When it comes to dressing, the choice of shoes describes your personality whether its formal dressing or casual. Especially when you are attending a very special event, it would be a wedding or a business deal. Choosing the right shoes isn't very easy and people very often get confused about the quality, design, and price. Dubai is the best place to buy handmade leather shoes with a very wide variety of brands that will make your shoes experience very comfortable and delightful.

1. Berluti:

Since 1895 Berluti has made a big name in the shoemaking industry across the world. Berluti is offering multiple choices on hand made leather shoes from calfskin, kangaroo leather, and alligator leather. Their collection includes oxfords & derbies, buckle shoes, loafer shoes, boots, sneakers and summer shoes.

Berluti can be located on multiple locations within Dubai e.g, Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall. Berluti has pre-designed shoes available in their stores and they are providing personalization on those shoes or you can book an appointment with a bespoke tailor that will design shoes according to your requirements and demand.

Berluti is famous for its collection in Alligator Leather Shoes and they have the best Alligator Leather Shoes within Dubai.

Berluti's online personalization provides a complete portal where you can design your own shoes by choosing your own material, shoe type, and after completing designing your shoes you can have hot stamping of the initials of the person you are giving a gift to.

By having a specialized tattoo artist Berluti has designed exclusive tattoos on Berluti’s emblematic Venezia leather that makes the shoe experience unique. You can have a tattoo designed shoe of your own choice by one of their experienced tattoo designers.Find Out More

2. John Lobb:

John Lobb is a UK based shoemaker since 1866 by having fine craftsmanship, technique, and quality of bespoke shoes mainly for men and women. John Lobb also specializes in dressing accessories including wallets, belts in different leather types and styles.

You can choose from 100 unique leather shoe designs depending on your requirement of color, material type, shoe sole, etc. John Lobb equipped a wide variety of signature leather collection including crocodile skins, lizard skins, and John Lobb signature Suede.

John Lobb is always focused on Crafting your shoe with the pinpoint accuracy of size and design starting from the sole of the shoe to the final finishing of the shoe. You can choose from the sole types, they provide with a vast variety of weather-resistant rubber or traditional leather sole depending on your comfort. Having your initials on the shoe makes it more unique, after making shoes they stamp your name initials on the shoe with their monogram service.

John Lobb takes care of every single pair of leather shoes they have designed and crafted, If there is any damage to the shoe whether its the sole of the shoe or the leather finish you can book an appointment they will repair the shoe.

John Lobb is located in Dubai Mall in Dubai and you can book an appointment or personal visit to get your bespoke shoe designed. Find Out More

3. Italian Shoe Factory:

Italian Shoe Factory is amongst all big names in the hand made shoes industry of Dubai. Italian Shoe Factory provides shoe prototyping service which allows the customer to share their designs of the shoe and the special team prototype that particular design of the shoe which is then given shape as a sample shoe. Then a fine quality leather is used on the demand of the customer to finalize the shoe. They have the finest quality of Italian leather with a history of more than 25 years.

Italian shoe factory is famous for its hand made sneaker shoes. You can choose the design of your desire and material of the shoe to get it designed. They offer shoe repair service as well If your shoe is damaged you can get it repaired.

Italian Shoe factory is located at Al-serkal Avenue Near Al Qouz Dubai. You can visit their outlet to get a pair of fine hand made shoes or you can book an appointment on their website. Find Out More

4. Santoni Shoes:

Santoni shoes, one of the best hand made shoemaker in Dubai and across the world. They have predesigned ready to wear handmade shoes available on their store in Dubai and they are providing bespoke shoemaking services and on request personalization of your desired shoes.

Santoni shoes provide multiple shoe categories for both men and women including sneakers, loafers, Sneakers and ankle shoes in different leather materials.

Santoni shoes is located in the Dubai mall and you can get your desired pair of hand made leather shoes by visiting their outlet in Dubai. Find Out More

5. Kings Leather Shoes:

Kings Shoes have ready to wear shoes on their store in Dubai but If you have a busy schedule and you cannot visit their store, they have introduced an online shoe designing studio where you can select and design the shoes. You can also design golf shoes in the studio. They have a wide variety of Oxfords, Monkstraps, Derbys, Loafers, Boots, and Sneakers in multiple designs that you can choose from.

Kings leather is located in Gate Avenue Mall in DIFC Dubai. You can visit to get your handmade leather shoes or you can design the shoe and buy online. Find Out More

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