Football is one of the most watched, followed and played sport around the world. Football is a game of passion, valor, courage and team work. Most of us idolize footballers as our heroes. We follow teams, countries, clubs and players and support our favourite team by all means. But when it comes to the internal information about the sport, most of us can’t find any authentic source to know about the history and legacies of teams or clubs that we follow. So here in this article, I have summed up world’s 5 biggest football leagues as per annual revenue generated.

5. Ligue 1

One of the great player of football and the king of Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimovic is idol of many kids. Many kids see him as their inspiration. Zlatan plays for Paris Saint-Germain, which is the biggest club of France. Ligue 1 is the biggest league division football tournament of France, a country well known for producing great footballers like Thiery Henry, Zinedine Zidane and Eric Cantona. The nation well known for its legendary footballers is also well known for the sport itself.
Ligue 1 comes in the list of the international leagues who have managed to generate highest annual revenue. The annual revenue generated by the Ligue 1 in 2014-2015 Season was recorded to be 1,418 Million Euros. For a country like France, this revenue is more than enough to succeed in the field of sports.

4. Serie A

Italian 1st division football league is known as Serie A where the big boys of Italy battle for the title of “The kings of Italy”. One time world cup winner, Italy has produced a number of great players and is progressing at ever growing speed in the game of football. To compete against the other league teams, they are producing better and better results. The reputation of Serie A is well known along the world. The capita Income recorded of Serie A in 2014-15 season was recorded as a historic figure of 1,792 Million Euros.

3. La Liga

The Spanish football league has created a new hype in the world of football by signing in the biggest names of the game in the shape of Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Bale and many more. Every football lover know these names and hence the league. Spanish La Liga is one of the most exciting, thrilling and nail biting football league. It has gained a lot of repute in a small amount of time when compared to the other leagues. Two biggest clubs of the league, Real Madrid and Barcelona have managed to win most titles than any other team in the whole world.
With football of this caliber, it is not much to say that the country produces a high revenue per annum. La Liga has managed to earn 2,053 Million Euros in 2014-15 campaign.

2. Bundesliga

Germany, a country with a huge history is well known for this sport. The world cup 2014 winners have always been a big seed of the game and few people believe that football is not complete without the German delicacy and enthusiasm. The emotional, brilliant and passionate matches between 18 top teams of the country are favourite to all.
 Every year Bundesliga shares a major part of national capita income by generating high revenue. Last year, the big guns managed to generate a landmark figure of 2,620 Million Euros with every team getting an equal share of 146 Million Euros. To a country with a history well known to the world, this figure is quite impressive and it just gets better with every season.

1. Premier League

England, hosting the league which includes historic clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool etc. is the most popular and my personal favourite football league currently in the world. Premier League, in which 20 top seeds of England compete for one title is one of the oldest football league but yet the passion of the game is still young. When considering quality and craze, experts believe that premier league is the best and unbeaten. Revenue that Premier League alone manages to generate every year is more than the combined annual revenue of some leagues. 2014-15 season is considered as a land mark in Premier League history with England generating highest revenue among the members of International Football Association.

 The revenue generated By Premier League in 2014-15 was 4,070 Million Euros or precisely, 3.4 Billion Pounds with a highest known figure of 203 Million Euros revenue per club.

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