Top 5 Things Dragon Mart is Famous For

Dragon Mart is the best place to buy some wholesale products of every category at a very cheap rate and that's why it's the most visited shopping mart for wholesale products. Household products, machinery, sanitary equipment, house decorations, various kinds of cheap curtains are available in dragon mart. Dragon Mart is a great point for RC toys, many kinds of RC toys are available here cheaper than the market price. Today we are going to take a look at the top 5 Things Dragon Mart is Famous For.

1. Toys 

Dragon Mart is equipped with great quality RC toys at a cheap price. A new toy that gets introduced in the market in the world you should be able to find those in the dragon mart after a week of its release. Young Arabic boys are keen to come to Dragon Mart to buy RC cars, helicopters, DJI drones, fuel powered buggies, electric motorbikes and much more. Nowadays the most popular toy in the dragon mart is fidget spinners and each piece of it cost only AED 20 ( USD 5.4 ) it's very cheap and of the best quality.

2. Decoration 

Decoration equipment in dragon mart is available in a wide range. The best decoration I have seen in Dragon Mart is Glass ceiling lights, those are mind blowing, the quality and the look of those glass ceilings was exceptional and can make your living area glow at the extreme. There are some traditional ceiling lights made by iron or wood and designed in different colors.

3. Furniture

The biggest dealer of furniture in Dragon Mart is Golden Sun. They have a huge variety of office furniture household furniture at a wholesale price. The best furniture in the dragon mart Dubai is Sofas and dining tables. A whole variety of furniture is available in Dragon Mart Dubai. People with new business come to buy furniture for their offices and restaurants.

4. Clothing

Clothing in dragon mart is not available at wide scale but there are a couple of shops with good and cheap clothes, shoes and accessories e.g, belts, sunglasses etc.

5. Electronics

Dragon Mart Dubai is famous for cheap electronic products. There is a huge variety of every kind of electronic products. Electronic bikes, security cameras, mobile phones, electric generators and much more are available at Dragon Mart Dubai.
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