Now if you have finally decided to lose some weight and want to look more elegant and charming, here are some useful tips to lose weight in no time. The most important thing you need to keep in your mind is that you have to get stick to any one of the following tips and follow it regularly until you find clear results in your body shape. Let's get started and get to know some important things which would help you a lot to get rid of extra body fat. These are very simple and easiest ways you would be happy to adopt these as a part of your daily routine. Try these simple, expert-approved tricks that boost metabolism and burn fat, no crazy diets or weird workouts required.

1.Green tea:

 This is the most easiest and simplest of all weight loss methods. You have to drink green tea three times a day regularly and do it for continuously seven days. You will be amazed after trying this tip of weight loss. Make sure you are taking sugar-free green tea. For more taste, you can also add some fresh garden mint leaves to have a good aroma and quick results. It will help to lose 60 calories per day.

 2.Garlic drink:

This is going to be a tough job. You can follow this if you think you are a lot faster than the normal people. Add one tablespoon of minced ginger, one tablespoon of pure honey and a glass of hot water. Have this drink every day for thirty days. Drink it daily in the morning when empty stomach. Hope it will work for your weight loss activity. It also helps to control your blood pressure.

3.Drink water:

Water is the foremost and essential need for a human body. You should drink water up to 1.5 liters per day. In this way, your body will be able to lose some calories, and it will help in burning fats. Water keeps your skin hydrated and the best natural simplest’ way to reduce body fat. Always keep a water bottle in your bag when you are traveling. A jug full of water must be there on your table when you are studying or while watching TV keeps a water bottle along. Water has zero calories and carbs and little to no sodium, making it the perfect slim-down drink. And strangely, it helps flush out excess water weight as well as jump-starts your metabolism. If it's just too boring, add lemon wedges or mint leaves.

4.Sleep well:

Sound sleep and complete rest are a basic need for a healthy life. Minimum required sleep time 7-8 hours. Proper rest and sleep will work for weight loss. 5 hours sleep is not enough to live a healthy life. If you sleep well then automatically you will have a good healthy life and normal weight. As rest is much required for human life. It boosts your metabolism. It is proved that when you sleep a lot of your diseases and internal problems get healed naturally.

5.Do not miss breakfast:

Many studies prove that if you skip your breakfast, it will have a bad effect on your health. Do not ever miss your breakfast. Studies says that if you eat your breakfast regular and on time, it will make you lose your weight gradually and slowly. According to experts when you sleep your metabolism slows down and do not let your body normally work when you wake up. So, for the purpose of weight loss, you must eat your breakfast daily in the morning.


I am sure these healthy weight loss tips would help you lose your weight only within few days. Do not forget to follow any one of the above tips regularly. Do not skip it a single time even otherwise; you will not get desired results. Try to control your eating habits and do not eat more than your eating capacity level. Make your routine perfect, try to avoid late night meals. You should have your dinner maximum around 6-7 O’clock. Have a happy diet.

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