Top 5 Best Pakistani Youtubers in 2017

Youtube nowadays has become a platform for vloggers, gamers to share their unique stuff to over 3.2 billion people all around the world to get fame and popularity. This trend is old for some countries around the globe but in past couple of years, Pakistani's are having their hand to join the youtube community of creators. Many YouTubers have created their channels and running them successfully. So, today I will be telling you about the Top 5 Best Pakistani Youtubers.

1. Sham Idrees

Photo Credits © Sham Idrees Official
Sham Idrees is the well known Pakistani entertainer and has a huge audience watching him around Pakistan. All of his videos are very inspirational, moralistic and entertaining about women's and desi culture of Pakistan. Sham started his career from Facebook by making funny videos and after creating a huge audience of over 5.4M he shifted himself over youtube and has 500k+ youtube subscribers.

2. Zaid Ali T.

Photo Credits © Zaid Ali Pinterest 
Zaid Ali t. is the 2nd best Pakistani youtube in my opinion and has gained a lot of success in the past few years. Zaid started his career and had a tough time facing different controversies as he has stated to a TV channel in Pakistan but now he is well settled and well-known YouTuber around Pakistan. His focus and aim is to make inspirational videos about desi culture and to disclose the loveful relation of mom and son. In most of his videos, he has played the double role of mom and son. He has over 5m Facebook followers and 500k+ subscribers on youtube.

3. Rahim Amer

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Rahim Amer ( Rahim Pardesi ) is a Facebook personality known for husband and wife funny videos. Nasreen is the main character in his videos and playing the role of a Punjabi wife. All of his videos are based upon the martial life of a Punjabi couple.His channel name is Rahim Pardesi and has gained a lot of popularity in sense of entertainment. He has over 361k subscribers on youtube and still growing day by day.

4. Dhoom Bros

Photo Credits © Dhoombros official
Dhoom bros youtube channel is maintained by four boys Shehryaar Asif, Hussain Asif, Atif Khan and Waqas Riaz. This youtube channel was created in 2008 and still, they are gaining popularity. Dhoom bros videos are based on dancing and singing and funny reporting.Dhoom bros channel has over 177k subscribers on youtube and all the members have their own vlogging channels where they describe their daily life and their lifestyle.

5. Taimoor Salahuddin

Photo Credits © Taimoor Youtube Official
Taimoor Salahuddin ( Mooroo ) is an actor, producer, and singer  Taimoor Salahuddin is well known for his short film clouding over Facebook and Youtube. Taimoor produces moralistic videos or you can say short films that are really fun to watch. Different peoples and actors have worked in his previous videos and mostly he plays a double role in his videos. Taimoor has 400k followers on youtube and 70+ subscribers on youtube till now.
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