Pokemon Go is the hottest game these days for both android and iOS but, some territories of different countries have banned Pokemon Go. Some think this game is not safe to play, some think its '' Haram '' and against Islamic law – as far as the safety of Pokemon Go is concerned, it's pretty much unsafe to play because your children don't even know where they are going? If they are on road side trying to pass the road to catch a Pokemon instead of watching both sides on the road, they could get hit by a car or bus. There are different countries where Pokemon go is banned, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia etc.

1. Saudi Arabia

Pokemon go became the most popular game in the Middle east – everybody is playing Pokemon go outside their houses, workplaces even hospitals. In the religious and political chambers of Saudi government everybody took action against Pokemon go and announced a '' fatwa '' on Pokemon go and declared it as '' Haram '' as some of you may know that in 2001, Saudi Arabian government banned poke cards and gave message to parents to stop their children from playing any game from pokemon.
Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and any anti-Islamic act is tolerated very badly in Saudi Arabia even though you can get a death penalty on any anti-Islamic behaviour or act.If you are living in Saudi Arabia and download Pokemon go from any pirated store, beware of Saudi religious police as they keep patrolling in streets of some famous places in Saudi Arabia.

2. Malaysia

Malaysia is the country of gamers. In 2012 over 7.6 million gamers were recorded in Malaysia – the news of Pokemon to be banned in Malaysia hit like a bomb to Pokemon lovers. When Saudi Arabia and some other countries banned Pokemon, police official Abdul rani kulup Abdullah also took action against Pokemon go stating '' Pokemon Go can lead our youth to neglect their duties and fill their mind with cartoons, then our whole youth would get ruined ''
The reason Pokemon go was banned in Malaysia was the game is un-Islamic and encourages to gambling and believe in polytheism.

3. Egypt

Egypt is also a religious country like Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. Pokemon Go was banned by religious authorities on July 14 stating that " Pokemon go is the un-Islamic game that can harm the brain of our youth without being notifying them '' So said, The game is more dangerous than drinking alcohol and drinking alcohol is '' Haram '' in Islam.


Turkey banned the Pokemon because some of their religious officials think that this game decreases the value and respect of our mosques because some of the poke stops and poke-gyms are located in the place of mosques.Mosque is a house of God where all Muslims pray to God – Turkish government thinks that Pokemon Go" can raze the respect and significance of mosques''.

5. Portugal

Pokemon hunting is hot these days everybody is hunting Pokemon outside their houses, workplaces and even while driving Yes ! I am right, a man hit Police car while playing Pokemon go – after that incident the Portuguese police warned players to not hunt Pokemon while driving and don't enter into private places because entering into private places without permission is considered as the crime.

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