5 Reasons Why to Spend Holidays in Dubai

Dubai these days is the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Tourists from all around the world visit Dubai to watch its artificial beauty and engineering wonders. Spending holidays is the best thing to do after the hard work of weeks, months or years. Spending holidays in Dubai is the foremost thing you should do in your life. Extreme luxurious life of Dubai attracts millions of tourists every year.
Holidays are meant to be trying new things, adding textures of luxury cars, accommodation, and food in your life – for this purpose Dubai is the best place to spend holidays in a new way that you have never done before. When you decide to spend your holidays in Dubai, the next question is what are the best places to visit in Dubai for extreme satisfaction and joy? if you have visited Dubai or searched the internet then you should definitely know about Burj-al-Arab and Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world ) both are at their best when it comes to luxurious lifestyle.

1. Cheap

Spending holidays in Dubai is the best thing but if you get cheap deals on accommodation and transportation is like icing on the cake. Dubai is known to have cheap accommodation and transportation – you can have tonnes of best deals on food, beverage, and transportation. When you drop your first step on the land of Dubai your journey begins with the ultimate Dubai airport which has a train service with-in the airport to carry passengers towards the baggage claim, that's what you call comfortable journey towards happy holidays. There are tonnes of new thing you can do in Dubai that you have never done before e.g, dune driving, safari, skiing on artificial ice mountain etc. all these services are very cheap to be availed.

2. Origin of Shopping

Dubai is known to be the best shopping place in the world. A shopping festival named Dubai shopping festival held every year in Dubai festival city with everything on offer basis. Dubai is best shopping place for gold and every kind of jewellery. Dubai festival city is not just a shopping festival it is a place to have fun with your family and friends – you can have dinner enjoy movies, watch fireworks (daily) and a lot more in the Dubai festival city. Dubai festival city introduced a new way to shopping with unbeatable deals on all available products e.g, electronics, household items etc.If you are spending your holidays in Dubai during the festival I will recommend you to go there not for just shopping purpose but for experiencing extreme enjoyment also.

3. Tallest Building in The World

When it comes to charm yourself with wondrous places and you are spending your holidays in Dubai – you should definitely go to the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is not just ordinary building for living, there are different things you should definitely know about Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa broke many Guinness world records after its successful construction and opening. It has different hotels, restaurants , food places and beverages – if you are staying in Burj Khalifa and got hungry in the night just call room service or visit At.mosphere restaurant which is on the 122nd floor.
If your are staying in a different hotel during your holidays in Dubai and have a wish to visit Burj Khalifa so, don't worry they provide a guest visit to the top of Burj Khalifa where you can see native buildings and beautiful places around Burj Khalifa. If you are staying in Burj Khalifa during your holidays in Dubai there are different things you can do in Burj Khalifa.

4. Desert Safari and Dune driving

Desert safari is a new way to explore the beauty of the hot sandy desert. Desert safari begins with the ultimate dune driving in which a certified driver drives SUV on sand peaks zig-zag and up-down really fast and ends up near the camp. The real fun of desert safari starts when you reach the camp where belly dance, bar-b-q, camel ride, horse ride, sheesha etc. are waiting for you. Desert safari have some limitations for safety reasons if one of your family members is pregnant he/she is not allowed to ride or go to desert safari, make sure that you are not pregnant before buying desert safari tickets.

5. Traditional Souks and Markets

  1. Traditional Gold Souq: Dubai is still very traditional country in this modern age. Arabic peoples have explained everything that they received or taught by their predecessors in the shape of markets and souqs. Gold is being a favourite thing for women and Arab people think that a woman without Gold is incomplete – you will see many traditional handmade gold shirts , the gold mask that covers face and head and a lot more traditional jewellery designs.
  2. Spice Souq: I am not a big fan of spicy foods but Arabic peoples love spicy food made with their traditional spices. Many traditional Arabic food spices are offered to buy in spice souq which includes top quality saffron, cashew and nuts. If you are on holidays in Dubai you should definitely visit spice souq of Dubai to add some new taste in your food in Arabic style.
  3. Textile Souq: if you like clothes with extreme hand-stitched artwork on it, you should definitely visit textile souq Dubai to buy some new Arabic style clothes.
If you still stuck somewhere in your thoughts, don't think too much just go for it, you will feel great while spending your holidays in Dubai. Once you visit Dubai its beauty and charm will force you to visit Dubai again not for just spending holidays but for living permanently.
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