In the modern age of technology every person want itself to be updated in the field of technology whether it is computing or mobility both of these are very important as far as your business is concerned, without computer business is impossible. So basically, I am trying to explain the importance of computer in our life. The laptop gives us the great advantage of compatibility and usability, we cannot carry a desktop computer or PC everywhere, therefore, a laptop is a better option to keep yourself updated in every second of your life. Having laptop is a good thing you can communicate with your clients and workers easily but most of the old laptops don't support some of the new applications specially designed for business or education. If you are holding an old laptop in modern age then you would be willing to buy a new and faster laptop.
There are different things you should be taking care of before buying a laptop. Today, I am sharing some of the tips on buying a better and cheap laptop.

1. Choose And Compare What You Like

As I mentioned before, these days there is competition between some of the most popular brands of laptops so, every company is trying to develop best and reliable product that meets the requirements of the consumer. Now one thing is clear if you buy some of the brands that should definitely be of your choice with less or more features but it should be reliable.The most important thing in buying a laptop is to make a mind and compare some of the brands that are competing in the market and select one.
The Internet is the best place to find a laptop that is smart, fast and reliable and most importantly cheap. Many websites on the internet are providing different and latest laptop comparison e.g, PC magLaptopmag.

2. Choose What Suits Your Requirements

There are many types of consumers that buy a laptop to achieve different goals and milestones but if you are using the laptop for personal use then you shouldn't think of buying an expensive laptop and if you are a programmer or graphic designer then there should be a great confusion whether this suits me or not ? buying a laptop for professional use is a great task to be performed, there are different things you should be finding in a fast and professional laptop.
    1. CPU is the most important part of the laptop, being lazy or uninformed can cause you a serious loss or there would be a replace.There are many companies with fast reliable and cheap CPU's e.g, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Samsung etc. But as I told you before the comparison is must before buying anything related to technology or computing. Intel Core i7-4980HQ is the best-known CPU as of September 2016.
    2. Graphics Card / Properties: The most common thing peoples are complaining about is the graphics card and unfortunately this is the most important hardware in a laptop. When someone buys an expensive laptop that you think is fast but when you try to play a game or run a software that uses GPU then you feel that this is not the right thing that I was expecting to get. The most common graphic cards that were used in various laptops are intel graphics 4000, 5000, 6000 etc. these graphic cards work well if you are a graphic designer or programmer but, If you want to play games on it then you should choose a laptop that has better graphics card than these. Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M is the best choice to have a gaming laptop and if you want more acceleration then you should choose Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 the god of the graphics card in laptops.
    3. Ram: ram is a piece of technology that is used to boost gaming performance and speed of the laptop. Ram is not as important as the above selections because it is upgradable you can upgrade RAM any time you want but, CPU and Graphics Cards are permanently soldered and you cannot upgrade any of the components.The default ram in some laptops is 4 GB to 8 GB but you can upgrade this up to 32 GB for extreme performance.
These are the most important components of the laptop that must be checked before buying or make a selection whether it is perfect or not. If you are thinking that you can upgrade your laptop by buying a new graphics card then you are wrong, you cannot upgrade your CPU or Graphics card in any way If someone took responsibility to replace the CPU or Graphics card then he is lying.\

3. Decide Your Budget

Money is the key to buying a laptop :) If you don't have money then you are wasting time reading this. Just joking ! if you are really willing to buy a laptop then you should decide how much you can spend on buying a laptop. When you will decide it will be easy for you to search a laptop under specific rate limitations then it would be easy to find a best and better laptop. If you want best and better laptop then this should be expensive. if you are dreaming of buying a 1000$ laptop in 200$, that is not possible but, if you have a budget of 750$ or maybe 800$ then there is the possibility to buy your desired laptop.

4. Follow Shopping Malls and E-commerce Websites

Keeping eye on markets and shopping mall can get you a better and cheap deal on the laptop but, you have to keep yourself updated by visiting various shops in different shopping centers. Different dealers provide a sale on previous products if you keep yourself up to date then you should grab the deal easily.
The most popular way to buy a cheap laptop is to find someone with an expensive laptop and selling it in an emergency. If you are lucky enough to grab that deal then there is not any better way to buy a better and cheap laptop.
E-commerce websites are providing great offers to the buyers like Amazon or Ebay. If you search something in laptops then you will find two kinds of deal one will be a new one and other will be used if you are not in the condition to buy a new laptop you can buy a cheap and used a laptop.If you are thinking than buying on amazon and eBay is dangerous then this fact is wrong you can trust on both websites as they secure your money until you are satisfied then your money is processed further to the seller.

5. Social Media and Classifieds

Many classified sites are easing buying and selling in almost the whole world e.g, Craigslist, Recycler, Backpage, Olx, these websites have millions and billions of ads posted on these every year in any category.The best thing about these is that you can call the seller, meet him and satisfy yourself before buying the product that is a secure way to buy cheap and better laptop.
Facebook, twitter have brought the revolution in the field of communication and social networking but there is another side of facebook and twitter that is letting people earn millions every month. There are different groups and pages that post ads every day, every hour and every minute to facebook with cheap and affordable deals. You can have a better deal on laptops and different accessories on the internet.

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