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How to get success in life ? is the most asked question around the globe. Every human being has the wish to become a successful person in life but there are many hurdles in the way of success. Many people lost their moral and courage because of these hurdles and change their ways just before the success.These are my own perceptions that I am going to be discussing with you on how to be successful in life. There are many things you should follow to become a successful person.

1. Be Positive

Being positive is the gift of God but if you search or find someone in the streets with positive energy is very hard, that's why everybody doesn't get success in the life. Positive energy can boost the mental strength of the person to lead and take forward any idea towards success, but negative energy can cause destruction and hate. If you are younger and want to get success in the life then don't grab negative try to find positive you'll never ever get unsuccessful. Positive thinking has many different faces e.g if you want success in business or any field of life don't think bad of your opponent and be supportive to him, try to resolve issues and spread the fragrance of humanity and love. Positive energy and positive behavior can dominate every milestone of success in life.Always be positive to be successful in life.

2: Be Educated

Education is the wealth that nobody can steal from you. Education gives you a start towards your success in life.Being successful is not meant to be rich it's what people think about you.Education is the key to a decent and cultured personality. In a batch of students, many students think that degree can get them a good job and status and they spend their whole life in one cabin of a well-settled company but, the rest of students with the thinking of their own business after the graduation get more successful in life. The theory behind this is to be creative, hundreds and thousands of well educated and intelligent peoples are doing jobs under an educated peoples so, think of being on of those that's it. So education is the key to success.

3: Be Passionate About What You Love

When you will start your professional career you could face many advises from your parents or natives, but you have to start your career by following your passion, peace of mind and heart.Being educated doesn't mean that you should only do the job, there are many examples that most of us know e.g, Steve Jobs (late) CEO of Apple Inc. he was dropped out of his college, Richard Branson CEO of Virgin Group of Companies didn't even complete his school. Success story behind both of these is that they followed their passions and did uncountable research with unique and creative ideas. Always follow your passion if it is very cheap but your satisfaction and hard work can make it a wish of everyone.

4: Be Creative

Creativity is everything as far as the success is concerned. Being creative is to derive ideas in real life or invent something helpful to humanity. Don't compare someone else's life with your's just invent something that will be remembered in the history e.g, Wright brothers first invented the airplane, on that time the plane was not big enough to take as many passengers as the latest airplane do. Now we have seen a lot of evolution in this field of air transportation and aviation but, this act of creativity is counted down in history and it'll always be remembered that "Wright Brothers first invented the airplane". Unique, useful and creative ideas can make you a successful man in life.

5: Don't Waste Your Time

Time is very rare don't waste it. People get unsuccessful because of not utilizing their time. Time never stop you have to run with the time to keep yourself maintained and balanced if you stop for a while you have to run harder to approach the time so don't make your efforts double because of a simple mistake. Time has a major effect on your life even if you are a student or a businessman lets suppose you are a student and you have missed your one-week homework, you have to do double or maybe triple work to be with your class if you don't you will always be behind to those that work their homework daily. So give respect to the time and let the time to grab success for you.


Life is not very simple as most of us think. You have to work hard and harder to achieve a milestone so be on time with full energy and passion and don't care what people will think about you, just do whatever you like and where your heart is satisfied and you will definitely be a successful person in life
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Now if you have finally decided to lose some weight and want to look more elegant and charming, here are some useful tips to lose weight in no time. The most important thing you need to keep in your mind is that you have to get stick to any one of the following tips and follow it regularly until you find clear results in your body shape. Let's get started and get to know some important things which would help you a lot to get rid of extra body fat. These are very simple and easiest ways you would be happy to adopt these as a part of your daily routine. Try these simple, expert-approved tricks that boost metabolism and burn fat, no crazy diets or weird workouts required.

1.Green tea:

 This is the most easiest and simplest of all weight loss methods. You have to drink green tea three times a day regularly and do it for continuously seven days. You will be amazed after trying this tip of weight loss. Make sure you are taking sugar-free green tea. For more taste, you can also add some fresh garden mint leaves to have a good aroma and quick results. It will help to lose 60 calories per day.

 2.Garlic drink:

This is going to be a tough job. You can follow this if you think you are a lot faster than the normal people. Add one tablespoon of minced ginger, one tablespoon of pure honey and a glass of hot water. Have this drink every day for thirty days. Drink it daily in the morning when empty stomach. Hope it will work for your weight loss activity. It also helps to control your blood pressure.

3.Drink water:

Water is the foremost and essential need for a human body. You should drink water up to 1.5 liters per day. In this way, your body will be able to lose some calories, and it will help in burning fats. Water keeps your skin hydrated and the best natural simplest’ way to reduce body fat. Always keep a water bottle in your bag when you are traveling. A jug full of water must be there on your table when you are studying or while watching TV keeps a water bottle along. Water has zero calories and carbs and little to no sodium, making it the perfect slim-down drink. And strangely, it helps flush out excess water weight as well as jump-starts your metabolism. If it's just too boring, add lemon wedges or mint leaves.

4.Sleep well:

Sound sleep and complete rest are a basic need for a healthy life. Minimum required sleep time 7-8 hours. Proper rest and sleep will work for weight loss. 5 hours sleep is not enough to live a healthy life. If you sleep well then automatically you will have a good healthy life and normal weight. As rest is much required for human life. It boosts your metabolism. It is proved that when you sleep a lot of your diseases and internal problems get healed naturally.

5.Do not miss breakfast:

Many studies prove that if you skip your breakfast, it will have a bad effect on your health. Do not ever miss your breakfast. Studies says that if you eat your breakfast regular and on time, it will make you lose your weight gradually and slowly. According to experts when you sleep your metabolism slows down and do not let your body normally work when you wake up. So, for the purpose of weight loss, you must eat your breakfast daily in the morning.


I am sure these healthy weight loss tips would help you lose your weight only within few days. Do not forget to follow any one of the above tips regularly. Do not skip it a single time even otherwise; you will not get desired results. Try to control your eating habits and do not eat more than your eating capacity level. Make your routine perfect, try to avoid late night meals. You should have your dinner maximum around 6-7 O’clock. Have a happy diet.
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Top Five Antivirus Software: Antivirus software is very important for a PC as it protects the computer from malicious programs corrupting the whole system and stealing of the sensitive and personal information. To be safe from all such malicious programs online and offline, one needs to install a good antivirus program on the PC. Luckily, there are a lot number of antivirus programs available both free and paid. However, not all the latest threats can be protected from the software installed once. So it is important to find out the right option for software. Here is the list of top five antivirus software.

1. Avast Free Antivirus: 

Looking at the feature list of Avast Free Antivirus, we may find it complex and lengthy. Its features include antivirus, password auditing, network vulnerability checker, software updater, a secure browser and more. And luckily everything is bundled into one “Smart Scan”. Launching one click will list all the malware that antivirus has just discovered, missing patches of software, potential risks on the browser and any problem regarding password. Mixed results for Avast Free Antivirus protection have been received from top testing labs, and they rated it between mid-range to excellent. Everyone reviewed that its performance is marvelous with little or no impact on the speed of the PC. In the sea of related products if you are looking for extra features and expect a product that has no effect on the speed of PC then Avast Free Antivirus is the best option. Opting for Avast Premier 2016 can provide some extra features like proper Data Shredder, automatic software update any background.

2. AVG Antivirus Free:

 AVG has tried to sustain the competition since few years and is earning a good name for the company and has shown much improvement in the latest engine. AVG has been rated in the top ten real world protecting systems, and its offers are found above average protection rates by AV-test. Moreover, its free edition is available, and basics of web protection and core antivirus are provided in the free edition. Free edition does not support Android, Mac, and Windows. And surprisingly, all devices from a web console can be remotely managed. Some issues are also there. Especially, priority real time updates are not available for AVG Antivirus and put the PC at risk to latest threats. This problem exists only with free edition, and it can be fixed by spending £14.99on the commercial product and enhanced firewall, anti-spam functionality, and free support will be added.

3. Avira Free Antivirus:

Avira Free Antivirus has received a stellar rating from all big testing labs such as Virus Bulletin AV- Test and AV-Comparatives, and this is the point where this antivirus scores high as compared to high- end competitors like Kaspersky and Bitdefender. Although At first sight, it is not the best option for protection choice, yet it is easier to use. Most of the threats are taken care of on its own, and in the case of any assistance, everything is explained through a local help file. Some bonus features are also provided with it such as a simplified interface for best use of windows firewall and blocking of autorun reducing the risks from infected USB keys.

4. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016:

When there is various free software available for protection of PC, then spending on Bitfinder Antivirus Plus seems expensive. The company offers some discounts. Moreover paying of money is not useless as its engine is ranked as most reliable and accurate and all the testing companies loved it. It provides a secure browser keeping all the online transactions safe, giving web filtering blocks access to malicious sites and a password that automatically completes credit card details in web form. However, two issues are there with Bitfinder Antivirus. As it works on an anti-ransomware module that offers good protection but sometimes legitimate programs are also blocked. Bitfinder Plus 2016 is an alternative providing excellent detection rates, great performance, and bonus features to justify the price. It is available in £21 from Amazon.

5. F-Secure Anti-Virus: 

Sometimes junk files weigh down various tools of antivirus, and if you want to get rid of it, F-Secure Antivirus will be the best option. By using this software, one can directly and straightforwardly get antivirus protection and real-time browsing without anything extra and without any bonus features. Simplicity in form does not mean compromise on the product. And in AV-Test this package received maximum marks for protection and remained high scorer among AV-Comparatives. Plus point of this product is its interface. Being lightweight, it's the easiest thing to use, and it can be left alone to look after the PC. And this product shows the minimum effect on working of systems of PC and any issue can be solved in a couple of clicks.
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Cosmetics are the substances that we use to enhance our beauty. It includes the material applied on the face like eyeshades, eyeliners, mascaras, kajal, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, foundations, bases, BB creams, blusher, contouring pallets, etc. Other than these items, there are products used in manicures and pedicures, facials, bleaching the body, shower gels and soaps, moisturising lotions and creams, sunblocks, hair sprays, hair gloss, hair colour and lots more. Some of these products can easily replace by natural items, but people all around the globe have become so addicted to all these products that they do not settle for less. People have dark circles around the eyes, or they have freckles, wrinkles, dark skin, stretch marks or any marks that's why they seek help in cosmetics. This is wrong in a way that cosmetic apart from being so useful is also hazardous to the skin it's being applied on. There are lists of cons that warn us not to use cosmetics in our daily routines. Out of that list under mentioned are five of the most chronic side effects of cosmetics.


There’s no doubt that cosmetic does make you look prettier than you are but on the other hand, the harmful effects of cosmetics can go to the extreme of cancer. Lip gloss or lipsticks are composed of components like aluminium. Other products may contain hazardous substances like Butylated hydroxyanisole, BaSO 4 , ZnO 2 . These substances are responsible for causing iron deficiency, glucose intolerance and can also cause kidney and liver failures. One must wonder how these can be so harmful; this is because we swallow the lip products with food most of the time and moisturisers on hands can easily get inside our body resulting in acute diseases mentioned above. These can also be responsible for respiratory tract disturbances and thyroid problems. Remember that this happens due to excess use of cosmetics.


The recent trend started is permanent hairdos, viz; permanent blow dry, permanent curls and straightening. These require chemicals and serums that are harmful to hair growth and hair texture as well. Yes for the time being you look perfect, but that comes with a price. This cosmetically changed hair may get thin and rough; split ends are the common problem that appears after these extensions of hair and last but not the least hair fall is a major drawback. Other than that, hair products like shampoos and conditioners give temporary shine and gloss to hair but cause serious problems like dandruff, dry hair, dry and thin scalp, redness of scalp and can also temporary harm the scalp, fading of hair colour, etc.


Products like eye liners, mascaras, Kajal and shadows are also harmful. There's no way from stopping them from getting inside the eyes. Even outside lids of eyes are affected. Lashes on which mascara is applied gets thin and rough. Mascara contains Pseudomonas aeruginosin, a hazardous therapy bacterium. Once it gets inside the eyes can cause even blindness. The area around the eyes gets darker causing dark circles. Eyes are irritable after removal of cosmetics; you have to rub it off with water or worse with lotions. This results in irritation, in and around the eyes. The area around the eyes and eyelids becomes extremely sensitive. There must be no risk taken in case of eyes even occasional makeovers can be very harmful to eyes let alone if you put these products on or around the eyes on a daily basis.


Cosmetics can cause serious skin issues they can cause allergies, skin diseases and reactions from certain chemicals. Due to excessive use of cosmetics, the skin becomes irritable and sensitive. Excessive use can result in ageing of the skin. Wrinkles and softening of skin happen. Then there are anti-aging products to add pain to misery, they make skin even worse and less susceptible to any trauma, leading to skin cancer that is not easily curable. The sun blocks, moisturisers are also not healthy at all. Apparently, they are just smoothening your skin but at risk of being damaged and weak skin. Whitening creams are also abusive to skin. They contain steroids to give you faster results steroids are the main reason for skin cancer. The skin becomes very thin by using these products so one can easily catch allergies due to dust or other. Chemicals our skin comes in contact with every day.


Poor quality products can lead to ovarian cancer. Shower gels and soaps, when coming in contact with the reproductive organs, can be extremely harmful. For women when they are used they cause unstable periods that result in infertility. Other than that cosmetic product containing asbestos destroys reproductive organs. It is plausible that while taking a shower or in a bath tub these products can reach your reproductive organs and can cause serious issues and severe problems. Oils and talcum powders used also are proven to be dangerous for skin.


There is nothing that nature doesn't provide. If you want to moisture your skin there is no better moisturiser than an egg. Other than that milk, cream, lemon and natural oils provide perfect miniaturisation. If you want a bleaching agent potato juice, cucumber juice and lemon are trusted bleaching agents. Smooth your skin via honey and turmeric powder. Add glow via yoghurt and rose essence. Make your hair smooth shiny and grow faster via natural oils and use of yoghurt, egg and aloe vera. So, ladies, there are plenty of natural ingredients that help you to be beautiful you don’t always need cosmetics. Be natural and be beautiful instead of being artificial and deprive your skin.
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The brain is the organ inside the solid protection of skull. It is so protected because the brain is the reason we breathe we walk we talk we think in fact everything we do is because of the brain. The central nervous system inside brain sends signals to different organs of body telling them how to respond and what to do. The neurons that leave the brain carries a message of a particular action that a body part has to perform once the body receives a message from brain it results in our actions e.g. when we touch a hot substance brain sends neuron to tell the hand to move away. These messages move faster than light. If a person’s brain goes numb, the person goes numb. So you have got to keep it active and running, you have got to make it boost and function faster for a sophisticated lifestyle. In our daily routine, there are a lot of things that we do can change the pace at which our brain is working. Our activities can either increase the brain activity or can make it lazier. For a better and healthy lifestyle, it is vital that our brain functions in a very fresh and healthy manner. Like we need to water a plant for it to nurture exactly that way the brain needs its juice to work boldly. Now the question arises where a brain does get its juice? The answer is pretty simple you have to keep your mind active via a list of aspects. These are the factors that we are going to discuss.


 The workout is a person’s best shrink. When you workout out your brain works in a way that you automatically get into a good mood you are physically fit so deliberately you are confident of yourself. During exercise, our metabolism is strengthened, and blood circulation is improved. After the workout, the proteins and carbohydrates (starch, sugar, and fiber) are digested four times faster than in dormant state. The endorphins released to get us in a good mood. Workout solves breathing issues and helps cure asthma. Apart from respiratory tract it also improves the circulatory system of the body. Enhance the activity of the heart as well as brain and help to cure heart problems. If someone can't sleep at night, the workout is the best option it not only tires your body but also give comfort to mind hence insomnia disappears, and you get a good night's sleep. Workout empowers body and mind’s stamina. After weeks and months of work out your brain starts taking correct decisions faster. As the workout boosts the powerhouse of each and every cell in our body i.e. mitochondria, so it leads to the faster functioning of the brain. Other than that mind games or brain exercises are also important. Mind games like puzzles, quizzes, board games, learning foreign languages these all leads to a healthy and fast responding brain.


Eat food rich in Omega3 Fatty acids. The source of Omega 3 fatty acid could be fish like tuna, sardine, and salmon. Other than that, vegetables like spinach, broccoli and pumpkin are good sources of Omega3 fatty acids. Soya beans, perilla seeds, flaxseeds, chia seeds. Animal based Omega 3 fatty acids can be gained from kidneys and livers of animals. Food rich in magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, carbohydrates helps brain focus and improve memory. Nuts are rich in vitamins like almonds; they are supposed to increase brain capabilities. Sunlight is rich in Vitamin D; a good amount of exposure to the sun can improve neurotransmitters functioning. Vitamin B12 is also extremely vital for brain health. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. The source of Vitamin B12 is the proteins i.e. milk, chicken, etc


 For a sane mind to work properly a good night’s sleep is very important. A normal person should sleep from minimum 8 to maximum 12 hours a day. Some can even work with a 6 hour of sleep per day. Sleeping early and waking up early is going to give the brain a natural boost. While sleeping, there are a few brain functions that are boosted automatically as they require the brain to be slumber for their activation. These functions are learning and memory. It’s like a computer system when your PC slows down a bit or get stuck somewhere you go for a reboot. This is how the human brain works you need to reboot via sleeping. And when you wake up your mind is good as new.


 Depression not only ruins your nervous system but also weakens your body. If you are over thinking anything, then the neurotransmitters get weak. The mind is working on so many thoughts all together that it starts to get tired easily and very quickly. To avoid that kind of situation you have to meditate more and take deep breaths. Put your mind at a happy place. Clear all the thoughts and just focus on positive energy. Inhale and exhale in a relaxing manner to put your brain at ease. Take anti-depressant tablets if needed to keep yourself going.


You have to keep yourself reasonably hydrated for a fresh mind. As the human body is composed of 70% of water and the brain itself has 80% of water content. So it’s better to give what the brain needs for it to work better. Take lots and lots of fluids, in the form of water and juices. Water is a natural anti-aging agent so it also acts an antioxidant for your brain. So, people, Brain needs its juices, and you have to give those to it. Other than these factors you have to vary your activities to keep your brain on the road all the time. You have to socialize more and use words more. Keep your brain fresh and young; this means you are fresh and young forever.
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Bollywood film industry is flourishing with most versatile and hardworking actors with the shocking background. Bollywood film industry has touched all success heights in the past few years with most astonishing and superhit movies, the success of Bollywood industry wasn't possible without the actors and actress. Each and every person that is a part of Bollywood industry works hard till they succeed. The role of actors in the film industry is admirable how they work and perform in various fields and conditions, that's exactly what you call versatility. Today we will be taking about the best and most versatile actors in the Bollywood film industry.

1. Amitabh Bachchan

Photo Credits © Flickr TechAIDS
Amitabh Bachan is among the best Bollywood actors in Bollywood film industry. As of today, Amitabh Bachan is highly ranked and appreciated till now at the age of 71. In the opening ceremony of Pink, a media reporter asked as a question from Amitabh Bachan about his retirement and, the answer was " I am 71 years old and everybody still wants to work with me on this stage of life.It's not about money, going to work every morning and return home happily feels good" said, Amitabh Bachan. Amitabh Bachan has played great roles in some of his superhit movies e.g, Sholay, Deewaar, Silsila etc. Amitabh Bachan is the best and most versatile actor in the Hollywood industry.

2. Salman Khan

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Salman Khan is king of Bollywood movies. He is the most versatile and naturally gifted actor. He is the inspiration to newly rising stars in the Bollywood and Lollywood. Salman Khan is the 1st most attractive men in the whole Bollywood industry. The quality of Salman khan's acting can lead a flop movie to rise up because of his presence in the movie. Salman Khan appears as an actor in many movies despite he is a talented producer and director. He has the ability to equip any style and category of acting any time. He has the ability to work in any kind of movies e.g, action, romantic and suspense. Salman khan is physically strong and still young at the age of 50. In the most recent movie of Salman khan, he played a role of a wrestler ( Pehalwan ) in the movie sultan that hit the top in the box office with 587 Crore INR.

3. Shahrukh Khan

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King khan is the naturally gifted actor and has the ability to change the script with his glorious and outstanding performance. We have watched many of his movies with exceptional acting skills in different styles. Some of his old movies from 90’s are still doing business with highest box office collections. Dilwale Dhulania le Jayenge a movie of true love became the bridge towards success and fame for King Khan, Dilwale Dhulania le Jayenge is highest grossing movie till now in 2016 with over 444 Crore INR overall grossing.

4. Amir Khan

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Amir Khan ? No, Mr. Perfectionist. Amir khan is the best actor in Bollywood industry with filmmaking background, Tahir Hussain his father was a filmmaker and producer. Amir khan started his career as an actor in the movie Yadon Ki Barat that was directed and produced by his father Tahir Hussain later on, he began to perform on different platforms as a junior actor. Amir Khan became very famous when his movie " Lagaan" was released and it was a super hit movie. Later on in 2014 ''PK'' of amir khan was released that crossed every success limits with over 337 Crore INR. Amir khan is the best choice whether it's a romantic movie or action movie. His best movies are DHOOM 3, PK, Fanaa, Ghajini, 3Idiots. His upcoming movie is Dangal that is expected to be a masterpiece.

5. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the freakiest person in Bollywood film industry with ridiculous acting skills. His most popular appearance was in Badlapur where he showed what he is capable of with awesome acting skills. He is not a new actor as some of you may be thinking, he started working in 2005 and became most popular and successful personality after the release of movie Kick, in which Salman khan and he worked together. He acts as a villain but in recent movie'' Freaky Ali'' he appeared as a hero.
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In the modern age of technology every person want itself to be updated in the field of technology whether it is computing or mobility both of these are very important as far as your business is concerned, without computer business is impossible. So basically, I am trying to explain the importance of computer in our life. The laptop gives us the great advantage of compatibility and usability, we cannot carry a desktop computer or PC everywhere, therefore, a laptop is a better option to keep yourself updated in every second of your life. Having laptop is a good thing you can communicate with your clients and workers easily but most of the old laptops don't support some of the new applications specially designed for business or education. If you are holding an old laptop in modern age then you would be willing to buy a new and faster laptop.
There are different things you should be taking care of before buying a laptop. Today, I am sharing some of the tips on buying a better and cheap laptop.

1. Choose And Compare What You Like

As I mentioned before, these days there is competition between some of the most popular brands of laptops so, every company is trying to develop best and reliable product that meets the requirements of the consumer. Now one thing is clear if you buy some of the brands that should definitely be of your choice with less or more features but it should be reliable.The most important thing in buying a laptop is to make a mind and compare some of the brands that are competing in the market and select one.
The Internet is the best place to find a laptop that is smart, fast and reliable and most importantly cheap. Many websites on the internet are providing different and latest laptop comparison e.g, PC magLaptopmag.

2. Choose What Suits Your Requirements

There are many types of consumers that buy a laptop to achieve different goals and milestones but if you are using the laptop for personal use then you shouldn't think of buying an expensive laptop and if you are a programmer or graphic designer then there should be a great confusion whether this suits me or not ? buying a laptop for professional use is a great task to be performed, there are different things you should be finding in a fast and professional laptop.
    1. CPU is the most important part of the laptop, being lazy or uninformed can cause you a serious loss or there would be a replace.There are many companies with fast reliable and cheap CPU's e.g, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Samsung etc. But as I told you before the comparison is must before buying anything related to technology or computing. Intel Core i7-4980HQ is the best-known CPU as of September 2016.
    2. Graphics Card / Properties: The most common thing peoples are complaining about is the graphics card and unfortunately this is the most important hardware in a laptop. When someone buys an expensive laptop that you think is fast but when you try to play a game or run a software that uses GPU then you feel that this is not the right thing that I was expecting to get. The most common graphic cards that were used in various laptops are intel graphics 4000, 5000, 6000 etc. these graphic cards work well if you are a graphic designer or programmer but, If you want to play games on it then you should choose a laptop that has better graphics card than these. Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M is the best choice to have a gaming laptop and if you want more acceleration then you should choose Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 the god of the graphics card in laptops.
    3. Ram: ram is a piece of technology that is used to boost gaming performance and speed of the laptop. Ram is not as important as the above selections because it is upgradable you can upgrade RAM any time you want but, CPU and Graphics Cards are permanently soldered and you cannot upgrade any of the components.The default ram in some laptops is 4 GB to 8 GB but you can upgrade this up to 32 GB for extreme performance.
These are the most important components of the laptop that must be checked before buying or make a selection whether it is perfect or not. If you are thinking that you can upgrade your laptop by buying a new graphics card then you are wrong, you cannot upgrade your CPU or Graphics card in any way If someone took responsibility to replace the CPU or Graphics card then he is lying.\

3. Decide Your Budget

Money is the key to buying a laptop :) If you don't have money then you are wasting time reading this. Just joking ! if you are really willing to buy a laptop then you should decide how much you can spend on buying a laptop. When you will decide it will be easy for you to search a laptop under specific rate limitations then it would be easy to find a best and better laptop. If you want best and better laptop then this should be expensive. if you are dreaming of buying a 1000$ laptop in 200$, that is not possible but, if you have a budget of 750$ or maybe 800$ then there is the possibility to buy your desired laptop.

4. Follow Shopping Malls and E-commerce Websites

Keeping eye on markets and shopping mall can get you a better and cheap deal on the laptop but, you have to keep yourself updated by visiting various shops in different shopping centers. Different dealers provide a sale on previous products if you keep yourself up to date then you should grab the deal easily.
The most popular way to buy a cheap laptop is to find someone with an expensive laptop and selling it in an emergency. If you are lucky enough to grab that deal then there is not any better way to buy a better and cheap laptop.
E-commerce websites are providing great offers to the buyers like Amazon or Ebay. If you search something in laptops then you will find two kinds of deal one will be a new one and other will be used if you are not in the condition to buy a new laptop you can buy a cheap and used a laptop.If you are thinking than buying on amazon and eBay is dangerous then this fact is wrong you can trust on both websites as they secure your money until you are satisfied then your money is processed further to the seller.

5. Social Media and Classifieds

Many classified sites are easing buying and selling in almost the whole world e.g, Craigslist, Recycler, Backpage, Olx, these websites have millions and billions of ads posted on these every year in any category.The best thing about these is that you can call the seller, meet him and satisfy yourself before buying the product that is a secure way to buy cheap and better laptop.
Facebook, twitter have brought the revolution in the field of communication and social networking but there is another side of facebook and twitter that is letting people earn millions every month. There are different groups and pages that post ads every day, every hour and every minute to facebook with cheap and affordable deals. You can have a better deal on laptops and different accessories on the internet.
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Hardworking is the best way to get success in any manner but being extra hard worker can change everything. Many countries have lazy workers and labour but most of the countries have extraordinary workers that grew up with the mission to take their country to the top of every country in the word. A few nations have the ability to achieve their dreams with these kinds of people. In this modern age, parents wish to see their children's successful in any field of life, for that purpose they get their child's good education, food, facilities, and lifestyle so that they can gain some success whether it is for their country or for themselves.
Countries that are now powerful and rich are only because of these hard working peoples. Hard working is not defined to spend more time without even working, the pure definition of hardworking is to work from heart and love ith your country.
Here I am stating some of the most hard working countries in the world that have estimated work time of ranging from 1800 hours to 2200 hours per annum. Mexico, Russia, and some other countries have the most hard working men and women in it, that's why these countries are nowadays super power and no one can harm the economy and unity of these nations.
Hard workers grinding stones in the streets of India Photo Credits ©

1. India, 2365 Hours Per Annum

India is the 2nd largest country by population in the world with over 1 billion living people. India was a part of the subcontinent, the history of the subcontinent is very dark from the late 100 years the life of subcontinents was slavery because of the British government. The atrocity and injustice of British government make the people obey their rules and regulations. They used poor people as slaves to get work from them without any wage or pay. If you go far back in the history you will get some information about Mughal kings and their government at that time they built many historical buildings like Lal Killah, Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan who was the king at that time built Taj Mahal for his Queen to show his love for her, he cut out the hands of workers who built Taj Mahal that nobody will make such building in future. So Indian nation is very hardworking and educated. The average working hours are 11 hours a day and 2365 hours annually.

2. Mexico, 2228 Hours Per Annum

Mexico is the first country with the most hard working people in the recent research of OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The history tells the stories of hard workers born in Mexico, their stories of hard work are listed in books and magazines. These people think that if they work hard they can flourish the economy of their country as compared to other countries. The reason behind this hard work is the lack of education in the country, they think that they are less educated than other countries. In the late 13th century Mexican people discovered Pyramid of the Sun the yet oldest but tallest building in the Teotihuacan, Mexico. Mexicans are very hard worker whether they are a farmer or the president of Mexico. The average working hours in Mexico are 10 hours a day and 2228 hours per year that puts Mexico on number one in the list of countries with most working hours.

3. Costa Rica, 2216 Hours Per Annum

Costa Rica holds the 2nd position among the most hard working nations in the world. Costa Rica is 38 times smaller than Mexico but its economy as we compare everything is stronger than Mexico the people of costa Rica are the very hard worker and perform their duties with full power and unity. Costa Rican people have brought evolution in the field of Nature and agriculture.Recent research of UNESCO in 2015 shows that 97.8% people of costa Rica are educated and 2.2% people are illiterate, education and willpower is the most important thing to flourish the name of your country. Costa Rica is not popular by hard workers but its popular by its beauty and tourism facilities. The working hours of Mexico and Costa Rica are same.

4. South Korea, 2124 Hours Per Annum

South Korea is known to have the strongest nuclear power and highly trained army in the world, if you think that this discussion is off the topic then you are 100% wrong. Recent news from UAE explains that how hardworking and intelligent are Korean people, they are building 3 or maybe 4 nuclear reactors to produce electricity in UAE. There are many countries with nuclear power in the world but the government of UAE chose them because of their hard work and strength. Hard working and success are in the gene of these peoples. They work till the last breath of their life. The average working hours for these people are 9 hours a day and 2124 hours annually.

5. Greece, 2042 Hours Per Annum

Greece is not as that rich country but it is far better than other countries Greece is known to be the most beautiful country for the tourists. The government of Greece has provided relief to their nation and youngsters that work. The average working hours in Greece are estimated 7 hours or maybe 6:30 hours a day that is better than other countries but the laziness can cause hurdles in the way to the success of the country.

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