Top 5 Best Air Conditioner To Buy In Pakistan

During summer in Pakistan, there is a great debate about air conditioners. People ask each other about the quality and price of air conditioners but, lack of information is a great barrier between the buyer and the product so, Today I am going to explain to you those trademarks and companies which produce air conditioners. In the list of the top 5 best air conditioners, you will see specifications, Prices, and recommendations. There are different companies that manufacture air conditioners in Pakistan e.g., Orient, Gree, Haier, etc. These are all the most famous companies in Pakistan.

1. Orient Ultron Plus

Ultron Plus is the best home-use air conditioner. It is available in 1, 1.5, 2 Ton sizes. Orient Ultron plus is a DC converter air conditioner and that's why it consumes less electricity than other air conditioners. We can run this air conditioner easily on UPS or solar systems because of less electricity consumption. Later on, you will see how many watts are required to run orient AC. This is the latest model of Orient air conditioners. It has very compatible indoor and outdoor units.


1 Ton
                  Rs 57,999
1.5 Ton                  Rs 65,999
2 Ton                  Rs 95,999


  • Biggest Indoor and Outdoor Units.
  • 4-Way Cooling.
  • Super Quiet Design.
  • Heating and Cooling Functions.
  • Low Voltage Operation.

Available Colors

  • Orange
  • Grey
  • White

How many watts are required to run orient DC inverter air conditioner on UPS/ Electricity Generator?

Orient AC
             UPS/Generator Capacity
1.0 Ton
             1500 Watts
1.5 Ton
             2500 Watts
2 Ton
             3500 Watts

2. Gree Viola Series ( Recommended )

Gree DC inverter Air conditioners are the best. Gree recently launched the Viola series of air conditioners that are more efficient than before. As per commercial advertisements, gree promises that these inverter air conditioners will consume 60% less electricity. It has both cooling and heating features. It is nature supported.


  • Elegant White Glossy finish
  • Ultra low-frequency torque control
  • High-Speed DSP Chip
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant R410A
  • Power Factor Correction Technology
  • Ultra Low Noise Control
  • Computer Simulation Control
  • Ultra High-Frequency Control
  • Dual Installation (Both sides option)
  • Auto Restart, Self-Diagnosis
  • High-Temperature Resistance PCB
  • 4-Way Air Outlet
  • 3 Sleep Curves
  • Double Layer Condenser


1 Ton
                    Rs 59,900
1.5 Ton                     Rs 84,900
2 Ton                     Rs 111,000

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3. Haier ( HSU-12HZE/R2-DB )

Haier is a well-known multinational company that manufactures many home appliances in Pakistan. Haier DC Inverter AC saves 66% of the power. Haier air conditioners are more reliable and affordable. They have a powerful cooling system that can make your room feel like you are living in the palm of a mountain that is full of snow. All ne haier air conditioners have A-Pam DC inverter technology. Turbo mode in the controls is awesome you can get your room cool very fast just press the 'TURBO' button and you are done. Haier HSU-12HZE/R2-DB is available in 2 sizes 1 ton and 1.5 ton.


1 Ton
                      Rs 59,000
1.5 Ton                       Rs 73,000


  • 66% Power Saving
  • Nano Aqua Technology
  • Auto Mode
  • Baby Lock
  • Turbo Cooling
  • No Indoor Noise
  • No Outdoor Noise
  • Powerful cooling and heating

4. Mitsubishi Inverter Series

Mitsubishi originated in Japan but nowadays it is working all around the world. The air conditioner of Mitsubishi is the most expensive in Pakistan but it is number 4 because of excess consumption of electricity and compatibility issues. The Mitsubishi inverter series is the most advanced series of air conditioners in Pakistan.


1 Ton                          Rs 81,000
1.5 Ton                          Rs 104,000
2 Ton                          Rs 148,000


  • Silent Operation
  • Small Size Indoor, Outdoor Units
  • Faster Heating and cooling
  • DC Inverter Technology
  • Echo Supported

5. Dawlance Inspire Plus

The Dawlance Inspire Plus series is the most advanced series. It is number 5 in the list of Top 5 Best Air Conditioners in Pakistan. These air conditioners are the best due to their compatibility and lack consumption of electricity. These air conditioners have the most advanced DC inverter technology that is durable and uses less electricity and it saves a lot of money in the shape of less utility bills.It is available in two sizes 1 ton and 1.5 ton


1 Ton                      Rs 43,500
1.5 Ton                      Rs 54,500


  • Silent Operation
  • Small Size Indoor, Outdoor Units
  • Faster Heating and cooling
  • DC Inverter Technology
  • Echo Supported

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