Top 5 Reasons Why Not To Buy an iPhone 6s for Personal Use

These days apple has popularity in smartphones as compared to other apple products. Apple iPhone is the best smartphone in the world but there are some things that you people should know about iPhone 6s before purchasing it. When you decide you are going to buy a smartphone you think which is best for me or either this one or this one – if you are interested in buying an iPhone 6s please make sure to have complete information about it so, in this article we will be talking about top 5 reasons why not to buy an iPhone 6 or 6s.

1. It's Expensive

iPhone is the best smartphone in some ways but, it is expensive to buy – when iPhone officially gets released many telecommunication companies provide different offers to buy an iPhone on contract bases for up to 2 years of easy installments – its easy with installments but, how can you see some one using the latest iPhone and you are still stuck on the old one ? that's the main problem and if you want to buy it instantly it will cost you $ 649 for iPhone 6s and $ 749 for plus version that is more than enough for people those collected their pocket money to buy an iPhone so, what I am trying to say that don't buy an iPhone on installments if you don't have enough funds in your pocket to replace the contract phone with a newer version.

2. Awkward size

Apple has released two versions of iPhone 6s and it's very difficult to choose what is best for you – the iPhone 6s regular size is easy to hold and grip and more importantly you can easily put it in your pocket – iPhone 6s plus is ridiculously huge mobile phone as compared to iPhone 6s regular, the reason why I hate iPhone 6s plus that, you cannot grip iPhone 6s Plus properly – if you are hearing someones call and suddenly a man gets collapsed in you so, because of less grip on iPhone it will fell down on the ground and it may cause a screen damage or body damage, moreover it cannot be fixed in every kind of pocket easily because of its size and dimensions – if your iPhone 6s is tightly trapped in you pocket and you bend over to pick something from the ground it may cause a bend or touch problems.People with small hand get trouble while using tough ID on iPhone 6s plus so they have to use both hands to unlock their iPhone.

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3. Fewer Features Than Android

As we all know android operating devices have more features than iOS devices. The biggest problem in all iPhone devices that we cannot transfer media files via Bluetooth but, we can easily transfer files from any android device to any mobile device which supports Bluetooth – we can only transfer photos and videos only from camera roll from one iPhone to another iPhone via air-drop feature in iPhone, air drop is not available in all iOS firmware it supports in iOS 7 and up. Google play store provides a ton of free apps and games and there are some apps that are not available in app store – the best feature that I personally like in all android devices is that we can download and save movies, songs attachments from mail in your memory card or system memory but, iPhone don't have the ability to download videos directly to your video library – you can only download bought videos and songs from iTunes.

4. Battery Life

Battery timing of iPhone 6s sucks as compared to old apple iPhones – lets take an example, you are watching a movie on youtube over 3G or 4G you will not be able to watch the complete movie on the current battery percentage. If you compare an iPhone 6s with a Galaxy mobile so iPhone battery timing should always be lesser than the galaxy mobile.iPhone 6s battery life is about 8 hours in action that is not that much impressive but if you take a look at Samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge their battery life is twice of an iPhone 6s.

5. Lack Of Storage

iPhone has built in storage system – you cannot upgrade iPhone memory once you bought it. Apple is offering three different models of iPhone 6s as per their internal storage 16, 64 and 128 GB.If you want to buy a 64GB iPhone 6s you have to pay $749 means extra $100 and If you want to buy a 128GB version you have to pay $849 means that $200 extra – it sucks man, consider you are using an android device you know how much extra storage you can get in $200, Twenty 128GB micro SD cards you can easily install micro SD on your android mobile device to increase its storage – that's cheap as hell.

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