Be Creative

Creativity is everything as far as the success is concerned. Being creative is to derive ideas in real life or invent something helpful to humanity. Don't compare someone else's life with your's just invent something that will be remembered in the history e.g, Wright brothers first invented the airplane, on that time the plane was not big enough to take as many passengers as the latest airplane do. Now we have seen a lot of evolution in this field of air transportation and aviation but, this act of creativity is counted down in history and it'll always be remembered that "Wright Brothers first invented the airplane". Unique, useful and creative ideas can make you a successful man in life.

5: Don't Waste Your Time

Time is very rare don't waste it. People get unsuccessful because of not utilizing their time. Time never stop you have to run with the time to keep yourself maintained and balanced if you stop for a while you have to run harder to approach the time so don't make your efforts double because of a simple mistake. Time has a major effect on your life even if you are a student or a businessman lets suppose you are a student and you have missed your one-week homework, you have to do double or maybe triple work to be with your class if you don't you will always be behind to those that work their homework daily. So give respect to the time and let the time to grab success for you.


Life is not very simple as most of us think. You have to work hard and harder to achieve a milestone so be on time with full energy and passion and don't care what people will think about you, just do whatever you like and where your heart is satisfied and you will definitely be a successful person in life
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Now if you have finally decided to lose some weight and want to look more elegant and charming, here are some useful tips to lose weight in no time. The most important thing you need to keep in your mind is that you have to get stick to any one of the following tips and follow it regularly until you find clear results in your body shape. Let's get started and get to know some important things which would help you a lot to get rid of extra body fat. These are very simple and easiest ways you would be happy to adopt these as a part of your daily routine. Try these simple, expert-approved tricks that boost metabolism and burn fat, no crazy diets or weird workouts required.

1.Green tea:

 This is the most easiest and simplest of all weight loss methods. You have to drink green tea three times a day regularly and do it for continuously seven days. You will be amazed after trying this tip of weight loss. Make sure you are taking sugar-free green tea. For more taste, you can also add some fresh garden mint leaves to have a good aroma and quick results. It will help to lose 60 calories per day.

 2.Garlic drink:

This is going to be a tough job. You can follow this if you think you are a lot faster than the normal people. Add one tablespoon of minced ginger, one tablespoon of pure honey and a glass of hot water. Have this drink every day for thirty days. Drink it daily in the morning when empty stomach. Hope it will work for your weight loss activity. It also helps to control your blood pressure.

3.Drink water:

Water is the foremost and essential need for a human body. You should drink water up to 1.5 liters per day. In this way, your body will be able to lose some calories, and it will help in burning fats. Water keeps your skin hydrated and the best natural simplest’ way to reduce body fat. Always keep a water bottle in your bag when you are traveling. A jug full of water must be there on your table when you are studying or while watching TV keeps a water bottle along. Water has zero calories and carbs and little to no sodium, making it the perfect slim-down drink. And strangely, it helps flush out excess water weight as well as jump-starts your metabolism. If it's just too boring, add lemon wedges or mint leaves.

4.Sleep well:

Sound sleep and complete rest are a basic need for a healthy life. Minimum required sleep time 7-8 hours. Proper rest and sleep will work for weight loss. 5 hours sleep is not enough to live a healthy life. If you sleep well then automatically you will have a good healthy life and normal weight. As rest is much required for human life. It boosts your metabolism. It is proved that when you sleep a lot of your diseases and internal problems get healed naturally.

5.Do not miss breakfast:

Many studies prove that if you skip your breakfast, it will have a bad effect on your health. Do not ever miss your breakfast. Studies says that if you eat your breakfast regular and on time, it will make you lose your weight gradually and slowly. According to experts when you sleep your metabolism slows down and do not let your body normally work when you wake up. So, for the purpose of weight loss, you must eat your breakfast daily in the morning.


I am sure these healthy weight loss tips would help you lose your weight only within few days. Do not forget to follow any one of the above tips regularly. Do not skip it a single time even otherwise; you will not get desired results. Try to control your eating habits and do not eat more than your eating capacity level. Make your routine perfect, try to avoid late night meals. You should have your dinner maximum around 6-7 O’clock. Have a happy diet.
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Top Five Antivirus Software: Antivirus software is very important for a PC as it protects the computer from malicious programs corrupting the whole system and stealing of the sensitive and personal information. To be safe from all such malicious programs online and offline, one needs to install a good antivirus program on the PC. Luckily, there are a lot number of antivirus programs available both free and paid. However, not all the latest threats can be protected from the software installed once. So it is important to find out the right option for software. Here is the list of top five antivirus software.

1. Avast Free Antivirus: 

Looking at the feature list of Avast Free Antivirus, we may find it complex and lengthy. Its features include antivirus, password auditing, network vulnerability checker, software updater, a secure browser and more. And luckily everything is bundled into one “Smart Scan”. Launching one click will list all the malware that antivirus has just discovered, missing patches of software, potential risks on the browser and any problem regarding password. Mixed results for Avast Free Antivirus protection have been received from top testing labs, and they rated it between mid-range to excellent. Everyone reviewed that its performance is marvelous with little or no impact on the speed of the PC. In the sea of related products if you are looking for extra features and expect a product that has no effect on the speed of PC then Avast Free Antivirus is the best option. Opting for Avast Premier 2016 can provide some extra features like proper Data Shredder, automatic software update any background.

2. AVG Antivirus Free:

 AVG has tried to sustain the competition since few years and is earning a good name for the company and has shown much improvement in the latest engine. AVG has been rated in the top ten real world protecting systems, and its offers are found above average protection rates by AV-test. Moreover, its free edition is available, and basics of web protection and core antivirus are provided in the free edition. Free edition does not support Android, Mac, and Windows. And surprisingly, all devices from a web console can be remotely managed. Some issues are also there. Especially, priority real time updates are not available for AVG Antivirus and put the PC at risk to latest threats. This problem exists only with free edition, and it can be fixed by spending £14.99on the commercial product and enhanced firewall, anti-spam functionality, and free support will be added.

3. Avira Free Antivirus:

Avira Free Antivirus has received a stellar rating from all big testing labs such as Virus Bulletin AV- Test and AV-Comparatives, and this is the point where this antivirus scores high as compared to high- end competitors like Kaspersky and Bitdefender. Although At first sight, it is not the best option for protection choice, yet it is easier to use. Most of the threats are taken care of on its own, and in the case of any assistance, everything is explained through a local help file. Some bonus features are also provided with it such as a simplified interface for best use of windows firewall and blocking of autorun reducing the risks from infected USB keys.

4. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016:

When there is various free software available for protection of PC, then spending on Bitfinder Antivirus Plus seems expensive. The company offers some discounts. Moreover paying of money is not useless as its engine is ranked as most reliable and accurate and all the testing companies loved it. It provides a secure browser keeping all the online transactions safe, giving web filtering blocks access to malicious sites and a password that automatically completes credit card details in web form. However, two issues are there with Bitfinder Antivirus. As it works on an anti-ransomware module that offers good protection but sometimes legitimate programs are also blocked. Bitfinder Plus 2016 is an alternative providing excellent detection rates, great performance, and bonus features to justify the price. It is available in £21 from Amazon.

5. F-Secure Anti-Virus: 

Sometimes junk files weigh down various tools of antivirus, and if you want to get rid of it, F-Secure Antivirus will be the best option. By using this software, one can directly and straightforwardly get antivirus protection and real-time browsing without anything extra and without any bonus features. Simplicity in form does not mean compromise on the product. And in AV-Test this package received maximum marks for protection and remained high scorer among AV-Comparatives. Plus point of this product is its interface. Being lightweight, it's the easiest thing to use, and it can be left alone to look after the PC. And this product shows the minimum effect on working of systems of PC and any issue can be solved in a couple of clicks.
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Cosmetics are the substances that we use to enhance our beauty. It includes the material applied on the face like eyeshades, eyeliners, mascaras, kajal, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, foundations, bases, BB creams, blusher, contouring pallets, etc. Other than these items, there are products used in manicures and pedicures, facials, bleaching the body, shower gels and soaps, moisturising lotions and creams, sunblocks, hair sprays, hair gloss, hair colour and lots more. Some of these products can easily replace by natural items, but people all around the globe have become so addicted to all these products that they do not settle for less. People have dark circles around the eyes, or they have freckles, wrinkles, dark skin, stretch marks or any marks that's why they seek help in cosmetics. This is wrong in a way that cosmetic apart from being so useful is also hazardous to the skin it's being applied on. There are lists of cons that warn us not to use cosmetics in our daily routines. Out of that list under mentioned are five of the most chronic side effects of cosmetics.


There’s no doubt that cosmetic does make you look prettier than you are but on the other hand, the harmful effects of cosmetics can go to the extreme of cancer. Lip gloss or lipsticks are composed of components like aluminium. Other products may contain hazardous substances like Butylated hydroxyanisole, BaSO 4 , ZnO 2 . These substances are responsible for causing iron deficiency, glucose intolerance and can also cause kidney and liver failures. One must wonder how these can be so harmful; this is because we swallow the lip products with food most of the time and moisturisers on hands can easily get inside our body resulting in acute diseases mentioned above. These can also be responsible for respiratory tract disturbances and thyroid problems. Remember that this happens due to excess use of cosmetics.


The recent trend started is permanent hairdos, viz; permanent blow dry, permanent curls and straightening. These require chemicals and serums that are harmful to hair growth and hair texture as well. Yes for the time being you look perfect, but that comes with a price. This cosmetically changed hair may get thin and rough; split ends are the common problem that appears after these extensions of hair and last but not the least hair fall is a major drawback. Other than that, hair products like shampoos and conditioners give temporary shine and gloss to hair but cause serious problems like dandruff, dry hair, dry and thin scalp, redness of scalp and can also temporary harm the scalp, fading of hair colour, etc.


Products like eye liners, mascaras, Kajal and shadows are also harmful. There's no way from stopping them from getting inside the eyes. Even outside lids of eyes are affected. Lashes on which mascara is applied gets thin and rough. Mascara contains Pseudomonas aeruginosin, a hazardous therapy bacterium. Once it gets inside the eyes can cause even blindness. The area around the eyes gets darker causing dark circles. Eyes are irritable after removal of cosmetics; you have to rub it off with water or worse with lotions. This results in irritation, in and around the eyes. The area around the eyes and eyelids becomes extremely sensitive. There must be no risk taken in case of eyes even occasional makeovers can be very harmful to eyes let alone if you put these products on or around the eyes on a daily basis.


Cosmetics can cause serious skin issues they can cause allergies, skin diseases and reactions from certain chemicals. Due to excessive use of cosmetics, the skin becomes irritable and sensitive. Excessive use can result in ageing of the skin. Wrinkles and softening of skin happen. Then there are anti-aging products to add pain to misery, they make skin even worse and less susceptible to any trauma, leading to skin cancer that is not easily curable. The sun blocks, moisturisers are also not healthy at all. Apparently, they are just smoothening your skin but at risk of being damaged and weak skin. Whitening creams are also abusive to skin. They contain steroids to give you faster results steroids are the main reason for skin cancer. The skin becomes very thin by using these products so one can easily catch allergies due to dust or other. Chemicals our skin comes in contact with every day.


Poor quality products can lead to ovarian cancer. Shower gels and soaps, when coming in contact with the reproductive organs, can be extremely harmful. For women when they are used they cause unstable periods that result in infertility. Other than that cosmetic product containing asbestos destroys reproductive organs. It is plausible that while taking a shower or in a bath tub these products can reach your reproductive organs and can cause serious issues and severe problems. Oils and talcum powders used also are proven to be dangerous for skin.


There is nothing that nature doesn't provide. If you want to moisture your skin there is no better moisturiser than an egg. Other than that milk, cream, lemon and natural oils provide perfect miniaturisation. If you want a bleaching agent potato juice, cucumber juice and lemon are trusted bleaching agents. Smooth your skin via honey and turmeric powder. Add glow via yoghurt and rose essence. Make your hair smooth shiny and grow faster via natural oils and use of yoghurt, egg and aloe vera. So, ladies, there are plenty of natural ingredients that help you to be beautiful you don’t always need cosmetics. Be natural and be beautiful instead of being artificial and deprive your skin.