5 Best Places to Buy Abayas in Dubai

Abaya a sign of the veil is worn by women in Islamic culture and tradition in different parts of the world for decades. In Dubai and the rest of the gulf, Abaya is a very common and popular dress among women. Many boutiques and shops are available in different places in Dubai that are producing the best abayas in Dubai that fulfill the fashion requirements by keeping an eye on religious and traditional aspects. Below we have discussed the best places and shops to buy abayas in Dubai.

1. Arabian Center:

Arabian Center is known to be the best place to buy abayas in Dubai as it's located in a well-populated Arab community. Being located near the Arab community all abaya shops are more focused on the best quality of abayas. You can get your abaya designed by the boutiques on special order or you can choose predesigned ready-to-wear abayas. Below is the list of abaya shops and boutiques in the Arabian Center:
  • Diva Abaya: High-quality designer abayas with a specialized team to craft and design a unique abaya experience. Diva Abaya is offering both franchise and online services for a better experience. You can visit their franchise to get a custom-made abaya or you can buy a pre-designed abaya online from Diva Abaya online portal.
  • AMRI Fashion: Pre-designed, laser accuracy, and finest quality abayas are available on Amri Fashion. Amri Fashion is also offering an online shopping facility to buy abayas from home through its website.
  • Other: Nooran, Thouq, Louzan Abaya, etc.    

 2. Abaya Mall Mirdif:

Thinking of the most affordable and best quality abaya shops in Dubai, abaya mall in Mirdif is the best place to visit. Abaya Mall is specially made for abaya shops, abaya boutiques, and abaya tailoring shops. You will find cheap affordable abayas in Abaya Mall Mirdif with over fifty different shops. The best thing about abaya mall is you can get the fabric of your own choice and get it stitched as a custom order or you will find a wide variety of ready-to-wear abayas in the market with the latest fashion designs.


3. Abu Hail Center:

Oldest and well-known for traditional shopping, Abu hail center is famous for Arab traditional shopping including perfumes, abayas, sheila, etc. Abu hail center is cheap, most affordable, and up to date with all kinds of fashion including abayas, perfumes, etc.
Many abaya shops including Sweety Abayas, and Nice miss abaya offer a great variety of the latest abaya designs and sheilas at the most affordable and cheap rates. Bargaining skills will get you the best deals on abayas as it is called a place for bargain hunters.

4. Mamzar Center:

Mamzar Center is located nearby Abu Hail Center and it has a big abaya outlet that has multiple shops and boutiques, especially for abayas and sheilas. The Abaya outlet in Mamzar Center has more than fifty shops with unique and best-quality abayas collections. If you are finding the best place to buy abaya in the Deira area you should visit Mamzar Center to get a unique abaya shopping experience. Abaya outlet has multiple offers and promotions from time to time with over 70% off on the Abayas collection.

5. Souq Naif:

The cheapest place to buy abayas in Dubai, Souq Naif is the best place if you are looking for cheap abaya shopping as it has different local abaya tailoring shops with ready-made abayas available. Souq Naif is one of the oldest shopping markets in Dubai with a lot of competition in Abaya selling and abaya tailoring which compromises the quality of Abayas. So, If you are looking for the best quality try shopping from the places given above If you want to buy cheap abayas in Dubai Souq Naif is the best place for cheap abayas.

If you are looking to buy abayas online in Dubai Hanayen Abayas is the best place to buy. Hanayen Abayas is one of the best abaya sellers in Dubai which has over 8 franchises in Dubai including Mirdif City Center, Deira City Centre, Dubai Outlet Mall, Dubai Mall, etc.
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