The Internet from the past few years has grown up really fast and became a need in every field of life whether it is for education or for business purpose. Interest on internet usage for business is increasing day by day. Thousands of people have started their online business with success and even they didn't have enough funds in their pockets at the time when they were starting their online business. So, In this article, I will share some easy ways to start a business online.

1. Blogging

Blogging is the best and easiest way to start a business online. Blogging can be a boost up for beginners towards a huge online business. Successful blogging depends upon your potential, interest and hard work nothing else. There are many blogging platforms from which you can get a warm startup, most of the platforms are free and some are paid. Wordpress and blogger are the most used, free, reliable and famous blogging platforms. Let's discuss how to use and utilize WordPress, blogger or any other blogging platform towards a successful small business.

  • Blogger or Wordpress

Blogger and WordPress are most common and used platform for blogging as some of you might know about it. Making blog, publishing several posts on it is very easy but the question is that how can you start a successful blog? So the very important step is to build up the foundation and the blogging foundation is to choose a better and best platform. If you don't have enough funds to spend on your blog then the blogger will be good for you and if you can afford $150 then you should use WordPress but, it's very complicated for the beginner. So, we will be using blogger as a blogging platform to elaborate the depths of blogging to all the beginners and also recommend blogger as I am using its a premium service for free. The most important thing is that blogger is powered by google and google's strong SSL shield protects all blogs from cyber attacks.

  • Starting a Blog

Initially, when you sign up or start a new blog you will have a hosted website e.g, ''''. but you can change it later with your own desired domain name e.g, '''' but if you are beginner you should start with blogger default site. If you don't know how to start a new blog read 5 steps to start a blog on blogger. After creating a blog start posting on your blog to gain more traffic and visitors to boost your revenue and popularity.

  • How To Earn From Blog

If you have successfully started a blog and made a blogging strategy on which you will start working. You have to work consistently for more than 6 months to make a good reputation in search engine e.g, Google then you can apply and join different advertising programs and become a publisher and earn a decent amount of money from your blog. Many bloggers are earning more than $10,000 in one month from a blogger blog.

2. E-commerce

E-commerce in 2017 means a lot, many big e-commerce websites around the globe are serving the world with their services and made shopping very easy for everyone.Basically, the e-commerce business has become a need in our life. E-commerce for some of you can be hard because it is not a free service to avail, a small amount of investment is mandatory to start an online e-commerce business.If you have the wish to start e-commerce business follow the below steps.

  • Buy a Domain Name

Domain name is the foundation for your online e-commerce business. An old, e-commerce short in length and easily rememberable domain name will be good to start an e-commerce business. I recommend buying a domain name from online domain auction that must be 2 years old. Selecting a random and unique domain name is crucial because this will be a brand not only a domain. So chose a relative domain name that suits your business and has some meaning for your business.

  • Hosting

In any kind of online business, you should always start from the lower level to avoid any risk of being badly vanished from the internet. In start you can host your business on Wordpress because it is cheap, reliable, durable and trustable more over there are thousands of different e-commerce extensions for free and pre-customized woo commerce and magneto themes.You cannot host your business on Wordpress directly, you have to buy WordPress hosting from third party hosting providers e.g, blue host, I page hosting etc. you can check 5 best Wordpress hosting providers, to start your online business successfully.

  • Template

Your first impression is your last, the template is a kind of user interface where the buyer finds his desired product. Template is like a shop display in a market if it is well decorated and set up the customer will prefer buying from your shop instead of other shops in market, e-commerce website is also like a store in market so the display of e-commerce business in your template if it has easy user interface, professional look and easy to buy plugin then you will get extreme results from your online store.Check 5 best WordPress templates for an E-commerce website.

  • Add Stuff In

After setting up the website the next step is to add stuff to your website that you are supposed to sell online. There are many new companies with lesser sales and profits waiting for your help to promote and sell their stuff online and earn some commission from them e.g if a man has a flower shop and isn't earning mush from his shop, you can add his stuff and sell it online and earn money from him. The choice is yours, you can add everything whether it is clothing, electronics or hardware.

  • Promote Your Website

After creating an e-commerce website and adding stuff to it, the next step is to attract some customers to your e-commerce website for which you have to post your website to social networks, online forums and online advertising programs to gain some sales, revenue, and fame in the online business community.The best place to advertise your business is facebook you can check 5 best ways to promote your business on facebook.If you have a big budget then you can advertise on google, yahoo or different advertising programs to boost your popularity and sales.

  • Make It Multi-Vendor Platform
What is a multi-vendor e-commerce website? The multi-vendor system gives access to the user to sign up and post free product ad and sell it online mostly used on Ebay, Amazon, and much more other websites around the globe. This system is very powerful and profitable instead of posting your own stuff.You can easily earn huge commissions from vendors with this system.There are many multi-vendor e-commerce WordPress plugins which you can use on your website, some of them are free and some paid with different features e.g, WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, Magento e.t.c.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best business to start online. Affiliate marketing is the commission based business from which you can earn huge amount each month.

  • What is affiliate marketing and how it works?

 Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a buyer search for a product and find your online informational source where you have briefly elaborated the product features, pricing, and indirectly convince the buyer to buy that product and when the buyer buys that product you get commissions from the seller for each sale.Affiliate marketing is the best business online if you are a highly skilled marketer and have convincing power.

Many affiliate marketers are earning thousand of dollars every day. Many affiliate marketing networks are there on the internet to start as an affiliate marketer e.g, amazon affiliate program, click bank, eBay publisher program etc. and there is no restriction or any charges if you join one or more than one networks at one but the thing that is concerned is more customers and more sales for which purpose you have to be smart, social and updated to gain more visitors and possible customers to your affiliate product.

There are different methods you can boost your sales to earn some decent commissions but first, you have to choose the best affiliate marketing platform. If you think you are capable of doing this you should check top 5 best affiliate marketing platforms.

  • How to be a successful affiliate marketer? 

Being smart as an affiliate marketer is crucial because you have to keep yourself updated and always up in the list. Affiliate marketing is successful if you have a pre-planned strategy to carry on with, it could be about your sales and driving traffic to your product. I have described some basic tactics to increase traffic and sales to become a successful affiliate Marketer.

1. Social media marketing

Social media nowadays is the best platform to promote your business and every affiliate marketer uses social media to reach everyone in the range. There are many social media networks where you can promote the product e.g, Facebook, twitter. Many affiliate marketers have Facebook groups and pages where they promote their products and some people are using Facebook advertising to increase targeted traffic to the product page, more targeted customers the more sales.

2. Landing Pages

Many affiliate marketers have landing pages on their websites where they describe the product features with a video demonstration and its benefits that bring a lot of customers and sales. This strategy is best and working very well these days.

3. Paid product articles

Paid product article is the best marketing strategy to have. If you have a blog or website you can write articles on your specific affiliated product and target the audience with the need of that product  e.g, your affiliated product is "Protein Pills" and your article should be like, " how to build body fast ? " and state that proteins pills are good to use for building your body fast, write it's advantages and mention how to buy the product. If the visitor is convinced it will definitely buy your product and you will earn some commission.

4. Email marketing

Email is the fastest and easiest way to communicate with the world but, using email for commercial use tells a different story of very effective and successful online marketing. Different companies working online have introduced email marketing where you can promote your products or bring millions of targeted customers to your product page that can boost your sales dramatically.

4. Freelancing

Freelancing business is the best one to start online if you are a web developer, graphic designer, writer or programmer you should start working online. There are many websites hiring freelancers around the globe where you have to post an ad about your experience and skills and soon someone requiring your services will hire you and give you the project based task on completion of which you will get paid e.g, Freelancer, Up work etc.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the biggest entertainment website in the world on which you can find any video related to any category on your demand whether it's movies, songs or anything moreover if you are a creator you can monetize your videos on YouTube and earn huge amount of money. YouTube have categorized different creators in channels and every random person has a different channel on which videos are uploaded and monetized. The biggest YouTube channel is Pewdiepie with over 53 Million subscribers on youtube. The creator of Pewdepie channel is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg a Swedish gamer and entertainer his net worth is $20 million and his only source of income is YouTube. If you are skillful you can capture your skill in videos and help others to learn your skill and let them earn you some money.

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