Gaming on PS4 is a great fun with all new Playstation features so, there are many PS4 games that you can play to have fun – all games you have bought or downloaded on your PS4 gets old and disgusting with the passage of time and with the release of new and interesting games – you get bored while playing those games again and again so, you try different excuses in front of your dad to let him buy you some new games – you don't want to spoil your summer vacations while playing those old and disgusting PS4 games that you have already played 100 times before So, I am going to show you top 5 PS4 games that you should buy this summer.

1. Final Fantasy XV

Many of us have played Final Fantasy on a NES in our child hood – the first version of final fantasy was released in 1987 and the only supportive device to play final fantasy was NES but now the world of digital entertainment has been changed and many more gaming industries are working to provide the best best gaming experience to the users. Final Fantasy XV is the latest upcoming version of Final Fantasy chain – it has compatibility with only two devices , Playstation 4 and Xbox.Previous versions of Final Fantasy game have support with PC and its is among the best PC games ever developed in the world. Final Fantasy XV has not been released yet but its trailer has been released – the game will be released on September 30, 2016 world wide.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End ( Recommended )

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the top rated video game on Gamespot recurring 10/10 ranking in the past few months – if you want an action adventure game Uncharted 4 is best option. Uncharted 4 is alongwith the top best ps4 games ever built. This games was released on May 10, 2016 world wide. Uncharter 4 has become the most popular and best selling game in the United Kingdom – U4 was initially released for only PS4 as they have not released the Xbox or PC version of the game. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the best game as compared to its predecessor – Single Player and Multiplayer modes make this game best.

3. Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent

Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent is an arcade game. This game has multiple versions e.g, PC, Xbox and playstaion.Spy Chameleon game was developed and published by Enjoyup Games successfully on 21 July, 2016. Spy Chameleon game has multiple challenges including different missions and enemies – the character role playing of RGB agent keep his eye on his enemies and destroy them.Spy Chameleon is not a very heavy game as compared to GTA 5 or other games like GTA 5 – there are different colors for the character role playing of RGB agent , you can switch any color you want at any time.

4. The Last Guardian

The last guardian 2016 is an action adventure game based on true friendship – the story of the TLG is about a young boy who become friend with a giant hybrid animal creature. The young boy takes advantage of that big creature to help him pass through high platforms. TLG has not been released yet but its trailer is out which shows tremendous art and graphics used in The Last Guardian. This game has been rated 10/10 on Gamespot. The Last Guardian will be released on October 25, 2016 worldwide. The initial platform for which the last guardian is developed is PS4 – there are no rumors about PC version of the game but still we can expect for the game to be released for PC after the release of PS4 version.

5. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is an action-combat shooting game with great gaming experience. Battlefield 1 is highly customized with ships, tanks, horses, fighter jets and different war weapons. The initial release date of battlefield 1 is October 21, 2016 world wide – the platforms for which the battlefield 1 is developed are PS4, Xbox and PC. Battlefield 1 has won the best action game award and is declared the best action game within the U.S. The story of the game starts with a man that fight its enemies to protect the world – its like the world war situation recreated in digital media.

All the games I have showed you above are the best in front of me, but make sure to check the trailer of all games before buying so, you can easily make the conclusion whether it is best game for you or not – make sure to buy the best.

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