Hardworking is the best way to get success in any manner but being extra hard worker can change everything. Many countries have lazy workers and labour but most of the countries have extraordinary workers that grew up with the mission to take their country to the top of every country in the word. A few nations have the ability to achieve their dreams with these kinds of people. In this modern age, parents wish to see their children's successful in any field of life, for that purpose they get their child's good education, food, facilities, and lifestyle so that they can gain some success whether it is for their country or for themselves.
Countries that are now powerful and rich are only because of these hard working peoples. Hard working is not defined to spend more time without even working, the pure definition of hardworking is to work from heart and love ith your country.
Here I am stating some of the most hard working countries in the world that have estimated work time of ranging from 1800 hours to 2200 hours per annum. Mexico, Russia, and some other countries have the most hard working men and women in it, that's why these countries are nowadays super power and no one can harm the economy and unity of these nations.
Hard workers grinding stones in the streets of India Photo Credits © Wikipedia.org

1. India, 2365 Hours Per Annum

India is the 2nd largest country by population in the world with over 1 billion living people. India was a part of the subcontinent, the history of the subcontinent is very dark from the late 100 years the life of subcontinents was slavery because of the British government. The atrocity and injustice of British government make the people obey their rules and regulations. They used poor people as slaves to get work from them without any wage or pay. If you go far back in the history you will get some information about Mughal kings and their government at that time they built many historical buildings like Lal Killah, Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan who was the king at that time built Taj Mahal for his Queen to show his love for her, he cut out the hands of workers who built Taj Mahal that nobody will make such building in future. So Indian nation is very hardworking and educated. The average working hours are 11 hours a day and 2365 hours annually.

2. Mexico, 2228 Hours Per Annum

Mexico is the first country with the most hard working people in the recent research of OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The history tells the stories of hard workers born in Mexico, their stories of hard work are listed in books and magazines. These people think that if they work hard they can flourish the economy of their country as compared to other countries. The reason behind this hard work is the lack of education in the country, they think that they are less educated than other countries. In the late 13th century Mexican people discovered Pyramid of the Sun the yet oldest but tallest building in the Teotihuacan, Mexico. Mexicans are very hard worker whether they are a farmer or the president of Mexico. The average working hours in Mexico are 10 hours a day and 2228 hours per year that puts Mexico on number one in the list of countries with most working hours.

3. Costa Rica, 2216 Hours Per Annum

Costa Rica holds the 2nd position among the most hard working nations in the world. Costa Rica is 38 times smaller than Mexico but its economy as we compare everything is stronger than Mexico the people of costa Rica are the very hard worker and perform their duties with full power and unity. Costa Rican people have brought evolution in the field of Nature and agriculture.Recent research of UNESCO in 2015 shows that 97.8% people of costa Rica are educated and 2.2% people are illiterate, education and willpower is the most important thing to flourish the name of your country. Costa Rica is not popular by hard workers but its popular by its beauty and tourism facilities. The working hours of Mexico and Costa Rica are same.

4. South Korea, 2124 Hours Per Annum

South Korea is known to have the strongest nuclear power and highly trained army in the world, if you think that this discussion is off the topic then you are 100% wrong. Recent news from UAE explains that how hardworking and intelligent are Korean people, they are building 3 or maybe 4 nuclear reactors to produce electricity in UAE. There are many countries with nuclear power in the world but the government of UAE chose them because of their hard work and strength. Hard working and success are in the gene of these peoples. They work till the last breath of their life. The average working hours for these people are 9 hours a day and 2124 hours annually.

5. Greece, 2042 Hours Per Annum

Greece is not as that rich country but it is far better than other countries Greece is known to be the most beautiful country for the tourists. The government of Greece has provided relief to their nation and youngsters that work. The average working hours in Greece are estimated 7 hours or maybe 6:30 hours a day that is better than other countries but the laziness can cause hurdles in the way to the success of the country.

I think all the information is right but errors and omissions are expected so please don't mind if any of the information is wrong If you want me to correct some of the above information you can comment below and you can share your own opinion about the above information.

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