Dubai is a land of artificial beauty with the most number of tourists all around the world.Dubai nowadays is a spot of enjoyment for all European and American tourists but, newbies have lack of information about Dubai so, questions came to their minds are what to do in Dubai ? or Where to visit in Dubai for extreme joy.In this list of Top 5 Best Places To Visit In Dubai you are going to see something special that only is in Dubai.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj khalifa is the tallest building in this world located in Downtown, Dubai.As you can see from the image burj khalifa is that much tall. Height of burj khalifa is 828 meters with 160 stories. It is an architectural wonder that was build by Emaar the leading construction company in Middle east.The interior of burj khalifa is very unique. All the residential sweets are designed with extreme luxury with brass and bronze art work in it. Burj khalifa has the fastest elevator system with the speed of 35 km/h that is fastest of all time. Burj khalifa is full of pleasure to watch in night, if you are on the top you can enjoy The Dubai Fountain play show in night time.

2. Wild Wadi Water Park

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Wild wadi water park is located near Burj Al Arab and jumeirah beach hotel. Wild Wadi water park is the best water park in UAE. Wild wadi is must see attraction in Dubai, every visitor in Dubai want to go to Wild wadi water park to enjoy thrilling rides like water slides, swimming pool to get cool in hot weather of Dubai.Best time to visit wlid wadi is 1am to 6pm for extreme joy.Wild wadi is featuring different rides they have 19 different slides, upto 3 swimming pools, flood river and wipeout. Best thing about wild wadi is that there are no height restrictions to enter in Wild Wadi water park, Entry price is not same for everybody, below 1.1 meter AED 230 per head and above 1.1 meter AED 275, every ride may charge extra AED this is just entry fee. 

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3. Ski Dubai

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Ski Dubai is the most popular amusement snow park and tourist attraction in Dubai. It is located inside the Mall of The Emirates.The temperature inside the Ski dubai is -4C and the system installed in ski Dubai has the ability to maintain freezing temperature even though the outside temperature is 50 degree Celsius. You can have different rides on indoor mountain e.g, skidding on ice slides, rolling in a zorbing ball , playing with penguins and chair lift etc.The indoor mountain was built to have full natural skiing experience. The entrance fees for ski Dubai is 300AED. The zip line is most fascinating and adorable new ride in Ski Dubai.They provide every thing like winter clothes, shoes and skis and much more so, there is no need to take your skiing equipment or clothing with you. This is a very unique and best places to visit in dubai.

4. Chillout Ice Lounge

Chillout ice lounge is a new thing in it every single statue, sitting chairs and sofas are made up of ice and its a new way to dine and have some food in negative temperature. When you enter the restaurant you get a complimentary drink that is Chillout best and they also have delicious menu in which different drinks, food are offered.The most important thing in chillout is every single thing in hand made in it they have experienced artists that carve every single thing with the passage of time to make it look realistic and clean.This is what makes it the best place in Dubai.

5. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is an island that occupied the shape of palm tree.This place is well known for residential houses – the side of the palm Island are full of commercial hotels and buildings.This place has some marvellous hotels, houses and apartments. Most of the popular footballers, actors and cricketers own luxurious villas and properties.In palm islands you can experience monorail – a ride above the sea towards palm jumeirah hotel.Palm Jumeirah Hotel is a well known 5 star hotel in dubai that is known to be having living rooms covered with sea water and cost above AED90,000 a night. Palm Jumeirah lies in the heart of sea and all houses, hotels have beach in front of them. 

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