Top Five Antivirus Software: Antivirus software is very important for a PC as it protects the computer from malicious programs corrupting the whole system and stealing of the sensitive and personal information. To be safe from all such malicious programs online and offline, one needs to install a good antivirus program on the PC. Luckily, there are a lot number of antivirus programs available both free and paid. However, not all the latest threats can be protected from the software installed once. So it is important to find out the right option for software. Here is the list of top five antivirus software.

1. Avast Free Antivirus: 

Looking at the feature list of Avast Free Antivirus, we may find it complex and lengthy. Its features include antivirus, password auditing, network vulnerability checker, software updater, a secure browser and more. And luckily everything is bundled into one “Smart Scan”. Launching one click will list all the malware that antivirus has just discovered, missing patches of software, potential risks on the browser and any problem regarding password. Mixed results for Avast Free Antivirus protection have been received from top testing labs, and they rated it between mid-range to excellent. Everyone reviewed that its performance is marvelous with little or no impact on the speed of the PC. In the sea of related products if you are looking for extra features and expect a product that has no effect on the speed of PC then Avast Free Antivirus is the best option. Opting for Avast Premier 2016 can provide some extra features like proper Data Shredder, automatic software update any background.

2. AVG Antivirus Free:

 AVG has tried to sustain the competition since few years and is earning a good name for the company and has shown much improvement in the latest engine. AVG has been rated in the top ten real world protecting systems, and its offers are found above average protection rates by AV-test. Moreover, its free edition is available, and basics of web protection and core antivirus are provided in the free edition. Free edition does not support Android, Mac, and Windows. And surprisingly, all devices from a web console can be remotely managed. Some issues are also there. Especially, priority real time updates are not available for AVG Antivirus and put the PC at risk to latest threats. This problem exists only with free edition, and it can be fixed by spending £14.99on the commercial product and enhanced firewall, anti-spam functionality, and free support will be added.

3. Avira Free Antivirus:

Avira Free Antivirus has received a stellar rating from all big testing labs such as Virus Bulletin AV- Test and AV-Comparatives, and this is the point where this antivirus scores high as compared to high- end competitors like Kaspersky and Bitdefender. Although At first sight, it is not the best option for protection choice, yet it is easier to use. Most of the threats are taken care of on its own, and in the case of any assistance, everything is explained through a local help file. Some bonus features are also provided with it such as a simplified interface for best use of windows firewall and blocking of autorun reducing the risks from infected USB keys.

4. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016:

When there is various free software available for protection of PC, then spending on Bitfinder Antivirus Plus seems expensive. The company offers some discounts. Moreover paying of money is not useless as its engine is ranked as most reliable and accurate and all the testing companies loved it. It provides a secure browser keeping all the online transactions safe, giving web filtering blocks access to malicious sites and a password that automatically completes credit card details in web form. However, two issues are there with Bitfinder Antivirus. As it works on an anti-ransomware module that offers good protection but sometimes legitimate programs are also blocked. Bitfinder Plus 2016 is an alternative providing excellent detection rates, great performance, and bonus features to justify the price. It is available in £21 from Amazon.

5. F-Secure Anti-Virus: 

Sometimes junk files weigh down various tools of antivirus, and if you want to get rid of it, F-Secure Antivirus will be the best option. By using this software, one can directly and straightforwardly get antivirus protection and real-time browsing without anything extra and without any bonus features. Simplicity in form does not mean compromise on the product. And in AV-Test this package received maximum marks for protection and remained high scorer among AV-Comparatives. Plus point of this product is its interface. Being lightweight, it's the easiest thing to use, and it can be left alone to look after the PC. And this product shows the minimum effect on working of systems of PC and any issue can be solved in a couple of clicks.

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