5 Negative Effects Of Cosmetics on Your Health

Cosmetics are the substances that we use to enhance our beauty. It includes the material applied on the face like eyeshades, eyeliners, mascaras, kajal, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, foundations, bases, BB creams, blusher, contouring pallets, etc. Other than these items, there are products used in manicures and pedicures, facials, bleaching the body, shower gels and soaps, moisturising lotions and creams, sunblocks, hair sprays, hair gloss, hair colour and lots more. Some of these products can easily replace by natural items, but people all around the globe have become so addicted to all these products that they do not settle for less. People have dark circles around the eyes, or they have freckles, wrinkles, dark skin, stretch marks or any marks that's why they seek help in cosmetics. This is wrong in a way that cosmetic apart from being so useful is also hazardous to the skin it's being applied on. There are lists of cons that warn us not to use cosmetics in our daily routines. Out of that list under mentioned are five of the most chronic side effects of cosmetics.


There’s no doubt that cosmetic does make you look prettier than you are but on the other hand, the harmful effects of cosmetics can go to the extreme of cancer. Lip gloss or lipsticks are composed of components like aluminium. Other products may contain hazardous substances like Butylated hydroxyanisole, BaSO 4 , ZnO 2 . These substances are responsible for causing iron deficiency, glucose intolerance and can also cause kidney and liver failures. One must wonder how these can be so harmful; this is because we swallow the lip products with food most of the time and moisturisers on hands can easily get inside our body resulting in acute diseases mentioned above. These can also be responsible for respiratory tract disturbances and thyroid problems. Remember that this happens due to excess use of cosmetics.


The recent trend started is permanent hairdos, viz; permanent blow dry, permanent curls and straightening. These require chemicals and serums that are harmful to hair growth and hair texture as well. Yes for the time being you look perfect, but that comes with a price. This cosmetically changed hair may get thin and rough; split ends are the common problem that appears after these extensions of hair and last but not the least hair fall is a major drawback. Other than that, hair products like shampoos and conditioners give temporary shine and gloss to hair but cause serious problems like dandruff, dry hair, dry and thin scalp, redness of scalp and can also temporary harm the scalp, fading of hair colour, etc.


Products like eye liners, mascaras, Kajal and shadows are also harmful. There's no way from stopping them from getting inside the eyes. Even outside lids of eyes are affected. Lashes on which mascara is applied gets thin and rough. Mascara contains Pseudomonas aeruginosin, a hazardous therapy bacterium. Once it gets inside the eyes can cause even blindness. The area around the eyes gets darker causing dark circles. Eyes are irritable after removal of cosmetics; you have to rub it off with water or worse with lotions. This results in irritation, in and around the eyes. The area around the eyes and eyelids becomes extremely sensitive. There must be no risk taken in case of eyes even occasional makeovers can be very harmful to eyes let alone if you put these products on or around the eyes on a daily basis.


Cosmetics can cause serious skin issues they can cause allergies, skin diseases and reactions from certain chemicals. Due to excessive use of cosmetics, the skin becomes irritable and sensitive. Excessive use can result in ageing of the skin. Wrinkles and softening of skin happen. Then there are anti-aging products to add pain to misery, they make skin even worse and less susceptible to any trauma, leading to skin cancer that is not easily curable. The sun blocks, moisturisers are also not healthy at all. Apparently, they are just smoothening your skin but at risk of being damaged and weak skin. Whitening creams are also abusive to skin. They contain steroids to give you faster results steroids are the main reason for skin cancer. The skin becomes very thin by using these products so one can easily catch allergies due to dust or other. Chemicals our skin comes in contact with every day.


Poor quality products can lead to ovarian cancer. Shower gels and soaps, when coming in contact with the reproductive organs, can be extremely harmful. For women when they are used they cause unstable periods that result in infertility. Other than that cosmetic product containing asbestos destroys reproductive organs. It is plausible that while taking a shower or in a bath tub these products can reach your reproductive organs and can cause serious issues and severe problems. Oils and talcum powders used also are proven to be dangerous for skin.


There is nothing that nature doesn't provide. If you want to moisture your skin there is no better moisturiser than an egg. Other than that milk, cream, lemon and natural oils provide perfect miniaturisation. If you want a bleaching agent potato juice, cucumber juice and lemon are trusted bleaching agents. Smooth your skin via honey and turmeric powder. Add glow via yoghurt and rose essence. Make your hair smooth shiny and grow faster via natural oils and use of yoghurt, egg and aloe vera. So, ladies, there are plenty of natural ingredients that help you to be beautiful you don’t always need cosmetics. Be natural and be beautiful instead of being artificial and deprive your skin.
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