This world is full of love and romance and to be on a romantic place can spread a huge fragrance of love. Couples of this age love to travel and visit random places to enjoy each second of their life. Today you are about to read the most romantic places on the planet.

1. Amalfi Coast Italy

Are you looking to have a beautiful view of the silent ocean and a noise free suit on the edge of the ocean, Amalfi Coast is the right place for you. The food and the tourism points are phenomenal. Amalfi Coast is the hub for couples and the most romantic place in the Italy to enjoy your weekends, honeymoon, birthday parties etc. You can have one private boat in the middle of the ocean for a romantic dinner, sea diving and much more. You can have your lunch, dinner in various restaurants in the Amalfi coast. Ristorante Marina Grande is the best restaurant on the Amalfi coast, they serve different types of foods e.g, Classic Italian food, seafood, desserts, drinks etc.

2. Ladera, Resort St. Lucia West Indies

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Ladera Resort is the most romantic place in the world, It's beauty and class is exceptional and adorable. Ladera Resort's natural beauty makes it unique tourist point. It's a bit expensive to plan a trip to Ladera St. Lucia but, it will make your trip memorable for life time. Various suites with a beautiful sunset and sunshine cropping the way of two huge mountain cliffs make it more romantic and adorable. Suites are equipped with a balcony on the edge of the cliff to dine in. I recommend visiting this place it's tremendously good.

3. Bora Bora Island

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Crystal clear water and sunny beach with delicious cocktails can make your soul love this island. Bora Bora Island is in the heart of the south pacific sea far away from soil areas. This island is a top pick for honeymoons. Over water, small bungalows and villas aggravate the essence of love and romance. Romantic dinner over the sea on a yacht makes this island most romantic tourists attraction. Exploring the underwater creation during your vacations.

4. Harbour Island, The Bahamas

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Harbour is famous because of pink sand beach and the biggest attraction that engage thousands of visitors. Harbour Island is the best spot to enjoy your honeymoon. Mostly American tourists visit Harbour Island so the cuisine style and hotels are equipped with American style. Local lifestyle and culture make Harbour Island unique to visit because of its brilliance, the houses and the buildings are drawn like the masterpiece. The best thing about Harbour is you can rent your own jet ski and have a ride over crystal clear water.

5. Auckland, New Zealand

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Auckland is all in one travel and tourism point because of different attractions from tea shops to bars. This city is very busy with thousands of tourists visiting daily. The restaurants and most importantly the hotels here are very cheap, you can reserve a 4-star hotel as cheap as $ 100 per night. This city is equipped with different iconic destinations e.g, Sky Tower. The best thing you should visit is the Museum of Transport vehicles.

Conclusion: In my opinion, you should visit Amalfi Coast, Italy its the beast destination to be visited in 2017 and that's why it is #1 Most Romantic Places on Planet.

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