Top 5 Most Popular Online Browser Games

Playing games is the best thing you can do on your computer. There are different high-resolution games are in the market to be bought or downloaded but, unfortunately, every PC doesn't suit the gaming requirements – you try to download the game that is efficient in size and suit your PC gaming hardware but, old games don't last longer.
Online browser games are trending these days, you don't have to worry whether your PC is slow or fast just install google chrome connect with the internet and you are ready to go. In past few days, many online browser games came into the market and online every time to play. Stick with me I will be showing you the most popular online browser games.

1. game is based on an ingredient called "agar" consist of colourful small particles. is an online browser game with the multiplayer feature. Matheus Valadares is the man behind from developing to publication – he developed with his unique idea and all new design. became a news alert for every news forum and gaming websites and became the craziest game on the internet. the ball eater is a game consist of multiple colourful cells trying to eat each other. The Bigger cell is the hunter and smaller cells are the predator or survivor. Every cell has its default mass and grows bigger while eating smaller cells and auto-generated mass particles in the lobby which has one mass. is game for gamers but different YouTubers gave a twist and new style to by creating some awesome funny, action videos on Youtube and fortunately that was the turning point of that made the most popular online game. First gameplay was uploaded by a YouTuber named Jumbo and with he was able to collect over 1.6 million subscribers on his youtube channel. has multiple features including cell skins, boosters etc. has multiple gaming lobbies including FFA, Party, Team and Experimental but, most famous lobby in is Party on which you can play with you friends, family members and teammates from around the world. initially was available only on PC, browser version with lesser browser support but, further on Miniclip contributed with by developing and publishing a mobile and tablet version of – can now be downloaded from the app store or google play store.


Used Nokia mobile before ? If you did, you must have played the snake game on Nokia mobile but, is much more different than old Nokia snake game. Steve Howse developed while taking his eye on his biggest competitor People think is developed on the idea of and its design and concept is changed. On initial release of, people name as v2 but, with the passage of time make his ground as the biggest competitor of with its original name is an online arcade multiplayer browser game. is based on a snake that crawls in a round shaped lobby and tries to protect itself from bigger snakes.basically, snake in gets killed when the tail of a random snake touches the face of your snake – killed snake transform into food that increases the mass of the random snake. This is what is all about.
The initial release of included some bugs like was not playing on the slow internet connection – now is working perfectly.After successful release started growing great audience and slither community now is available on iOS and Android devices. Best thing in is that you can play while being offline that's why is the best online browser game.

3. is an action, fighting, battle multiplayer game. After the release of, developers are thinking new ways to develop online browser games like and is also developed with the idea recently used in is a tank battle game in which you fight other tanks to get your level up. have different upgrades including health, shield etc. Each individual tank fire a bullet to damage a random tank to upgrade level – on each level upgrade you get a control or upgrade panel where you get plenty of different upgrades like bullet speed, shield and body damage etc. Controls in are different – tank in follows the cursor controlled by mouse and navigates with 4 navigation buttons. Tank fire bullets with a left key on the mouse. is also featured on youtube, different YouTubers including PewDiePie played to engage the community that shows interest and love in playing are different in is available on iOS and android operating devices but PC browser version is preferred for extreme entertainment. if we talk about popularity which online browser game is more popular ? the answer will be because is the predecessor for all new upcoming games.


Have you ever played jet fighter games on your computer or laptop ? if not, you should play for extreme is a simple 2d game in which a fighter jet fight its opponents to take on the leaderboard. This game was released in November 2015 and became popular in few months. is based on a fighter jet which individually fights with all its enemies and try to protect itself by avoiding counter-attacks by its opponents. is not as complicated as its pretty much simple game like with lesser controls and ease in gameplay. the fighter jet is controlled by mouse cursor and space bar is used to attack or fire to destroy your opponents. is a multiplayer game you can easily play with you friends, family members or class fellows by sharing a simple link. is currently running a beta version, they update changelog every month to remove minor bugs or game rules.
Currently is successfully running on browser and iOS devices and became the most popular online game on mobile devices. Don't worry androiders will soon be available on android devices.

5. is very familiar to because of its controls. is not very popular as or but its pretty impressive game to play. As I told you before the seed  It is based on galaxies space ships and bigger rocks that are floating in the space and you make your way through by shooting these rocks or avoid them by turning right or left. is the 5th best online browser game. is fighting, action multiplayer game released in start of 2016 and active till now. is only available on desktop browser version.
Game controls in are very simple as but a little different. Spaceship in is controlled by mouse cursor and you can easily enable booster by clicking left button on mouse.If some one is firing at you just press space bar to protect yourself with shield.
These were the best and trending online browser games these days. Hope you enjoy the list.
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