2017 – A great year for movie fans: 

2015 saw a large number of sequels and mind blowing continuations of some of the greatest blockbusters of the world. Many of film and Hollywood analyst and critics regarded as one of the best years for original as well as continuing movies of all times. Whether you like drama, horror, action, comedy or any other genre of movies and films, there was something for everyone. However, with the launching of the list of names for the upcoming movies in the year 2017, 2015 is being left behind. By just reading about the schedules and dates of the release dates of some of these movies, fans are going crazy and anxious. Many of the film lovers are finding it difficult to choose among their favorites. In fact, with every passing day the anxiousness and nervousness is increasing due to the overcrowding movie lists of this year. 2017 will definitely prove to be an epic film year if these scheduled movies are released accordingly. With time running fast, the year has already been warmed up with some blockbuster movies already hitting the charts. Many people want to plan their movie schedules by making advance bookings for tickets and saving them the hassles of standing in long lines. To help out you make some good anticipatory choices of movies, a list of the top 5 most awaited movies of 2017 is provided below:
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1. Transformers: The Last Knight:

The Transformers is undoubted one of the best sci-fi movies of Hollywood. With so much technical expertise, experts in the robotics and graphical industries went all the way to the top to create this master piece. 2017 will see a new sequel of this great epic movie. Known as the Last Knight it will shatter all the myths that critics have connected with this movie in the past. Redefining the concept of heroism, this movie will break all past records of action and adventure. The back drop of the movie is set in the war like scenario between mankind and the robots. The movie will start with the idea of no Optimus prime in the scene. The play writer shows that the secrets of winning the war for the humans lie in historical past of the Transformers life on this planet. So, with Optimus Prime not around the survival of the mankind is dependent on a unique alliance between Humans and Transformers. The movie is been waited for very anxiously by people of all ages and segments. Michael Bay promises to bring some new and innovative ideas in the movie to make it stand out from the previous ones. His direction has been superb in the past and same is being expected this time.

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 

If you are fond of some magical and mysterious adventure then you must have seen the previous pirate movies of this remarkable saga of Jack Sparrow. This is a fresh adventure with some of the old villains that terrified the viewers in the past movies. The captain of the ghost pirates and their evil ships called Salazar is back in action to take revenge from Jack Sparrow. Escaping from the Devils Circle he is ready to kill every pirate against him. To save himself he must seek the help and assistance of the Trident of Poseidon. If you do not know about this magical object then you should know that it will empower its holder with controlling powers over the sea. This is the fifth of this movie Franchise and as such it has come a long way. With pre-production already in a way, the film director is Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg. One of the key attractions of this movie is the return of Orlando Bloom in the sequel.

3. The Fate Of The Furious:

If you have seen the last part of this movie franchise then you must be aware the characters of Dom and Letty are already away as honeymooners. The other famous characters of Brian and Mia are also gone from the story. All the famous characters of the movie are happily involved in their daily lives when a new character moves in. Played by Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, this brings a seductive turn back in the movie. With Paul Walker gone many people thought this movie had already ended. But this year we hope to see a big come back with some new action and thrilling sequences.

4. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter:

Suggested clearly from the name, this is the final sequel of this mystery thriller. Coming after half a decade of the previous movie, fans have been anticipating for a long time. The story is expected to start from where the last part left off. Milla will return in the story and fight off the zombie apocalypse in the most entertaining and action-packed manner. However, this will not the best option for newcomers or people watching after skipping any of the previous chapters.

5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

This is the first major step forward from Rey. Star wars have been one of the biggest blockbusters and chart toppers of the entire world. The story of the new chapter will help in continuing the journeys of Poe and Finn along with the very famous Luke. This movie is not just a movie for the fans it is like a gift from the sci-fi world. There you have it. Top five of the most anticipated and anxiously awaited movie sequels of the year.

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