Dubai is the biggest marketplace in the world and also the best place to shop. There are gigantic shopping malls and supermarkets with ultra high promotions and every kind of local or international brands are available here, that's why Dubai is the best place to shop. There are a couple of different things you should buy during your visit in Dubai. First of all, your mindset is more important and concerned while shopping whether you like electronics or clothing. So let's talk about the things you should buy during your visit in Dubai.
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1. Gold

Gold is the #1 shopping item that you must buy in Dubai because it's cheap, reliable and easily affordable. There are big gold souk and online marketplaces with various types and designs of gold as per your continental suitability. If you don't like gold, in that case, you should definitely visit Dubai Gold Souk because the glamorous look of Gold will let you buy it. Whenever you visit Dubai I recommend you to visit Dubai Gold Souk, I promise you will be amazed by the skill and the mastership of Gold dealers in Dubai.

2. Carpets

Dubai is known to have the best quality traditional carpets that are exported all around the world. Carpets in 2017 are the No 1 pick to decorate your living area and if you are on a shopping visit to Dubai you should definitely buy a traditional Arabian Carpet to make your living area unique. Now, the question is that, where you should buy a carpet in Dubai? you should visit Al Maidan Carpet center or IKEA center in Festival City, Dubai to buy your desired carpet. Traditional carpets are expensive a single piece can cost you up to 4,500 DHS.

3. Dates

Dates are the best thing to buy in Dubai because the deliciousness of dates reminds you a good time spent in Dubai. There are different types of dates you should buy in Dubai but I recommend you to buy almond butter stuffed 'Ajwa' dates they are delicious and so juicy. Ajwa dates are known for good health benefits, more importantly, they are good for your skin and eyesight. Bateel is the known brand that is selling quality dates in Dubai they are located on Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Dubai. Their best product is chocolate coated dates that are yummy and best to gift someone.

4. Traditional Arabic Fragrances

Fragrances make the atmosphere romantic and peaceful that's why peoples are addicted to these fragrances. Oud wood and Bukhoor wood are the best known traditional Arabic fragrances and they are very expensive to buy. The electric burner is used to ignite the fragrance of Oud or Bukhoor. You can easily buy quality oud or Bukhoor from Arabian Oud shop on Financial Center Rd - Dubai

5. Electronics and Accessories

Electronics are widely available in Dubai stores and they are cheap as compared to the other countries. As we all know that Dubai is tax-free country and we can easily export as many electronics units we want as per our capacity. The best time to buy electronics in Dubai is when the Dubai shopping festival starts where you get up to 80% discount on all electronics products whether it's a laptop, TV, Mobile phone or camera. The Dubai shopping festival starts in the month of February of each year. Make sure to visit the Dubai shopping festival if you come to Dubai in the month of February.

Here I have explained the top 5 things to buy in Dubai if you liked the post please describe your thoughts about this post in comment section. Thanks !

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